Hotfixes For January 6th – Trinkets from Mythic Dungeons Buffed

January 8, 2023

The latest Hotfix on January 6th has included some significant Buffs to existing Trinkets from Dragonflight Season 1 Mythic Keystone Dungeons. Read more..

Yesterday, Blzzard implemented a new Hotfixes to the Live Servers which included Buffs to certain Trinkets obtained from the current Dragonflight Mythic Keystone Dungeons.

 Bonemaw’s Big Toe Eye of Skovald and  Idol of Trampling Hooves damage has been buffed by 10%. These Changes have not been included in the previous Patch Notes, so it’s currently not clear if these Changes were intended or not.


  •  Bonemaw’s Big Toe  Feast upon the toe, increasing your Critical Strike by 240 for 20 sec and causing you to exude a fetid breath, dealing (14351578 * 20 / 5) Shadow damage split between enemies in front of you.
    Used by Item  Bonemaw’s Big Toe
  •  Fel Meteor  Your ranged attacks and spells have a chance to call down a Fel Meteor on your target, dealing 34173758 Fire damage to them and nearby enemies.
    Used by Item  Eye of Skovald
  •  Idol of Trampling Hooves  Your attacks have a chance to call a centaur to aid you, increasing your party’s Speed by 70 for 5 sec. The centaur charges forward, trampling enemies in a line for 1036711403 Physical damage split between them.
    Used by Item  Idol of Trampling Hooves