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Dragonflight Patch 10.2 – Season 3 Tailoring Guide

Check out our Dragonflight Patch 10.2 – Season 3 Tailoring Guide. From Basics to more Advanced Tips & Strategies. All you need to know about Warcraft!

New Recipes and Changes in Season 3

Dragonflight Patch 10.2 – Guardians of the Dream introduces many new Recipes and Materials for players to obtain. In the list below you will find all new Recipes introduced with the latest Patch for World of Warcraft.

Recipes from Previous Seasons

You can find all previous recipes for Enchanting from Dragonflight in the list below. Beware that the recipes containt basic crafting costs, not accounting for Resourcefulness or Quality of crafts.

New Recipes in Dragonflight Patch 10.1 – Embers of Neltharion
Tailoring Essentials
Dragon Isles Unravelling/


Woven Cloth
Azureweave Bolt
Chronocloth Bolt
Vibrant Wildercloth Bolt1xVibrant Shard 3xWildercloth Bolt
Infurious Wildercloth Bolt1xAwakened Ire 3xWildercloth
Wildercloth Bolt3xWildercloth


Optional Reagents
Blue Silken Lining
Bronzed Grip Wrappings15xSpool of Wilderthread 1xChronocloth Bolt


Finishing Reagents
Abrasive Polishing Cloth3xFractured Glass 1xWildercloth Bolt
Illustrious Insight50xArtisan’s Mettle
Vibrant Polishing Cloth1xSpool of Wilderthread 1xVibrant Wildercloth Bolt
Chromatic Embroidery Thread1xSpool of Wilderthread 5xChromatic Dust
Shimmering Embroidery Thread1xSpool of Wilderthread 1xSilken Gemdust
Blazing Embroidery Thread1xSpool of Wilderthread 1xAwakened Fire


Vibrant Wildercloth Girdle
Vibrant Wildercloth Handwraps
Vibrant Wildercloth Headcover
Vibrant Wildercloth Shawl
Vibrant Wildercloth Shoulderspikes
Vibrant Wildercloth Slacks
Vibrant Wildercloth Slippers
Vibrant Wildercloth Vestments
Vibrant Wildercloth Wristwraps
Surveyor’s Seasoned Hood10xWildercloth 7xSpool of Wilderthread
Surveyor’s Seasoned Pants10xWildercloth 7xSpool of Wilderthread
Surveyor’s Seasoned Shoulders8xWildercloth 6xSpool of Wilderthread
Surveyor’s Seasoned Gloves8xWildercloth 6xSpool of Wilderthread
Surveyor’s Seasoned Cord8xWildercloth 6xSpool of Wilderthread
Surveyor’s Tailored Cloak8xWildercloth 6xSpool of Wilderthread
Surveyor’s Cloth Robe8xWildercloth 5xSpool of Wilderthread
Surveyor’s Cloth Treads6xWildercloth 5xSpool of Wilderthread
Surveyor’s Cloth Bands4xWildercloth 4xSpool of Wilderthread
Crimson Combatant’s Wildercloth Bands
Crimson Combatant’s Wildercloth Cloak
Crimson Combatant’s Wildercloth Gloves
Crimson Combatant’s Wildercloth Hood
Crimson Combatant’s Wildercloth Leggings
Crimson Combatant’s Wildercloth Sash
Crimson Combatant’s Wildercloth Shoulderpads
Crimson Combatant’s Wildercloth Treads
Crimson Combatant’s Wildercloth Tunic


Azureweave Garments
Amice of the Blue
Azureweave Mantle
Azureweave Robe
Azureweave Slippers
Blue Dragon Soles
Infurious Binding of Gesticulation


Chronocloth Garments
Allied Wristguards of Time Dilation
Chronocloth Gloves
Chronocloth Leggings
Chronocloth Sash
Hood of Surging Time
Infurious Legwraps of Possibility


Profession Garments
Dragoncloth Tailoring Vestments
Master’s Wildercloth Alchemist’s Robe
Master’s Wildercloth Chef’s Hat
Master’s Wildercloth Enchanter’s Hat
Master’s Wildercloth Fishing Cap
Master’s Wildercloth Gardening Hat
Wildercloth Enchanter’s Hat
Wildercloth Alchemist’s Robe6xWildercloth 4xSpool of Wilderthread
Wildercloth Fishing Cap5xWildercloth 4xSpool of Wilderthread
Wildercloth Chef’s Hat5xWildercloth 4xSpool of Wilderthread
Wildercloth Gardening Hat
Wildercloth Tailor’s Coat6xWildercloth 4xSpool of Wilderthread


Frozen Spellthread
Temporal Spellthread
Vibrant Spellthread1xVibrant Shard 2xVibrant Wildercloth Bolt


Embroidered Bags
Azureweave Expedition Pack5xSpool of Wilderthread 3xAzureweave Bolt
Chronocloth Reagent Bag6xSpool of Wilderthread 6xChronocloth Bolt
Wildercloth Bag4xSpool of Wilderthread 12xWildercloth
Simply Stitched Reagent Bag4xSpool of Wilderthread 8xWildercloth


Assorted Embroidery
Explorer’s Banner of Geology
Explorer’s Banner of Herbology
Duck-Stuffed Duck Lovie
Forlorn Funeral Pall
Dragonscale Expedition’s Expedition Tent
Cold Cushion
Cushion of Time Travel
Market Tent20xSpool of Wilderthread 50xVibrant Wildercloth Bolt
Wildercloth Bandage2xWildercloth


Fiddle with Draconium Fabric Cutters
Fiddle with Khaz’gorite Fabric Cutters

Dragonflight Crafting System Overview

Quality and Expected Quality

Every newly crafted equipment will have 5 different qualities. Crafted Reagents and consumable items will have 3 different qualities. Higher quality equipment will have higher ilvl, while higher quality consumables will give you more stat or last longer.

If you hover the little icons near the bar, then you can see what kind of items you can get at higher quality.



Optional Reagents

Optional Reagents are used to set your desired secondary stats, craft higher ilvl items, and they can also add a couple of unique bonuses.

Finishing Reagents can be used to get extra Inspiration, Skill, Multicraft, or Resourcefulness when you craft an item.

For example, you can add Illustrious Insight to add +30 Skill. This can be really useful if you only miss a few skill points to craft an item at higher ilvl.


Profession Equipment

Profession Tools and Accessories will give you bonuses to profession Skill, Multicraft, Inspiration, Crafting Speed, Finesse, Deftness, Perception, and Resourcefulness.



Dragon Isles Profession Knowledge

Dragon Isles Profession Knowledge points are the “talent points” that you can put into your profession specialization to learn a new skill, stats, and bonuses.

You get one Dragon Isle Profession Knowledge point when you craft any item or gather a herb/ore/leather for the first time. But after that, every source seems to be something with a weekly reset, so pretty much all profession Knowledge gains will be time-gated.

This is something that I couldn’t test properly in the beta since some of the sources were bugged, not resetting with weekly reset, etc. It’s still not clear to me how many you can actually get each week, but if they don’t change anything, it will be VERY slow to gain Knowledge Points. It would take months to max out even a single specialization.



Crafting Orders

Crafting Orders are a new way to request another player to craft something for you for almost any Dragon Isles crafting recipe. The interface basically looks like the Auction House, it’s very easy to use.

  • All reagents must be provided by the one who posted the Crafting Order.
  • Completing a crafting order as a crafter will cost you nothing, and you can gain skill points in your professions. (if the recipes would normally give you skill points)
  • You will also be able to customize the order by including various Optional Reagents depending on the recipe, dictating exactly what you want to be crafted. For example, many equipment recipes will allow you to specify secondary stats.
  • There are Public and Personal Crafting Orders. Public ones can be completed by anyone, but Personal orders can only be completed by the person you send them to.


Item Recrafting

Every crafting profession can recraft an already-crafted item. This is very useful once you gain higher profession skill because you don’t have to craft your items again, you can recraft them at a higher ilvl for a fraction of the cost.

  • Recrafting items don’t reroll secondary stats unless you use optimal reagents.
  • You can add optional reagents that increase ilvl.
  • Non-crafters can use recrafting via the usage of the Crafting Order system, but this feature currently only works for Personal Crafting Orders and not Public Orders. You will have to find a guild mate or friends or look for someone on the trade chat.