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Black Rook Hold Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic+ Guide

Check out our Black Rook Hold Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic+ Guide, including Routes, Weakauras, Abilities and Strategy. From Basics to more Advanced Tips & Strategies.

Black Rook Hold Routes for MDT

If you are using ‘Mythic Dungeon Tools‘ in World of Warcraft, you can import our suggested Route for Black Rook Hold. These will be updated frequently, so check back again in the future.


First Boss: Amalgam of Souls

Notable Trash Mobs

Councilors heal their allies with  Dark Mending which can be interrupted.

Ghostly Protectors will cast  Sacrifice Soul a few seconds into fighting them, causing this spell to protect his allies with a 75% reduced damage taken buff for 15 seconds.

Ghostly Retainers use  Soul Blade on random player, dealing damage and leaving a dispellable Debuff that lasts 30 seconds, dealing periodic damage.

Lady Velandras Ravencrest is the mini boss assigned in our Route, and she has multiple abilities:

  • Strike Down deals damage to the Tank, and applies a 20% increased damage taken debuff on them.
  • Glaive Toss deals damage to a random player which also bounces off to another nearby player.



Amalgam of Souls
Notable Abilities
  • Swirling Scythe marks a player which drops multiple swirlies on the floor. Position them away from other party members.

  • Defeat all adds spawned during Call Souls to avoid taking deadly damage from Soul Burst.
Reap Soul

Amalgam of Souls frequently uses Reap Soul, a frontal cone which is directed to the Tank.

This cone has a 180° angle in his direction, so make sure to always stand behind the Boss.



Swirling Scythe

A random player is affected with Swirling Scythe, which causes them to spawn multiple swirlies over the course of 4 seconds.

Make sure to position them away from other players.



Soul Echoes

Similar to the previous ability, a random player will be affected by Soul Echoes. This causes them to spawn multiple swirlies on the floor which explode after 2 seconds.



Call Souls

Upon reaching 50% health, Amalgam of Souls will use Call Souls which makes him spawn many Souls that travel towards him.

Each Soul that he absorbs will grant him Soulgorge, a stackable damage buff.

After 7 Souls were spawned, he uses Soul Burst, dealing heavy damage to all players. This could become deadly if the Boss has absorbed too many Souls.

Second Boss: Illysanna Ravencrest

Notable Trash Mobs

Rook Spiderlings explode upon death with Internal Rupture, indicated by a purple swirly. Their melee attacks also apply Soul Venom, a stackable debuff dealing damage over time.

Risen Arcanists cast  Arcane Blitz at random players.

Arcane Minion teleport to their target with  Phased Explosion, dealing heavy damage to nearby players after 4 seconds.

Risen Archer cast Arrow Barrage at a random player. This is a frontal cone in that direction.

Risen Companion attacks a random target with  Bloodthirsty Leap, dealing heavy damage to all players within 10 yards.

Risen Scouts activate  Knife Dance, dealing moderate party-wide damage every second for 5 seconds.

Soul-Torn Champions use  Bonebreaking Strike, a frontal cone in the direction of the Tank which stuns all players struck. This ability is also used by Commander Shemdah’sohn.

Illysanna Ravencrest
Notable Abilities
  • Stay close to other players that are also affected by Dark Rush to limit the space of Blazing Trail it leaves.

  • In Phase 2, make sure to kite the Eye Beams away from other players.
Dark Rush

Three players are marked with Dark Rush during Phase 1. Those players should stay close, but not stacked together.

Illysanna will then charge to the location of those players, dealing damage to them and leaving Blazing Trail in her path.

Standing in Blazing Trail will deal heavy periodic damage.



Brutal Glaive

A random player will be afflicted with Brutal Glaive, dealing damage over time to this player and all other players it bounces to.

Make sure to spread out with other players whenever possible.



Vengeful Shear

Illysanna deals heavy damage to the Tank with Vengeful Shear. Make sure to use a personal defensive cooldown before this occurs.



Eye Beams in Phase 2

In her second phase, Illysanna Ravencrest teleports away and fixates her Eye Beams onto a random player.

Standing in the Eye Beams deals heavy damage, and it leaves Felblazed Ground behind. 

She additionally spawns a Soul-torn Vanguard and Risen Arcanist which need to be defeated. Those enemies are similar to the Trash Mobs encountered before.

Third Boss: Smashspite the Hateful

Notable Trash Mobs

Wrathguard Bladelord deal heavy damage in the direction of the Tank over 4 seconds with Brutal Assault.

Wyrmtongue Scavenger use “Drink” Ancient Potion which grants them a various random buffs. 

Felspite Dominator cast Felfrenzy frequently, increasing their damage and nearby enemies damage by 50% per stack. This must be interrupted.

Fel Bat Pup will frequently change their target with Sic Bats!.

Smashspite the Hateful
Notable Abilities
  • Tanks will take almost lethal damage from Brutal Haymaker which the Boss uses upon reaching 100 Energy.

  • Make sure to never get hit twice by Hateful Gaze consecutively, and let other Players stand in the way of this charge.
Hateful Gaze

One random player is targeted by Hateful Gaze every 30 seconds. This causes the Boss to charge to the location of the player and deals damage to them.

This charge applies Hateful Charge on the first player that got hit.

Make sure to never twice in a row take the damage from Hateful Gaze. Every player in his way can take the damage onto themself.



Fel Vomit

Frequently, a random player will be affected with Fel Vomit. This causes after 6 seconds a Fel Bat to spew a long line of voidzones in the direction to the targeted player.



Earthshaking Stomp

Every 20 seconds, Smashspite uses Earthshaking Stomp, dealing damage to all party members and knock them back.



Brutal Haymaker

Upon reaching 100 Energy, Smashspite uses Brutal Haymaker on the Tank which deals nearly lethal damage.

Tanks must make sure to have a personal mitigation up.

Smashspite gains more Energy over the course of the fight, the harder he hits the Tank. Every unmitigated hit gains him 10 Energy. A 30% mitigation for example grants him only 7 Energy.

Last Boss: Lord Kur'talos Ravencrest

Notable Trash Mobs

Risen Lancer leap to a random player with Raven’s Dive, dealing damage in a 5-yard radius and stunning them, indicated by a brown swirly.

Risen Swordsman deal heavy damage to the Tank with Coup de Grace.



Lord Kur’talos Ravencrest
Notable Abilities

Phase 1

Unerring Shear

Kur’talos will periodically attack the Tank with Unerring Shear. This deals heavy damage and leaves a damage over time debuff.



Whirling Blade

Kur’talos throws a Whirling Blade in the direction of a random player. This Blade continues to ricochet back and forth from his initial position to the location of the targeted player.



Dark Blast

In Phase 1, Dark Blast is a large line that splits the room in half throughout the middle.

Make sure to sidestep out of its radius.



Phase 2

Shadow Bolt Volley

Frequently, the Boss will cast Shadow Bolt Volley which deals heavy damage to all players. This cannot be interrupted.

The first Volley will hurt the most until players receive the Legacy of the Ravencrest buff.



Legacy of the Ravencrest

In Phase 2, after the first Shadow Bolt Volley, players will gain Legacy of the Ravencrest which increases their health, damage and healing by 300%.



Dark Obliteration

Dark Obliteration will replace Dark Blast in Phase 2, and fires consecutively in a circle.

Players must move in a circle around the room to dodge this ability.



Cloud of Hypnosis

The Boss will frequently cast Cloud of Hypnosis below a random player’s location, spawning a Cloud which slightly travels around itself.

Players coming into contact with them will be sleeped for 6 seconds.



Stinging Swarm

One random player will be occasionally afflicted with Stinging Swarm. This causes the player to be shortly stunned every few seconds until the Stinging Swarm is defeated.