Patch 10.2 DPS Rankings Week 8 – Heroic & Mythic Amirdrassil

January 7, 2024

The current Season is now running into its 8th week, and over this time several Class Tunings have been implemented. We are taking a look into the current week’s DPS Rankings for Dragonflight Season 3.

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Heroic - All Bosses DPS Overview

Mythic - All Bosses Overview

The list of Mythic Bosses include damage, as well as current Healing across all Bosses in Amirdrassil, the Dreams Hope.

Mythic Igira – Single Target Overview

Igira is a Single Target Encounter which requires Players to build their Talents with focus on pure Single Target. This Boss does require a fair amount of movement and coordination, which might benefit ranged players more then melee’s. 

Mythic Gnarlroot – MultiTarget Overview

Gnarlroot is a frequent Multi-Target Encounter which allows Players to utilize their best AoE Talents in order to defeat this Encounter. It only requires a certain amount of movement, and has almost no changes in comparison to it’s Normal difficulty.

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