Rumors: Dragonflight Patch 10.0.5 Release Date – 25th of January 2023

January 2, 2023

The latest Patch 10.0.5 for World of Warcraft's 9th Expansion is already on the Public Test Realms. But when is it actually releasing? Read more..

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Dragonflight Patch 10.0.5 is already on the Public Test Servers, and all Players are awaiting the upcoming Patch for the latest Expansion. With new features like the Trading Post, Blizzard is going to implement many changes, including changes to Talent Trees and Grey Items as Transmog. There are still many open questions about when this Patch is releasing, and we have a guess – Patch 10.0.5 releases on the 25th of January 2023. Let’s explore why we think so.

Blizzard Roadmap and Season 2

Blizzard stunned players across the globe with their Roadmap for upcoming content in Dragonflight. This gives us many things to be excited for in the new year 2023, but also a slight idea about when to expect certain content. 

  • Winter 2022-2023: Patch 10.0.5
  • Spring – Summer: Patch 10.1

The meteorological Winter is from December until the end of March of each year. During this time, we are having to expect Patch 10.0.5 to be released. 

Also, Season 2 is coming somewhen during Spring and Summer 2023. Blizzard removed 2 Affixes from their current Mythic Keystone Dungeon rotation, which leaves players with 10 different Affix rotations, one each per week.

Usually, a full Season lasts the whole Affix rotation twice! This means, the Dragonflight Season 1 would be only lasting 20 Weeks, instead of the previous 24 Weeks during Shadowlands. This would mark the Release of Patch 10.1 to May 2023. If Patch 10.0.5 marks one-third of the first Season of Dragonflight (due to the Release of Patch 10.0.7 aswell), this would lead to believe a release of this next patch to 6 Weeks after the Start of Season 1 – the 25th of January 2023.




Creation Catalyst

Still struggeling to get your Tier Set from the newest Raid – Vault of the Incarnates? Dont worry, because Blizzard added the Creation Catalyst back into Dragonflight. This feature was first introduced during Shadowlands, and allowed players to turn one existing Item into a Tier Set piece with the same Itemlevel. 

Blizzard already announced that the Creation Catalyst is releasing 6 Weeks after the Start of Season 1 – on the 25th of January 2023. 

Why does this matter? Convenience. Releasing the Creation Catalyst during the same time as the upcoming Patch 10.0.5 would safe development time, with Patches and new Features most likely requiring Hotfixes after implementation. This is another reason to believe Patch 10.0.5 to be released on the 25th of January.




Legion Timewalking Is Coming Back, but..

While many players are currently trying to participate in the new Mythic Keystone Dungeons, we already forgot about a feature that was introduced during Shadowlands aswell – Legion Timewalking Mythic Keystones.

Checking the in-game Calendar, we can see that Legion Timewalking is starting on the 25th of January 2023 for Europe (24th for North America). Convenience is here also another reason to believe that Patch 10.0.5 is releasing during this time.

What about Court of Stars?

The following Dungeons are in the current Legion Timewalking Rotation:

  • Black Rook Hold
  • Court of Stars
  • Darkheart Thicket
  • Eye of Azshara
  • Neltharion’s Lair
  • Vault of the Wardens

How is Blizzard going to deal with Court of Stars being included into the Legion Timewalking Rotation? It does not make sense to make it a Timewalking Dungeon, because it is already implemented as a Dungeon during the current Season 1 of Dragonflight. 

They might cut it off the list, or replace it with a different dungeon. Due to convenience reasons, implemented a new Dungeon (or just removing it), we also believe the 25th of January to be a possible release date.




Hints on the Public Test Realm

Even more obvious reasons to believe Patch 10.0.5 to release on the 25th of January is the new feature – the Trading Post.

The Trading Post allows players to earn Currency to exchange for Mounts and other Cosmetics. This is similar to a “Season Pass”, which includes monthly changing rewards.

On the current Public Test Realm, these rewards are currently listed for the month of February, with 30 days remaining to be completed. We are aware that the month of February does not have 30 days, but it still gives us reason to believe that we can expect Patch 10.0.5 to be released this month.




Trading Post Activities

To earn more currency to exchange for Cosmetics in the Trading Post, players can complete activities listed in their Adventure Journal.

There are many Activities listed, referencing the upcoming “Love is in the Air” Holiday, which only lasts 2 Weeks in February.

  • Love is in the Air: Have a Romantic Picnic in the Ohn’ahran Plains
    Description: Between 2/7 – 2/21 use a romantic picnic basket in the Ohn’ahran Plains.
    Reward: 150
  • Love is in the Air: Kill Apothecary Hummel
    Description: Between 2/7 – 2/21 kill Apothecary Hummel in Shadowfang Keep.
    Reward: 150
  • Love is in the Air: Use Peddlefeet’s Hearthstone in the Dragon Isles
    Description: Between 2/7 – 2/21 use Peddlefeet’s Hearthstone in the Dragon Isles.
    Reward: 150
  • Love is in the Air: Complete Bonbon Blitz
    Description: Between 2/7 – 2/21 complete the quest, Bonbon Blitz.
    Reward: 150
  • Love is in the Air: Present a Lovely Charm Bracelet
    Description: Between 2/7 – 2/21 present a lovely charm bracelet to one of your faction leaders.
    Reward: 150
  • Hatching of the Hippogryphs: Get a Hatchling to Perch on You
    Description: From 2/23 – 2/24 get a Frayfeather Hatchling to perch on your shoulder.
    Reward: 150
  • Hatching of the Hippogryphs: Obtain and use a Spectral Feather
    Description: From 2/23 – 2/24 obtain and use a Spectral Feather.
    Reward: 150
  • Darkmoon Faire: Set Out a Big Berry Pie
    Description: Between 2/5 – 2/11 set out a Big Berry Pie at the Darkmoon Faire Island.
    Reward: 50




Duration of Public Test Realms from previous Expansions

Last but not least we shall not forget about the regular Testing Phase of upcoming Patches. 

A regular testing period for upcoming releases are between 6-8 Weeks after launch on the Public Test Servers. Patch 10.0.5 has been available for testing since the 16th of December 2022. If we consider patches like 9.0.5 or 9.1.5 during Shadowlands, we can expect the smaller x.5 Patches to be released after 6 Weeks of testing, while larger content updates like x.1 or x.2 Patches last 8 Weeks on the Public Test Realms.

This leads again to believe that the Patch 10.0.5 is going to be released on the 25th of January 2023.



This concludes our Speculation about the Release Date of Patch 10.0.5. Keep in mind that the Patch has not been yet officially confirmed to be released on that date.