Patch 10.0.5 Druid Talent Tree Preview

December 16, 2022

Blizzard announced the upcoming Dragonflight Patch 10.0.5 PTR, and many Changes to Talent Trees, including Druids.

In their latest Bluepost, Blizzard announced that the Dragonflight Patch 10.0.5 is hitting the Public Test Realms soon. In their recent Development Notes, they stated many changes to Talent Trees, especially to Druids.

Currently planned, all Specializations except Restoration are receiving significant changes.

General Talent Tree

  • All Druids now learn Swipe at level 10.
  • Swipe and Brutal slash damage reduced by 50%.
  • Killer Instinct changed to 2 points, granting 3/6% physical damage and armor.
  • Nurturing Instinct changed to 2 points, granting 3/6% magical damage and healing.
  • New Talent: Improved Swipe – Increases Swipe and Brutal Slash damage by 100%.
  • New Talent: Forestwalk – Casting Regrowth increases your movement speed and healing received by 5% for 3/6 seconds.
  • New Talent: Gale Winds – Increases Typhoon’s radius by 20% and range by 5 yards.
  • New Talent: Incessant Tempest: Reduces the cooldown of Typhoon by 5 seconds.
  • New connection between Rake and Rip.
  • New connection between Maim and Tireless Pursuit.
  • New connections connecting Skull Bash to Primal Fury and Matted Fur.
  • New connection between Verdant Heart and Ironfur.
  • Wild Growth moved up and Remove Curse moved to the side.
  • Improved Rejuvenation moved up the tree.
  • Sunfire moved up and Starsurge moved to the side.
  • Feral druids now start with Rip instead of Thrash.

Balance Talent Tree

  • The Balance Druid tree has been redesigned.
  • Lunar Eclipse no longer increases the critical strike chance of Starfire.
  • Lunar Eclipse now increases the damage Starfire deals to nearby enemies by 50%.
  • Umbral Intensity now further increases the damage Starfire deals to nearby enemies by 10/20%.
  • Circle of Life and Death has been removed.
  • New Talent: Cosmic Rapidity – Your Moonfire, Sunfire, and Stellar Flare deal damage 13/25% faster.

Feral Talent Tree

  • Circle of Life and Death damage over time duration compression reduced to 20% (was 25%).
  • Taste for Blood bonus to Ferocious Bite damage increased to 4/8% per bleed on the target (was 2/4%).
  • Rampant Ferocity damage increased to 35% of Ferocious Bite damage (was 25%).
  • Dreadful Bleeding bonus to Rip damage reduced to 15% (was 20%).
  • Infected Wounds bonus to Rake damage reduced to 25% (was 30%).
  • Veinripper increase to bleed durations increased to 33% (was 25%).
  • Lunar Inspiration damage increased by 66%.
  • Tear Open Wounds moved to row 4
  • Survival Instincts moved to row 5.
  • Infected Wounds moved to row 5.
  • Berserk moved to row 6.
  • Moment of Clarity moved to row 7.
  • Berserk: Heart of the Lion and Berserk: Frenzy moved within row 7 and connections changed.
  • Position of Wild Slashes and Brutal Strike swapped in their choice node.
  • Lunar Inspiration now a choice node with Feral Frenzy.

Guardian Talent Tree

  • The Guardian Druid tree has been redesigned.
  • Ursine Adept is now baseline.
  • Innervate can now be cast in Bear Form.
  • Front of the Pack moved to row 3.
  • Flashing Claws switched positions with Reinvigoration.
  • New Talent: Thorns of Iron – When you cast Ironfur, you also deal Physical damage equal to 30% of your armor, split among enemies within 12 yards.
  • New Talent: Raze – Strike with the might of Ursoc, dealing Physical damage to all enemies in front of you. Deals reduced damage beyond 5 targets.
  • New Talent: Moonless Night – When you cast a single-target ability on an enemy afflicted by Moonfire, you cause them to burn for an additional 10% Arcane damage.
  • New Talent: Lunar Beam – Summons a beam of lunar light at your location, dealing Arcane damage and healing you over 8.5 seconds. Pathing restructured.
  • Earthwarden, Tooth and Claw, Reinforced Fur, and After the Wildfire/Guardian of Elune now have connections into the final gate section.
  • Pulverize, Blood Frenzy, and Twin Moonfire have found slightly different homes.
  • Vicious Cycle, Fury of Nature, and Scintillating Moonlight have changed icons.