Soulshapes in Dragonflight - New Toy lets you transform into your Soulshape

Collecting Soulshapes has been a side activity for many Players during Shadowlands. But many others were wondering if collecting these is going to have any purpose for the future. The latest Dragonflight Beta build added a new Toy, allowing them to transform into their Soulshapes at any time!

Night Fae players can visit the Heart of the Forest and talk to Lady Muunn. She will offer the quest Shapes from Beyond the Veil, which awards the toy.

This toy allows you to transform into your chosen Soulshape. You can change your current Soulshape at any time by going back to the Heart of the Forest and talking to Lady Muunn, or Choofa if you wish for a Crittershape. 

This Toy is purely cosmetic, means you will not have increased movement speed or the ability to Flicker

Players who never went Night Fae, or never changed their Soulshape form, the toy still works and transforms you into the default Night Fae Soulshape of a Vulpin.

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