More Mythic+ Advice: Tricks That Not All Player Know

January 2, 2023

It's been three Weeks already since the Release of Dragonflight Season 1, and many Players have found out many new Tricks in the current Mythic Keystone Dungeons. We have listed the current know Secret Tricks here! Read more..

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At this time, many players are still learning all the Basics of the new current Dungeons of Dragonflight Season 1. We have compilied a wonderful overview for all current Dungeons, and explaining all the Basics of these in our Dungeon Guides here.

Many players have already found out new Tricks to deal with strong enemies in the Dungeons, and we have compiled them together. 

Temple of the Jade Serpent


Wise Mari – Corrupted Geyser

Have you ever died to the Water splashing up during the first Boss in Temple of the Jade Serpent? Beware of it’s indicator to avoid getting damage by it.

Corrupted Geyser causes the Water to erupt – dealing heavy damage to Players. The Water splashes up exactly 3 times before it erupts.


Liu Flameheart

Make the life of your Teammates easy by tanking the Boss close to the stairs. It seems, that Flamewaves cannot travel upstairs, and aslong they cant find the elevator, it remains a safespot for all players – especially ranged/healers.


Sha of Doubt

Your group can achieve a way better spawn for all adds spawning during the intermission phase of the last of this Dungeon. 

The Adds spawn into your back. Players can stack up, and face the same way in order to stack all adds during their spawn.

Shadowmoon Burial Grounds

Protection Warriors currently perform exceptionally well, but they can be extremly useful when dealing with the Bats before Bonemaw. 

Protection Warriors can pull them while being alone, and Spellreflect all the casts of the Bats, reflecting its damage and killing them very quickly.

Halls of Valor

Before the second Boss Hyrja, you will encounter an Valarjar Aspirant, which will use a Frontal Beam in the direction of the Tank. This becomes very difficult whenever this enemy jumps away from people.

You can avoid this Valarjar Aspirant from jumping away by Line-of-Sighting its leap.

Ruby Life Pools


Melidrussa Chillworn

The first Boss in Ruby Life Pools is Melidrussa Chillworn. Twice per fight, she will cast Frost Overload. This causes her to gain a shield, and radiate damage every second. 

This can be interrupted by Wailing Arrow by Hunters. 

Nokhud Offensive


Balakar Khan

The last boss of Nokhud Offensive is Balakar Khan. You can quickly reach this Boss by taking a Shortcut whenever you are coming from Teera & Maruuk.



Additionally on the last Boss Balakar Khan, Players can aim the Spear behind this one little Rock. This causes the Boss to charge into it, allowing players to maximize their damage output.

Azure Vault



The final Boss of Azure Vault, Umbrelskul, will spawn Detonating Crystals every 25% of his Health that he loses.

Those Crystals must be killed, otherwise they explode for group-wide damage. Tanks can move the Boss closer up into the Walls. This will cause the Boss to spawn these Crystals way more stacked, making it easier for your damage dealers to kill them.