Guild Clash Preview for Blizzcon 2023

October 30, 2023

Blizzard has posted their official preview of the Guild Clash Tournament that is going to happen on Blizzcon 2023, starting this Friday November 3rd.

The BlizzCon Guild Clash goes live Saturday, November 4! Get ready to watch Echo, Golden Guardians, Liquid, and Method match up in a variety of competitions including arenas, dungeons, and a special showcase within Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope for the first time. Enjoy the all-day show live at BlizzCon on Twitch and YouTube on Saturday, November 4 at 10:00am PDT (17:00GMT)

We’re bringing four of the most formidable guilds and organizations together to compete in a series of WoW Arenas, Dungeons, and Raid Boss encounters live from Anaheim, California!

This action-packed event will take place in the WoW hall at BlizzCon on Saturday, November 4. Watch every second of the show on the official Warcraft Twitch and YouTube channels!


The first activity of this event will consist of an arena competition with each guild fielding a roster of four players to face-off in a single-elimination bracket. Each semi-finals match will be best-of-five, and grand finals best-of-seven, with a team knocked out each round.


Meet the Teams

Learn more about the Guild Clash in our previously published article. Gather your friends for an epic watch party. It’s going to be quite the show.

BlizzCon® 2023 returns November 3 and 4 and additional tickets are still available. Can’t attend? Don’t worry. You’ll be able to watch all the content from the Anaheim Arena free. To commemorate the return of BlizzCon, you can also purchase the BlizzCon Collection with a new set of digital goodies for World of Warcraft and other Blizzard games.

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