Hunter Raid Buff Added in 10.2 – Hunter’s Mark Increasing Damage Taken by 5%

September 28, 2023

The recent Development Notes for Patch 10.2 – Guardians of the Dream have added a nice bonus for all Hunter. Hunter’s Mark is now increasing the enemy damage taken by 5% above 80% health.

Hunter's Mark Raid Buff

The new Hunter’s Mark will now increase the enemies damage taken by 5% while above 80% health. This effect does not stack for each Hunter.

Apply Hunter’s Mark to the target, causing the target to always be seen and tracked by the Hunter.

Hunter’s Mark increases all damage dealt to targets above 80% health by 5%. Only one Hunter’s Mark damage increase can be applied to a target at a time.

Hunter’s Mark can only be applied to one target at a time. When applying Hunter’s Mark in combat, the ability goes on cooldown for 20 sec.
  • Hunter’s Mark now increases all damage taken by the target by 5% while the target is above 80% maximum health.
    • Developers’ note: We like the idea of Hunter’s Mark highlighting specific targets on the battlefield, so we have made an adjustment to Hunter’s Mark to cause it to increase all damage taken by 5% on targets above 80% health. A few quick notes about this change:
      • When applying Hunter’s Mark out of combat or before a pull, it continues to have no cooldown. If you apply Hunter’s Mark while in combat, Hunter’s Mark receives a 20 second cooldown. We don’t intend for you to move this damage bonus around frequently.
      • Hunter’s Mark is still on the global cooldown with this change.
      • Multiple Hunters can not stack this damage bonus on the same target.

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