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Home » Dragonflight » How To Earn Permanent Augment Rune in 1 Week – Dream Warden Reputation Guide

How To Earn Permanent Augment Rune in 1 Week – Dream Warden Reputation Guide

October 22, 2023

The Dream Warden are the new faction in Patch 10.2, which reward a permanent Augment Rune upon reaching Renown 18. With our Guide, you can achieve this within the first week.

Dream Warden Renown Rewards

Dragonflight’s permanent Augment Rune has been added on the Patch 10.2 PTR! Typically the permanent augment rune is only added in the final patch of the expansion likely signifying that 10.2 is the final Patch of Dragonflight! While Shadowlands had Season 4, it was with old content rather than new content.

The Permanent Augment Rune drops from Renown 18 of Dream Wardens.

Dream Warden Reputation Guide

To be able to reach atleast Renown 18 within the first week, you will need atleast 1 alt-character on Level 70, and your Main Character.

Additional Reputation can be earned during the 19th Anniversary, Darkmoon Fair or with Contracts that can be purchased in the Auction House. Beware that you want to make sure that you have the  Dreamsurge Learnings buff whenever you activate any Mark of the Wardens.


Start your Journey on your alt character and complete all steps listed below.

Step 1: Main Story Quest

During the first week, five chapters of Emerald Dream storyline is accessable to players. Completing all chapters will grant players a total 2500 reputation, and additional Mark of the Wardens.



Step 2: Side Quests

You can find a total of 9 side quest story lines within the Emerald Dream. Each of them rewards a different amount of reputation. You have to complete all of them to earn additional reputation required to achieve the desired Renown.

A list of all Quest Lines is here:

  • NPC: Wrathion 
    • Quest: A Draon in Hand is Worth Two in the Roos
  • NPC: Thaalean at 58.01, 77.88
    • Quest: Build-a-Blanket & Fluffy Filler Retrieval
  • NPC: Ethidris Creekward at 53.77, 74.59
    • Quest: Pineshrew Panic 
  • NPC: Shandris Feathermoon at 46.64, 46.18
    • Quest: Smother the Flames
  • NPC: Dreamkin at 34.73, 68.95
    • Quest: Q´onzu´s Qualification
  • NPC: Solarys Thorngale at 52.02, 63.61
    • Quest: Burning out
  • NPC: Aviana at 65.84,37.73
    • Quest: Aviana´s Assessment
  • NPC: Keeper Adrianas at 58.71, 23.89
    • Quest: Memory of the Dreamer
  • NPC: Lady Moonberry at 49.79, 62.49
    • Quest: Trouble at the Tree



Step 3: Weekly Quests

Additionally to the main story quest and several side quests, players will be offered three different Weekly Quests that reward even more reputation. 


Step 4: Collect all Treasures in Emerald Dream

For even more Reputation, you have to open all available Treasures in the Emerald Dream. There are two different type of Treasures. Dreaming Chests can be interacted after using /sleep infront of them. These Dreaming Chests can be found at the following locations:

  • 55.68, 22.55 Unwaking Echo 1
  • 54.83, 44.62 Unwaking Echo 2 (Cave Entrance)
  • 46.40, 86.16 Unwaking Echo 3
  • 69.58, 52.85 Unwaking Echo 4 


Additionally, there are several Treasures in the Emerald Dream which reward additional 200 Reputation each. 

  • 47.47, 34.92 Hidden Podling Stash
  • 39.72, 52.14 Triflesnatch’s Roving Trove
  • 55.27, 57.25 Odd Burl
  • 64.35 61.31 Start Magical Bloom
  • 61.68 59.59 End Magical Bloom
  • 37.26, 30.67 Pineshrew Cache
  • 39.15, 65.48 Crystalline-Glowblossom


Step 5: Complete all World Quests and Elite Rares

Each World Quest will reward 50 reputation with the Dream Warden, which can be influenced by using a Contract. If you can find them cheap in the Auction House, make sure to grab one before you start completing World Quests. Also, there are 8 Elite Rares within the Emeral Dream which reward 100 reputation upon their first defeat per week. 


Step 6: Gain the Dreamsurge Buff and use all Reputation Token

After completing all previous steps, players should head towards the Dreamsurge World Event located in the Ohnaran Plains, complete it and obtain the Dreamsurge Learnings Buff. This buff grants an additional 50% reputation gain, including the ones received by Reputation Token and Mark of the Wardens.

Do not use any Reputation Token before you have the Dreamsurge Learnings Buff.


Step 7: Repeat all previous steps with your Main Character, and continue gaining more Reputation after with Superbloom

As soon as you completed all previous steps on your alt-character, log over to your main character and repeat all steps. Do not forget your Darkmoon Fair Buff to earn additional reputation, your Contract, and if you are still missing any reputation afterwards, you can complete more Superblooms to receive additional reputation, even if you have already completed it.

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