Player Reaches WoW Token Limit after Purchasing 6 Years of Gametime

July 11, 2023

It was assumed that there is currently no limit on how many WoW Tokens you can buy with your Gold. A Players has now reached an unthinkable limit after purchasing 72 Tokens and transforming them into Game Time.

Player cannot purchase more WoW Token

User Cheatcho has reported on Tuesday morning about his recent purchase of over 72 WoW Tokens with his Gold. After spending more then 28 Million Gold, considering the current prices on EU Server, he was hit by an Error: “You can’t buy any more of those at this point.”

Error: “You have too many of that item already.”

There are some limits to the WoW Tokens you can buy and hold. If you have multiple WoW accounts in the same account, please note the following limits apply to your account:

  • You can only have one type of WoW Token at a time. If you have a WoW Token purchased with gold you must use it before you can buy a WoW Token for real money.
  • You can have a maximum of 20 WoW Tokens purchased for real money at a time. If you have 20, you must put one for sale on the Auction House before you can buy another one.
  • You can buy a maximum of 20 WoW Tokens every 7 days. The 7 days is calculated on a rolling basis, depending on the purchase date of the tokens.

You may also receive this error if you recently tried to buy a WoW Token and your payment failed. Please wait 24 hours and try again.

The current Blizzard Terms of Service are stating multiple rules about the amount of WoW Tokens that can be bought with real money, and how many can be hold at the same time in a player’s inventory. 

There used to be a restriction about “36 WoW Tokens within 24 Months purchased with Gold” many years ago, but this has been lifted. 

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