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Waycrest Manor Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic+ Guide

Check out our Waycrest Manor Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic+ Guide, including Routes, Weakauras, Abilities and Strategy. From Basics to more Advanced Tips & Strategies.

Waycrest Manor Routes for MDT

If you are using ‘Mythic Dungeon Tools‘ in World of Warcraft, you can import our suggested Route for Waycrest Manor. These will be updated frequently, so check back again in the future.

Note: You want to reach 89% before entering the Catacombs after the Cellar.

First Boss: Heartsbane Triad

Notable Trash Mobs

Enthralled Guards casts  Shadow Cleave in the direction of the tank.

Bewitched Captains casts Spirited Defense. This Cast can be interrupted, otherwise the Captains will receive a 35% damage reduction buff.

Heartsbane Vinetwister casts  Grasping Thorns on a random player, stunning them for 4 seconds whilst dealing damage over time.

Blight Toads will cast  Toad Blight upon death, leaving a large pool on the ground.

Runic Disciple has multiple Casts that have to be interrupted:

  • Ascension Ritual will transform the Disciple into a Heartsbane Runeweaver if not interrupted.
  • Spellbind is cast on a random player, silencing them for 4 seconds while dealing damage over time.
  • Spectral Talisman reduces his allies damage taken by 25% if not interrupted.


Heartsbane Triad
Notable Abilities
  • Each Boss can only be attacked while holding the  Focusing Iris. They will pass down the Iris to the next Boss upon reaching 50% Health. During this time, the Boss with the Focusing Iris will gain Energy, and on reaching 100 Energy will unleash  Dire Ritual which will mostly kill all Players.

  • Each Boss will have their own Aura and one unique Ability to deal with.
Focusing Iris

Each Boss can only be attacked while having the Focusing Iris on them. They will pass down the Iris at 50% Health. During this time, they will gain Energy and cast Dire Ritual upon reaching 100 Energy. This will result in a group-wide death.



Sister Solena

Soul Manipulation

This ability will mindcontrol a random player which has to be defeated in order to break this ability.

During this time, Solena will receive Soul Armor, reducing her damage taken by 99%.

Aura of Apathy

Reduces healing done by players by 50% while this Boss yields the Iris.



Sister Malady

Unstable Runic Mark

All players will receive a 6-yards circle around them, which deals damage to them and all nearby players upon expiration or when dispelled.

Aura of Dread

When affected by this Aura, Players will receive a stacking Debuff that deals damage over time until they move

Jumping will also remove a stack of this Debuff.



Sister Briar

Jagged Nettles

This debuff will be applied to one random player which takes damage over time until their Health reaches 90% or higher.

Healers have to focus their healing onto this player, and the affected player should use their defensive cooldowns.

Aura of Thornes

When Briar is active, attacking her will cause the player to take a small amount of damage everytime Briar is struck.

Second Boss: Soulbound Goliath

Notable Trash Mobs

Coven Thornshapers have three notable spells:

  • Uproot will leave Roots on the floor which deal damage to players inside over time, and knock the affected player up into the air.
  • Effigy Reconstruction must be interrupted. This will heal all nearby enemies to full health. 
  • Infected Thorn is a stackable Poison Debuff on a random player which deals damage over time

Thornguards will cast  Enrage on themselves, increasing the physical damage they deal by 25% for 10 seconds. When they die, they leave a large pool (called Shatter) on the floor.

Matron Bryndle will channel  Thorned Barrage into the tank, dealing physical damage over 6 seconds. She also uses Splinter Spike which creates a voidzone below each player that explodes after a few seconds.



Soulbound Goliath
Notable Abilities
  • During this Encounter, the Boss will gain Stacks of Soul Harvest every 2 seconds. This Buff is removed whenever the Boss is moved into Wildfire. When this happens, Burning Soul adds will appear that run after a random player, mostly the Healer.

  • Free your allies that are stunned by Soul Thornes.
Soul Harvest and Wildfire

During this Encounter, the Soulbound Goliath will gain a Stack of Soul Harvest every 2 seconds. As soon as the Boss is moved into a Wildfire, he loses all Stacks of it. 

He gains Burning Brush for 6 seconds, dealing heavy party-wide damage to all players.

Burning Soul adds will start appearing, fixating a random player (mostly the Healer) and start attacking them with Burning Fists.



Soul Thornes

The Boss will frequently cast Soul Thornes on a random Player. This player will be stunned for its duration, until the Soul Thornes have been defeated

Players will take periodic damage over time aslong the Soul Thornes persist.




This 2-seconds casted ability deals heavy damage to the Tank.

Third Boss: Raal the Gluttonous

Notable Trash Mobs

Some Devouring Maggots have the  Parasitic buff. This grants them access to the  Infest spell. This will cause them to disappear into a player and hatch two new Maggots upon expiration. 

Pallid Gorgers will leap to the furthest target with their  Ravaging Leap cast. This will apply a debuff to all players in a 5-yard radius around the targeted player. They also cast Retch onto the Tank which hits all players in its way.

Banquet Stewards will cast  Dinner Bell. This 2.5 second cast will damage and silence all players within 8 yards of the steward for 2 seconds.



Raal the Gluttonous
Notable Abilities
  • Rotten Expulsion is a frontal cone that sprays persisting voidzones in that direction, and also spawns Bile Oozelings which have to be defeated.

  • Tenderize is another frontal cone in the direction of the Tank. He will use this ability three times in a row.

  • Call Servant will summon Wasting Servants that travel towards the Boss. He will consume them if they come too close and grant him a 5% damage increase.
Rotten Expulsion

Rotten Expulsion is a frontal cone in the direction of a random player. This sprays voidzones in its path which also spawns Bile Oozelings.

Whenever the Oozelings are defeated, they create a large pool with Bile Explosion that deals damage to players in its radius.




Raal uses Tenderize three times in a row, which is a frontal cone in the direction of the Tank.

This ability deals heavy damage to all players struck.

After using this ability three times, he uses Call Servant.



Call Servant

Multiple Wasting Servants are summoned, which travel from opposite directions towards the Boss.

Whenever they reach Raal, he will use Consume Servant which grants him a 5% increased damage buff.



Consume All

If no players are in melee range to the Boss, he uses Consume All and deals deadly damage to all players.

Fourth Boss: Lord and Lady Waycrest

Notable Trash Mobs

In our Route, we suggest Players to skip Matron Alma, but if you still encounter her, she has a few abilities to deal with:

  • Dread Mark is a 6 seconds debuff that explodes and deals damage to all surrounding players. It also leaves Lingering Dread debuff for 1 minute.
  • Decaying Touch deals heavy damage to the Tank and applies a 15% damage taken increase Debuff on them.
  • Ruinous Volley is a 2-seconds cast which deals damage to all players if not interrupted.

Marked Sisters buff themselves with  Darkened Blade, causing them to deal additional Shadow Damage on attacks. They also apply Runic Mark to a random player that explodes after 6 seconds.

Soul Fetish applies a Buff to all remaining Enemies whenever a Marked Sister dies, increasing other enemies damage done by 10%.

 Coven Diviner‘s  Fragment Soul must be quickly dispelled from the Tank, otherwise it causes them to gain a damage buff after using Consume Fragment.

Heartsbane Soulcharmer use Soul Volley that deals damage to all players, and place Warding Candles on the floor. This reduces enemies damage taken by 50% aslong as they stand in it. Tanks must move them quickly out of it.



Lord and Lady Waycrest
Notable Abilities
  • Wasting Strike deals heavy damage to the Tank and leaves a strong Disease Debuff.

  • Virulent Pathogen applies to a random player, and creates a 5-yard circle around them. Upon expiration or dispell, it will explode and re-apply to players if they are struck by it. Make sure to move away from other party members.

Lady Waycrest

Vitality Transfer

Lady Waycrest will transfer 30% of her Health to Lord Waycrest whenever he reaches 30% Health himself. After triggering Vitality Transfer three times, she will engage into the fight herself and no longer use this ability. Every time health is transfered, Lord Waycrest will receive a 3% damage increase buff with Putrid Vitality.



Discordant Cadenza 

Discordant Cadenza will be used frequently, spawning multiple swirlies on the floor that deal damage to players struck inside of it.



Lord Waycrest

Wasting Strike

Lord Waycrest will hit the Tank with Wasting Strike, dealing a heavy amount of damage and leaving a Disease Debuff on them for 5 seconds. This Debuff deals heavy periodic Nature Damage on the Tank.



Virulent Pathogen

A random player will be frequently affted by Virulent Pathogen, creating a 5-yard circle around them, which slows and explodes after a few seconds. If any other player is hit by this, they will be affected by Virulent Pathogen again.

Upon expiration, this leaves a pool of Contagious Remnants on the floor which additionally explodes after 4 seconds. 

Last Boss: Gorak Tul

Notable Trash Mobs

Gloom Horrors occasionally cast  Dark Leap jumping on the furthest target and dealing damage in a 5-yard radius.



Gorak Tul
Notable Abilities

Deathtouched Slaver

Death Lens

During the Death Lens channel, a random player will be stunned, and it deals periodic damage over time. Deathtouched Slaver have to be stunned or killed quickly enough to interrupt this cast. It cannot be interrupted.



Dark Leap

Deathtouched Slavers will jump to the furthest target, dealing damage to all players in a 5-yard radius upon impact.



Alchemical Fire

Use the Alchemical Fire Phials to destroy the Corpses of Deathtouched Slaver’s, otherwise they will be resurrected by Dread Essence.

This Phial has to be picked up by any player, and use the Extra Button to throw it onto the Corpses.



Gorak Tul

Dread Essence

Upon reaching 100 Energy, Gorak Tul will cast Dread Essence which deals heavy damage to all players, and resurrect all Deathtouched Slaver’s which have not been destroyed by Alchemical Fire.



Darkened Lightning

Darkened Lightning is an interruptable cast that deals damage to a random player, and additionally to another nearby player it jumps over.