Darkheart Thicket Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic+ Guide

Check out our Darkheart Thicket Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic+ Guide, including Routes, Weakauras, Abilities and Strategy. From Basics to more Advanced Tips & Strategies.

Darkheart Thicket Routes for MDT

If you are using ‘Mythic Dungeon Tools‘ in World of Warcraft, you can import our suggested Route for Darkheart Thicket. These will be updated frequently, so check back again in the future.


First Boss: Archdruid Glaidalis

Notable Trash Mobs

Frenzied Nightclaw will leap to a distant player with Grievous Rip, granting them a stackable damage over time debuff. This is removed by healing players over 90% health.

Mindshattered Screechers attack random targets with  Unnerving Screech which disorients them for 4 seconds.

Crazed Razorbeaks will charge forward with  Propelling Charge, damaging and stunning any players struck by it.

Festerhide Grizzly casts a frontal cone  Festering Swipe, and also uses Spew Corruption which spawns Nightmare Abomination that fixate a random player.

Dreadsoul Poisoners transform, then poison a random player with  Nightmare Toxin that causes  Nightmare Eruption damage to nearby players when it expires or is dispelled. This causes players to hallucinate, but these illusional enemies cant be attacked.



Archdruid Glaidalis
Notable Abilities

In his Caster Form, Glaidalis will spawn Nightfall below two players which creates a voidzone on the floor.

A Nightmare Abomination spawns from each voidzone that create even more Nightfall below them. These adds fixate onto random players and have to be defeated quickly.



Grievous Leap

During his Cat Form, Glaidalis will fixate multiple players with Grievous Leap. Then he leaps consecutively onto them, dealing damage in a 8-yard radius.

Players struck by it also suffer from Grievous Tear afterwards, dealing damage over time until healed over 90% health.



Primal Rampage

During his Bear Form, Glaidalis will fixate Primal Rampage onto the Tank, knocking them very far away and charging into his new location.

Tanks need to make sure to always turn the Boss away from the group and get knocked out of other players path.

Second Boss: Oakheart

Notable Trash Mobs

Rotheart Dryad frequently leap away from the Tank, but otherwise only uses Throw Spear and Poison Spear.

Rotheart Keeper summon Vile Mushroom that grow in size and explode. This deals heavy damage to players nearby.

Vilethorn Blossom spawn Root Burst swirlies which deal damage and knock players away that are struck.

Nightmare Dweller channel Tormenting Eye onto random players, dealing damage over time. At the end of this channel, Tormenting Fear will be casted onto that player which fears them.

Notable Abilities
  • Strangling Roots are Traps that can be defeated, or run over by players which would root them. If they are not dealt with, they spawn additional adds when Oakheart casts Uproot.

  • Nightmare Breath is a frontal cone in the direction of the Tank.
Strangling Roots and Uproot

Oakheart frequently spawns Strangling Roots below three players. Coming into contact with them will root the Players.

These Strangling Roots can be defeated, or run over by players with immunity to crowd control effects to remove them.

If not dealt with, the Boss will spawn a Vilethorn Sapling add for each Root after using Uproot.



Nightmare Breath

Nightmare Breath is a frontal cone in the direction of the Tank.

Make sure to always stand behind the Boss and as a Tank to face the Boss away from the Group.



Crushing Grip

Oakheart will frequently grab the Tank and deal damage over time with Crushing Grip.

He then throws the Tank onto the location of a random player which deals damage to players in the area.



Shattered Earth

The Boss will occasionally use Shattered Earth which deals damage to all players and knock them away.

Make sure to not get knocked into any Roots that still remain on the floor.

Third Boss: Dresaron

Notable Trash Mobs

Bloodtainted Fury have multiple abilities that have to be dealt with:

  • Blood Assault charges into the direction of a random player, knocking all players away in its path.
  • Blood Bombs fall from the ceiling, knocking all players away in its 8-yard radius upon impact.
  • Upon death, the Fury’s emerge into 4 Bloodtainted Bursters which cast Blood Metamorphosis. This has to be interrupted and they have to be killed quickly, otherwise they respawn as a Bloodtainted Fury again.
Notable Abilities
Earthshaking Roar

Dresaron uses Earthshaking Roar which deals damage to all players, and also causes Falling Rocks to fall from the ceiling.

This creates a large voidzone that deals damage over time to players inside of it.



Breath of Corruption

Breath of Corruption is a frontal cone in the direction of the Tank.

Make sure to not stand in front of the Boss.



Down Draft

When Dresaron uses Down Draft, Players are heavily pushed away from the Boss.

Use Movement Speed Cooldowns to not get pushed into the Eggs located around the edges of the room.

Touching any Eggs will spawn Hatespawn Whelplings.

Last Boss: Shade of Xavius

Notable Trash Mobs

Dreadfire Imp create Dread Inferno around a random player, letting them explode and deal damage to all players in a 8-yard radius.

Taintheart Summoner creates Curse of Isolation around a random player, dealing damage over its duration to other party members within 6-yard radius.

Taintheart Stalker teleport behind multiple random player with Dark Hunt, dealing moderate damage to them.



Shade of Xavius
Notable Abilities
Growing Paranoia

When a random player gets affected by Growing Paranoia, make sure to spread away from this player.

This circle around the player grows in size, and fears other players with Overwhelming Terror when coming into contact with them.



Waking Nightmare

If players get hit by Nightmare Bolt, they will be affected by Waking Nightmare.

This creates a circle around a player and silences them. 

Players must stack with another party member in order to break the silence effect. 



Festering Rip

Festering Rip afflicts a random player with a bleeding debuff that deals damage over time and reduces their healing taken for its duration. 

This can be dispelled.



Feed on the Weak

Feed on the Weak will target a random player and deals a large amount of damage to them during this channel.

Players affected must be healed, and use a personal defensive cooldown.