Public Work Orders No Longer Require To Provide Materials In Patch 10.0.7

February 24, 2023

The latest PTR Build has added a new function to the Crafting Order System. Customers do no longer need to provide materials for public orders. Read more..

On the current Live Servers, players have to provide all materials for a Public Crafting Order. With Patch 10.0.7, players can choose to only provide Soulbound items like Spark of Ingenuity or Primal Chaos, and dont need to provide optional reagents like Awakened Fire.

    • Public Orders no longer require the customer to provide non-soulbound reagents.
    • A button has been added next to the customer or crafter’s name to whisper or ignore them.
    • The layout for reagents has been rearranged.
    • Optional Reagent labels (e.g. “Add Embellishment”) have been moved into a tooltip.
    • Search now shows the range of possible item levels for each item.