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Everbloom Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic+ Guide

Check out our Everbloom Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic+ Guide, including Routes, Weakauras, Abilities and Strategy. From Basics to more Advanced Tips & Strategies.

Everbloom Routes for MDT

If you are using ‘Mythic Dungeon Tools‘ in World of Warcraft, you can import our suggested Route for Everbloom . These will be updated frequently, so check back again in the future.

First Boss: Witherbark

Notable Trash Mobs

Dreadpetals deal heavy tank damage and apply  Dreadpetal Toxin which can stack.

Gnarlroot summons a whirlwind at each player’s location that silences and pacifies players for as long as they remain in its area of effect.

Melded Berserker charge to random player and use Bounding Whirl.

Everbloom Tender channel Dancing Thorns on random player which can be interrupted.

Notable Abilities
Parched Gasp

Witherbark uses Parched Gasp, a frontal cone in the direction of the Tank.



Unchecked Growth

Random players will be affected by Unchecked Growth, spawning a voidzone after reaching the player. 

Standing in Unchecked Growth will deal damage every 1 seconds to player inside of it.

If an Aqueous Globule reachings this voidzone, it spawns Unchecked Growth adds.

Aqueous Globule explodes on death, dealing damage to all players.



Agitated Water

During this fight, Agitated Water will shoot out of the lake, indicated by a blue swirly below a random player.

Players struck will receive heavy damage within 3 yards.



Brittle Bark

Upon reaching 0 Energy, Witherbark gains Brittle Bark, becoming stunned and receiving 100% more damage aslong it persists.

As soon as four Aqueous Globule reach Witherbark, he looses this debuff and Phase 1 begins again.

Second Boss: Ancient Protectors

Notable Trash Mobs

Twisted Abominations use  Noxious Eruption, dealing damage to players and knock them back in a 8-yard radius.

They also deal heavy damage in a frontal cone with Triple Attack.

Everbloom Mender use Healing Waters which must be interrupted.

Ancient Protectors
Notable Abilities

Life Warden Gola


Make sure to interrupt Revitalize, otherwise Gola heals a random enemy for 15% of their maximum health.


Water Bolt

Gola attacks random players with Water Bolt.


Torrential Fury

Gola channels Torrential Fury for 24 seconds, dealing damage to all players every 3 seconds.


Earthshaper Telu

Toxic Bloom

Telu will frequently cast Toxic Bloom which must be interrupted, otherwise it deals heavy damage and stuns all players for 4 seconds.


Nature’s Wrath

Telu deals damage to random players with Nature’s Wrath.


Terrestrial Fury

After Gola finishing her Torrential Fury, Telu channels Terrestrial Fury for 24 seconds, dealing damage to all players.



Noxious Charge

Dulhu charges on a random player with Noxious Charge, which deals damage to all players within 10-yards in the impact location.

This spawns Noxious Discharge on the impact location, and below several other players.

Third Boss: Archmage Sol

Notable Trash Mobs

Players should interrupt the Putrid Pyromancer‘s  Dragon’s Breath cast.

Move out of the  Frozen Snap effect cast by the Infested Icecallers.


Archmage Sol
Notable Abilities
  • After 20 seconds, Archmage Sol changes her affinity, spawning a Spore Image that uses the ability from the previous affinity.
Growing Infestation

Archmage Sol either uses Fire, Frost or Arcane Magic. She changes her affinity to one of those schools of magic every 20 seconds.

She then spawns a Spore Image which is unattackable, casting the ability from her previous affinity, making abilities of them overlap.

She either attacks the Tank then with  Fireball Frostbolt, and  Arcane Burst which can be interrupted.


Cinderbolt Storm

During Cinderbolt Storm, several swirlies will spawn that deal heavy damage to players struck.

While channeling, this also deals damage to a random player every 0.25 seconds for light damage.


Glacial Fusion

When Glacial Fusion is spawned, several orbs are spawned in a circle around players.

They start traveling inwards into the middle of its spawn position, stunning players coming into contact with them.


Spatial Compression

Sol launches a Spatial Compression on the target that is the furthest away from the boss.

This spawns a swirly that deals damage to players struck by it, then draws all players into its location.

Last Boss: Yalnu

Notable Trash Mobs

There are no new enemies between Archmage Sol and Yalnu.

Notable Abilities
  • Focus the Flourishing Ancient to stop it from dealing party wide damage.
  • Trample all Lashers that are spawned by Genesis.
Colossal Blow

Yalnu uses Colossal Blow, a frontal cone in the direction of the Tank.

Make sure to face Yalnu away from other party members, while everyone else avoids standing infront of him.

This frontal can be dodged by the targeted Tank aswell.

Verdant Eruption

Frequently, Yalnu casts Verdant Eruption which creates a large 10-yard green swirly that deals heavy damage to players struck by it.

This spawns a Flourishing Ancient add after explosion.

The Flourishing Ancient has a frontal cone, Lumbering Swipe, and also deal consistent periodic damage to all players with Vibrant Flourish aslong as its alive.



Yalnu channels Genesis which spawns dormant Feral Lashers on the floor.

After this 12 seconds channel, all Feral Lasher that were not run over will engage into the fight.

These Lashers attack players with Lasher Venom.