Increased Rewards From World Quests – Dragonflight Hotfix From February 6th

February 7, 2023

Coming along with some significant Class Tunings, especially for Tank and Heal specializations, Blizzard has increased the rewards from World Quests. Read more..

The latest Hotfix for Dragonflight from February 6th has introduced some significant changes to many classes and specializations in World of Warcraft. Coming alongside with these tunings, Blizzard has also increased the rewards from World Quests and events like Hunts and Community Feasts.

You can check out all the Class Tunings here.

Items and Rewards
  • Chronologically Unstable Loop, Bronze Band of Destinies, and Heat of Primal Winter are now eligible for socket upgrades. This fix is retroactive and requires relogging.
  • [With weekly restarts] Outdoor activities have generally had their item levels increased by 6 to 7 item levels. This includes: World Quests, Elite World Quests, and first weekly completion of Hunts, Dragonbane Keep, and Community Soup event.
  • Vestment of the Raging Tempests and Drakebreaker’s Vestment should now be eligible for the Revival Catalyst when fully upgraded.


  • Alchemy
    • Potion Cauldrons have had their size greatly increased.
  • Enchanting
    • The Prismatic Diamond Loop that drops from Avalantus in the Primalist Future should now disenchant into Dragonflight materials.
  • [With weekly restarts] Gold rewards from world quests have been increased.
  • The Azure Span
    • Big Kinook should now give out tasks to more players at a time when the Community Feast is very busy.
    • [With weekly restarts] The Tuskarr of Iskaara will now hold their Community Feast once every 1.5 hours (was every 3.5 hours).
      • Developers’ note: After this change the event timer will always be visible on the map to show the 15-minute meal prep timer before cooking begins, the 15 minutes while cooking is active, and the 60 minutes of dining time for adventurers to chow down on the soup that you worked so diligently on.