Mounts, Pets and More in Zaralek Cavern – Overview of all Collectables

May 5, 2023

Blizzard posted an Overview of all the amazing collectables in the new zone of Dragonflight Patch 10,1 - the Zaralek Cavern. Read more..

There are many new pets, mounts, and toys to discover and add to your collection as you explore all that Embers of Neltharion has to offer.


The various factions in the Dragon Isles accept many different items in exchange for their goods, but here are some of the main currencies you’ll want to have on hand.

  • Gold
  • Polished Pet Charm
  • Dragon Isles Supplies: Various resources and building materials that can assist the friendly factions of the Dragon Isles in their fight against the Primalists. Used to purchase items unlocked from renown.
  • Barter Boulders: “An incredibly smooth and shiny stone always coveted by the niffen. Can be exchanged for goods at Loamm in Zaralek Cavern or sold for a hefty sum of gold.”
  • Coveted Bauble: “Many want it, but no one knows why.”

Whether by land or by air, these mounts will take you to your next adventures.

Big Slick Pink Snail Mount

You can take Big Slick in the City for a spin after you reach rank 5 with the Glimmerogg Racer and complete the quest from Briggul called “Snailed It”.

Big Slick in the CityBig heart. Big dreams. Big Slick.Quest: Snailed itZaralek Cavern
Boulder HaulerThese Shalewings have been specially trained to carry large amounts of Barter Boulders for the niffen’s bartering activities.Vendor: PonzoZaralek Cavern
Cataloged ShalewingThe first instance of a flaming shalewing ever discovered. Nine out of ten researchers agree: it’s hot!Public Event: Researchers Under FireZaralek Cavern
Cobalt ShalewingBrood of Kairoktra, raised in the underlight of Zaralek Cavern.Drop: KairoktraZaralek Cavern
Igneous ShalewingYou’d be forgiven for mistaking this creature for a flying volcanic rock. Because to some extent, it is.Vendor: SaccratrosZaralek Cavern400 Coveted Bauble
Inferno ArmoredonIts tail smells like campfire but its breath smells like brimstone.Achievement: Dragonflight Keystone Master: Season 2Dungeons
Morsel SnifferA breed of shalewings trained by the niffen to find the deepest of morsels.Vendor: Harlowe MarlZaralek Cavern40 Gold
Seething SlugDrawn forth from its abyss by the rage of the Zaqali.Treasure: Seething CacheZaralek Cavern
Subterranean MagmammothAwakened from a long slumber, this beast has yet to see the light of day.Vendor: SaccratrosZaralek Cavern100 Coveted Baubles
Vicious War Gorm
The gorm love eating the corpses of your enemies, so this seemed like a natural fit. PvP: Dragonflight Season 2 Rated Arena and Rated Battleground Season 2 Reward
Vicious War Gorm
The gorm love eating the corpses of your enemies, so this seemed like a natural fit. PvP: Dragonflight Season 2 Rated Arena and Rated Battleground Season 2 Reward
Vicious War SnailThe Horde uses these ravenous snail mounts to traverse over any obstacle in battlefields.PvP: Dragonflight Season 2 Rated Arena and Rated Battleground Season 2 Reward
Vicious War SnailThe Alliance uses these ravenous snail mounts to traverse over any obstacle in battlefields.PvP: Dragonflight Season 2 Rated Arena and Rated Battleground Season 2 Reward
Winding SlitherdrakeThese drakes feel at home in the depths of the earth and the far reaches of the sky.CampaignZaralek Cavern 

It’s always nice to have a companion to take wherever you go when you explore the ancient lands of the dragons.

Bashful, Stonewhisker, and Lord Stantley
A few Coveted Baubles or Barter Boulders and a field-tested crew of battle pets will make the adorable Bashful, Stonewhisker, and Lord Stantley pets yours. 

TypePassiveDamage Taken
AquaticHarmful damage over time effects are reduced by 50% on Aquatic Pets.▲ 50% from Flying abilities
▼ 33% from Undead abilities
BeastBeasts deal 25% extra damage below half health▲ 50% from Mechanical abilities
▼ 33% from Humanoids abilities
CritterCritters are immune to stun, root, and sleep effects.▲ 50% from Beast abilities
▼ 33% from Elemental abilities
DragonkinDragons deal 50% additional damage on the next round after bringing a target’s health below 50%▲ 50% from Humanoid abilities
▼ 33% from Flying abilities
ElementalElementals ignore all negative weather effects. Enemy pets can still gain the beneficial effects from weather when facing an elemental.▲ 50% from Aquatic abilities
▼ 33% from Mechanical abilities
FlyingFlying creatures gain 50% extra speed while above 50% health.▲ 50% from Magic abilities
▼ 33% from Beast abilities 
MagicMagic pets cannot be dealt more than 35% of their maximum health in one attack.▲ 50% from Dragonkin abilities
▼ 33% from Aquatic abilities
MechanicalComes back to life once per battle, returning to 20% health.▲ 50% from Elemental abilities
▼ 33% from Magic abilities

Amador“Amador has a big heart and loves to help people, especially children and elder. He alsolikes belly rubs.Beast
Ambre“Nothing sparked joy in Ambre’s heart until it found the perfect match.” Drop: Fyrakk AssaultElemental
Aquapo“The fury of the sea in the package of a puddle.”Drop: AquifonZaralek CavernElemental
Bashful“While not as fast as some of the other snails in the Zaralek Cavern, Bashful makes up for it with sheer power.”Quest: A Race to the FinishZaralek CavernCritter
Blaise“Like a campfire, but it wants skritches.”Drop: Fyrakk AssaultElemental
Boulderfang“Sure, it’s just a rock, but how much can it lift?”Treasure: Chest of Massive GainsZaralek CavernElemental
Brulee“Somehow pretty and gross at the same time.”Quest: A Race to the FinishZaralek CavernCritter
Byrn“Despite its name, its shell is actually much tougher than chalk.”Pet BattleZaralek CavernElemental
Cobbleshell“The fire at the center of the world burns within its carapace.”Pet BattleZaralek CavernCritter
Deepridger“The fire at the center of the world burns within its carapace.”Pet BattleZaralek CavernElemental
Devourer Lobstrok“Fortunately, it mainly devours pet treats.”Drop: Researchers Under FireZaralek CavernElemental
Diamondshell“These snails are especially prized by many drogbar snail-racers for being fast and looking fantastic.”Vendor: SaccratrosZaralek Cavern50 Coveted BaubleCritter
Ebonwing Moth“Because they are often attracted to candles, these moths can be a big problem for kobolds.”Pet BattleZaralek CavernFlying
Endmite“This creature usually has a muddy appearance, but occasionally you may find one that shines a brilliant red.”Pet BattleZaralek CavernCritter
Gerald“Is it possible to rise from the ashes of time? Gerald thinks so and he will not be denied.”Achievement: Family Battler of Zaralek CavernMagic
Hollow Moth“Not all moths spin silk. These moths spin lies.”Pet BattleZaralek CavernFlying
Lithengale“The call of the lithengale is unique amongh birds in that it has a persistent, driving rhythm.”Pet BattleZaralek CavernMagic
Lord Stantley“Lord Stantley will arrive fashionably early to any party that serves shrimp.”Zaralek CavernElemental
Newsy“Newsy delivers mail all around the Dragon Isles. She is so quick and reliable that the small holes on the letters she delivers are negligible.”Quest: Signed, Sealed, and Self DeliveredCritter
Paulie“Puddlehoppers are known to eat bugs almost as large as they are. In one gulp!”Pet BattleZaralek CavernCritter
Rango“If bananas grew in caves, they would be Rango’s favorite food.”Vendor: Harlowe MarlZaralek Cavern150 Dragon Isles SuppliesCritter
Ridged Shalewing“For a creature made of rocks it hovers quite effortlessly.”Drop: World Drop Weather: Elemental Storm (Water)The Waking Shores, Ohn’ahran Plains, the Azure Span, ThaldraszusFlying
Rock Martin“Rock martins make their nests out of scavenged pebbles.”Pet BattleZaralek CavernFlying
Roggy“Roggy is the kind of snail that never gives up, no matter how hard things get.”Achievement: Slow and Steady Wins the RaceCritter
Salverun“Because their dens tend to be close to drogbar settlements, these snails are both faster and stronger than those on the surface.”Pet BattleZaralek CavernCritter
Skaarn“Despite being made mostly of rock, these creatures can fly. Some attribute this to the strength of their wings, but most agree it’s probably just magic.”Pet BattleZaralek CavernElemental
Stonewhisker“The bright glow of a stonewhisker’s ears is said to be the result of eating magical cheeses. This may also explain its extremely bad breath.”Pet Battle Zaralek CavernCritter
Sunglow Cobra“A tiny sun seems to burn in its chest.”Pet BattleZaralek CavernBeast
Teardrop Moth“Contrary to their name, these moths are actually quite happy.”Drop: Underlight QueenZaralek CavernFlying
Tricky“Layers of rocky skin make Ambershells very tough to hurt.”Quest: A Race to the FinishZaralek CavernCritter
Yellabon“When these insects move in a swarm they look like a golden fog.”Pet BattleZaralek CavernFlying

Whether you’re lounging on a Comfortable Pile of Pelts, or painting your next masterpiece, these toys are pure delight.

Fyrakk's Frenzy
Feel warm all over when you get caught in the fires of Fyrakk’s Frenzy.
B.B.F. FistUse: Bump fists with your best brul!Profession: Dragon Isles Jewelcrafting
Blazing Shadowflame Cinder

Use: Envelops the caster in shadowflame for 10 minutes.

“The shadows enveloping the cinder slowly wrap around your fingers.”
Treasure: Blazing ShadowflameZaralek Cavern
Fyrakk’s FrenzyDrop: Disciples of Fyrakk
Glutinous Glitterscale GlobUse: Hurl a glob of glitterscale glitter at your target. Be careful, it gets everywhere…World Quest: All That Glitter
Heat-Resistant Rescue Ring

Use: Throw a Rescue Ring and hoist a swimming party member to safety. Can only be used in the Dragon Isles.

“My hero!”
Profession: Dragon Isles Blacksmithing
Hraxian’s Unbreakable WillUse: Manifest Hraxian’s WillQuest: Hraxian’s Unbreakable WillZaralek Cavern
Jrumm’s DrumUse: Place Jrumm’s Drum in front of you.Drop: JrummZaralek Cavern
Molten Lava PackUse: Equip the pack, allowing yourself to toss fast-cooling lava at your “friends.”Drop: InvohqZaralek Cavern
New Niffed No-Sniffin’ Tonic

Use: New Niffen No-Sniffen’ Tonic is guaranteed to block out all sounds of other people’s noses for a full week. Useful and safe for everyone who doesn’t want to hear niffen (or anyone!) sniffin’.

WARNING: Only blocks sound. Does not block smell.
Vendor: Loamm Food and Beverage VendorsZaralek Cavern
Niffen Diggin’ Mitts

Use: Dig a tunnel back to Loamm from elsewhere in Zaralek Cavern.

“I dig it.”
NPC: MimuupZaralek CavernFaction: Niffen 
Renown: 6
Molten Lava PackUse: Equip the pack, allowing yourself to toss fast-cooling lava at your “friends”. It won’t hurt, but is still hot!Drop: InvohqZaralek Cavern
Sniffin’ Salts

Use: Compel a friend to come visit you!

“Smell this!”
Vendor: Harlowe MarlZaralek Cavern200 Dragon Isles Supplies
Stone Breaker

Use: Have a smashing good time!

“Absolutely smashing!”

These are just some of the many treasures to seek out in the Dragon Isles. Happy exploring!