Patch 10.2.5 Development Notes – Revival Catalyst Charges, Class Animations

November 29, 2023

The next Development Notes for the upcoming Patch 10.2.5 have been released. Blizzard announces that the Revival Catalyst will receive one charge per Week in Patch 10.2.5.

Hello everyone! Here are the changes that you can find in this week’s Seeds of Renewal PTR update:


  • The night elves are hard at work constructing their new home, Bel’ameth, but like all great things that take time to perfect, it’s currently a work in progress.


  • All remaining class talents that were previously Shadowlands Covenant Abilities have had their spell visuals updated to match their class visual kit.
    • Developers’ note: Based on your feedback for wanting the option to keep the Shadowlands spell visuals, we’ll be adding a way to revert these talents back to their Shadowlands visuals in a future update.
    • Source of Magic now lasts 1 hour (was 30 minutes).


    • Renascent Dream charges are now granted weekly (was every other week).


  • The skull icons on the instance difficulty banner (near the minimap) have been updated with new art.

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