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Heavy Changes to Loot in Season 3 – Buff to Crafted Gear, Less Tier Tokens

October 18, 2023

In the latest Development Notes for Patch 10.2, Blizzard has implemented many changes to Loot in Season 3, including a buff to Crafted Gear, a Nerf to Tier Token Drops, and changes to Very Rare Items.

Less Tier Tokens in Amirdrassil

Blizzard has announced that fewer Tier Tokens will be dropped in Amirdrassil, similar to the current situation in Aberrus, which was caused by the high amount of charges in the Revival Catalyst and the longevity of the Season.

The Revival Catalyst will be available during the first week of Season 3. However, players will only gain a charge every two weeks instead of every week.
In conjunction with the earlier opening of the Revival Catalyst, tier armor tokens will continue to drop at the current 1:3 rate relative to non-tier loot.
  • Developers’ note: By shifting more of tier acquisition to the Revival Catalyst and away from tier token drops, we expect that players will complete their set bonuses at the same rate or faster than Season 2. While raiders will still enjoy an edge as the season begins, players who prefer not to raid will be far closer behind them than previously.


PlayersTier PiecesNon-Tier Loot
100.5 (was 1)1.5 (was 1)
150.75 (was 1.5)2.25 (was 1.5)
201 (was 2)3 (was 2)
251.25 (was 2.5)3.75 (was 2.5)
301.5 (was 3)4.5 (was 3)


Very Rare Items Count as additional Reward

Blizzard has announced that Very Rare Items will drop in addition to current loot table, rather than replacing an item in the loot table in Patch 10.2!

Compared to items such as the Neltharion Trinkets replacing an item off of the boss, Neltharion Trinkets would instead have a chance at dropping in addition to the regular 4 items.

Very Rare item drop rates have been further adjusted, and these now have a chance to drop in addition to a boss’s typical quantity of loot; for example, a 20-player group could receive one tier token, three non-tier items, and Dreambinder, Loom of the Great Cycle.
  • Developers’ note:As we continue to iterate on Very Rare items, we hope that elevating them to drop independently as bonus loot will feel less frustrating than knowing that Icewrath’s Channeling Conduit could have been a Whispering Incarnate Icon. This also ensures that drop rates are consistent across all Very Rare items.

Crafted Items Increased by +3 Itemlevel

n the most recent 10.2 PTR build, Aspect Crafted Gear has had its item level increased by 3!

Before this change, Aspect Crafted gear was crafted at Myth 2/4 item level – 483. However, this has been increased in the latest PTR build to now drop at Myth 3/4 item level – 486, 3 item levels higher!

Additionally, on the Patch 10.2 PTR, the amount of Crests needed to create an  Enchanted Aspect’s Dreaming Crest has been increased to 60  Aspect’s Dreaming Crest from 45. The price of crafted gear has gotten even more pricy, especially when players will only be able to get 90 of each Crest a week (down from 150).

Since Crests are now a currency in Patch 10.2, you convert your Crests into something needed to make an Enchanted Crest from the Enchanting vendor in Valdrakken at the following costs:

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