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Atal’dazar Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic+ Guide

Check out our Atal’dazar Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic+ Guide, including Routes, Weakauras, Abilities and Strategy. From Basics to more Advanced Tips & Strategies.

Atal'dazar Routes for MDT

If you are using ‘Mythic Dungeon Tools‘ in World of Warcraft, you can import our suggested Route for Atal’dazar. These will be updated frequently, so check back again in the future.

Note: If you pull the two optional dinos in the middle on P12, you can spare another two Mobs in P15.

First Boss: Rezan

Notable Trash Mobs

Feasting Skyscreamers cast Terrifying Screech every 20 seconds, fearing all players if not interrupted. This cast must be interrupted, stunning will cause them to use it again.

Toxic Saurids will jump on a random Player with Leaping Thrash



Notable Abilities
Ancient Dry Bones

Whenever a Player or Rezan walks over the Ancient Dry Bones Piles, a Reanimated Raptor will spawn and engage into the fight.

Players triggering the Piles will also be slowed by 30% for 2 seconds with Pile of Bones.




Rezan will fixate on a random player with Pursuit, chasing them for 12 seconds.

If the Player gets to close to Rezan during that time, he will Devour them, dealing deadly damage over a few seconds.

Make sure to not run the Boss over the Ancient Dry Bones during that time.



Terrifying Visage

Terrifying Visage will fear all Players that are in Line of Sight to Rezan. 

We suggest these Pillars seen in the image to be used to break Line of Sight during his cast. 



Serrated Teeth

Rezan uses Serrated Teeth on the Tank. This will deal heavy damage to the Tank, and also applies a debuff that increases the Tank’s damage taken by 50%.




Players behind Rezan will be attacked by Tail. Make sure to always stand sideways of him.

Second Boss: Vol'kaal

Notable Trash Mobs

In our Route, we suggest Players to pull additional mobs from the left side of the Entrance, before going right side to Vol’kaal

Dazar’ai Juggernauts cast  Merciless Assault, causing them to charge to the location of a random player and deal heavy damage in an 8-yard radius. They also buff themself frequently with Fanatic’s Rage which can be interrupted or purged.

Dazar’ai Confessors have two important casts that have to be interrupted:

  • Mending Word will heal a random enemy for 25% of its maximum health.
  • Bwonsamdi’s Mantle spawns a large zone which causes all enemies inside to be immune to crowd control effects.

Dazar’ai Augur will channel  Fiery Enchant if a Dazar’ai Juggernaut is nearby. This can be interrupted.

Zanchuli Witch-Doctors frequently cast Unstable Hex on a random player, pacifying them for 5 seconds. This can be interrupted.

Shieldbearer of Zul will channel  Bulwark of Juju which creates a protective barrier around themself. This cannot be interrupted.

Shadowblade Stalker apply Venomfang Strike, increasing their Nature damage taken by 100% for 8 seconds.

Reanimated Honor Guard will regenerate 5% of their Health every second if their Reanimation Totem is still active. As soon the Totem is defeated, they will consistently spray voidzones with Rotting Decay and also apply a stackin bleeding debuff on the Tank.

Notable Abilities
  • Vol’kaal will only start taking damage as soon as all three Totems are defeated. They need to be killed all at the same time.

  • Many Pools will spawn below himself or next to a player’s location.
Reanimation Totem

During Phase 1, Players have to defeat all three Reanimation Totem to enter Phase 2. 

Vol’kaal is immune to damage aslong as the Totems persist. 

You have to kill all of them at the same time.



Toxic Leap

Vol’kaal uses Toxic Leap on the location of a random player, jumping onto it after a few seconds and dealing heavy damage to players struck by it, and also knocks them away.



Noxious Stench

The Boss uses Noxious Stench frequently, which applies a stackable Disease Debuff to all players during its channel.

This Cast has to be interrupted.



Toxic Pool

Vol’kaal creates Toxic Pool‘s on the location next to a random player and underneath him every second.

Move the Boss around the edges of the Encounter Area, while Ranges and Healer remains stationary in the middle of the room.

Third Boss: Priestess Alun'za

Notable Trash Mobs

Players will encounter Dazar’ai Augur, Dazar’ai Juggernaut and Dazar’ai Honor Guard again, as previously on the way to Vol’kaal.

Gilded Priestess will deal damage to random players with Transfusion, which heals them up for the amount of damage dealt. A player can walk into the pool of Tainted Blood on the floor to cause that healing to be transformed into damage.

Priestess Alun’za
Notable Abilities
  • Every player coming into contact with a pool of Tainted Blood will gain a 15 second debuff and consume that Pool.

  • During that time, all healing of Transfusion is turned into damage to the Boss.

  • Spirit of Gold adds must be killed quickly before they reach a pool of Tainted Blood, otherwise it will be consumed.
Tainted Blood and Transfusion

During the encounter, Alun’za will spawn 5 pools of Tainted Blood. Similar to the Trash enemies before, she will also use Transfusion to heal herself from all enemies during this channel.

A player coming into contact with Tainted Blood grants them a debuff that turns all healing done by Transfusion into damage dealt instead. This debuff lasts for 15 seconds.



Spirit of Gold

Frequently, a Spirit of Gold add will be spawned from her throne, trying to travel to a pool of Tainted Blood.

If the add reaches the Tainted Blood pools, it will consume them, causing players not having enough pools for her Transfusion cast.



Corrupted Gold

Players must dodge the Corrupted Gold orbs throughout this encounter. This will deal heavy damage to players struck.



Molten Gold

Priestess Alun’za applies Molten Gold to a random player, which deals periodic damage over time for 30 seconds.

Last Boss: Yazma

Notable Trash Mobs

In our Route, there are no more Enemies between the last two Bosses.



Notable Abilities
  • Make sure to interrupt Wracking Pain whenever casted.

  • Many Echoes of Shadra spiders will run around the arena, dealing deadly damage to players coming into contact with them.

  • Soulrend causes each player’s soul to detach, running towards the Boss and explode if they reach him.

Upon reaching 100 Energy, Yazma casts Soulrend on all players, except for the Tank. 

At the end of this cast, each player will spawn an add that travels slowly towards the Boss.

These adds have to be defeated, otherwise they explode with Soulfeast.


Echoes of Shadra

Many Echoes of Shadra Spiders will travel across the room, dealing deadly damage to players coming into contact with them.

They will also frequently run in the direction of a randomly chosen player.



Wracking Pain

Yazma will frequently cast Wracking Pain on a random player which deals heavy damage. This cast has to be interrupted.




The Tank will be hit with Skewer, dealing a large amount of damage to them.