Throne of Tides Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic+ Guide

Check out our Throne of Tides Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic+ Guide, including Routes, Weakauras, Abilities and Strategy. From Basics to more Advanced Tips & Strategies.

Everbloom Routes for MDT

If you are using ‘Mythic Dungeon Tools‘ in World of Warcraft, you can import our suggested Route for Throne of Tides. These will be updated frequently, so check back again in the future.


First Boss: Lady Naz'jar

Notable Trash Mobs

Interrupt the Oracles Healing Wave, otherwise it heals up its allies.

Vicious Snap Dragon apply a bleeding damage over time debuff that can stack.

Naz’jar Ravager uses Volatile Bolt, targeted on a random player. This creates a large 10-yard circle which deals damage on impact and leaves a voidzone.

It also uses Acid Barrage in the direction of the Tank as a frontal cone.

Naz’jar Sentinel uses Crushing Depths, causes a random player to drown and deals damage over time until the healer has healed off its Healing Absorption.

Lady Naz’jar
Notable Abilities
  • Make sure to spread out during Focused Tempest because its damage jumps over to nearby players.
  • Dodge the Geyser on the floor.
  • Dodge the Trident Flurry frontal cone by the Naz’jar Honor Guard add.
High Tide

Upon reaching 60% and 30% health, Lady Naz’jar uses High Tide, becomes immun to damage until three adds that are spawned are defeated.

Naz’jar Honor Guard uses Trident Flurry in a random direction, which is a frontal cone that deals heavy damage.

Naz’jar Frost With grants herself Icy Veins which can be purged, and also attacks players with Frostbolt.

Deep Sea Murloc leaps to random players with Leaping Thrash which deals damage to all players within 4 yards of the targeted player.



Geysers are spawned across the room, indicated by a blue swirly.

After 4 seconds they errupt, dealing damage to players struck and knocking them up.


Focused Tempest

Lady Naz’jar channels Focused Tempest, dealing damage to the targeted player which also jumps over to nearby players.

Make sure to spread away from the targeted player.


Shock Blast

One random player is affected by Shock Blast, creating a 8-yard circle around them that explodes after 4 seconds.

All players within will take heavy damage, and upon explosion it spawns Shock Orb which travel in multiple directions from the explosion location.

These Shock Orbs stun players for 2 seconds if struck.

Second Boss: Commander Ulthok

Notable Trash Mobs

There are no new Trash Mobs between Lady Naz’jar and Ulthok. We would still suggest to clear the room before engaging with Commander Ulthok.

Commander Ulthok
Notable Abilities
  • Position Bubbling Fissure on the side of the room. These spawn below random player.
  • Attack the Bubbling Ooze adds that are spawned out of Bubbling Fissure and knock them aside.
Bubbling Fissure

Ulthok spawns Bubbling Fissure below several players which leave Bubbling Ooze on the floor.

Standing in that voidzone deals damage and reduces the player’s haste by 100%.

He then uses Awaken Ooze, causing Adds to spawn in the voidzone which are attached to that voidzone.

These adds are active for 12 seconds and can not be killed. Attacking them knocks them away.

Make sure to crowd-control them and attack them to knock them aside.


estering Shockwave

When Ulthok uses estering Shockwave, all players take heavy damage and are knocked far away.


rushing Claw

Ulthok attacks the Tank with rushing Claw, which leaves a 100% Physical damage taken increase debuff on the Tank for 10 seconds.

Third Boss: Mindbender Ghur'sha

Notable Trash Mobs

Faceless Watcher use Shadow Smash, soaking all players into it and then explode in a 10-yard radius after 4 seconds.

Faceless Seer use Mind Flay on a random player which can be interrupted.

Minion of Ghur’sha pulsate for party wide damage aslong they persist.

Dodge the purple Laser Beam.

Mindbender Ghur’sha
Notable Abilities

Erunak Stonespeak

During his Human form until reaching 25% health, Erunak uses the following abilities.



While casting Earthfury, several brown swirlies spawn below each player that deal heavy damage when struck.


Stormflurry Totem

Erunak spawns frequently a Stormflurry Totem which increases his attackspeed and make his auto-attacks deal more damage aslong it persists.


Flame Shock

He also afflicts random player with Flame Shock which deals damage over time, but can be dispelled.


Mindbender Ghur’sha

Upon Erunak reaching 25% health, Mindbender Ghur’sha engages into the fight.


Mind Rot

Until the end of the fight, Mind Rot deals consistent damage to all players which has to be compensated by the Healer.


Terrifying Vision

Ghur’sha casts Terrifying Vision, which deals deadly damage to players if they are in Line-of-Sight to the Boss.

Use the pillars in the room to hide from Terrifying Vision.

Last Boss: Ozumat

Notable Trash Mobs

Glibgoblin Mage and Glibgoblin Hunter deal damage to random players. Use crowd-control to minimize the damage incoming.

Tainted Sentry pulsate damage with Swell to all players within 60-yards.

Unstable Corruption explode on death, leaving a debuff on players that can stack.

Notable Abilities
  • Position Blotting Darkness close to each other and far away due to it is spreading, and to make it easier to cleanse away.
  • If affected by Cleansing Flux, make sure to run through Blotting Darkness to purge it.

Ink of Ozumat

You have to defeat the Ink of Ozumat before you can engage the fight with Ozumat himself.


lotting Barrage

The Boss afflicts two players with lotting Barrage, creating a 6-yard purple circle around them that explode after a few seconds.

Upon expiration, this leaves Blotting Darkness on the floor. This voidzone spreads slowly, and deals damage to players inside of it.


Cleansing Flux

Whenever Neptulon empowers players with Cleansing Flux, make sure to run through Blotting Darkness to remove it.


Deluge of Filth

Ozumat spews Deluge of Filth into the arena, indicated by a purple swirly.

This swirl deals damage on impact, and spawns several Sludge and Splotch adds.

Splotch casts Ink Blast to a random player which can be interrupted.

Sludge uses Grimy on the Tank which applies a stacking damage over time debuff, aswell as Gushing Ink which explodes and leaves even more Blotting Darkness.


Murk Spew

The Ink of Ozumat uses Murk Spew, dealing damage in a frontal cone in the direction of the Tank.


Foul Bolt

If the Tank is not in range to the Ink of Ozumat, it uses Foul Bolt to its current target.



As soon as the Ink of Ozumat is dead, players become empowered by Neptulon with Tidal Surge, granting them huge powers to defeat Ozumat.

Ozumat uses only Raining Darkness which deals consistent damage to player until it reaches 10% health and flees.