Tier Set Gain Overview for Dragonflight Season 1

December 21, 2022

Players are currently trying to get their new Tier Set from the Vault of the Incarnates! Credits to the Community for putting these Charts together!

The Creation Catalyst is assumed to be released at the end of January, so players are currently hunting their Tier Sets in the Vault of the Incarnates and in their Great Vaults! This Chart shows an Overview for all Damage Dealers and their current Tier Set Gain!

This Charts will be updated frequently.

*Updated: 14-01-2023*

Class2pc gain ST2p+4pc gain ST2pc gain AOE2p+4pc gain AOE
Balance Druid2%14%2,5%15%
Feral Druid2,3%9,1%2,3%11,8%
Shadow Priest3%7,7%3,93%8,37%
BM Hunter6%10,5%7,9%13%
MM Hunter3,6%5,5%2,3%4%
Survival Hunter6,9%16,6%1,9%5,1%
WW Monk5,7%8,3%5,13%8,39%
Havoc DH4,32%10,16%2,18%7,37%
Fire Mage4,9%8,6%5,7%8,7%
Frost Mage3,7%9,7%5,2%13%
Arcane Mage6,2%10,1%1,6%6,1%
Affliction Wlock3,5%6%5%12,9%
Demo Wlock4,6%5,9%4%5,8%
Destro Wlock2,8%5%3,5%5,3%
Assa Rogue4,10%8,21%1,64%8,43%
Sub Rogue3,49%7,32%2,54%6,85%
Outlaw Rogue5,08%7,15%5,01%7,33%
Arms Warrior5,1%10,8%3,6%11,5%
Fury Warrior1,3%3,5%1,8%5,6%
Enh Shaman4,7%9,1%3,2%7,2%
Ele Shaman6,2%9,1%5,4%8,9%
Deva Evoker4%7,9%4%7,9%
UH DK3,9%11,1%2,1%8,1%
Frost DK5,9%9,3%1,4%3,2%
Ret Paladin3,6%6,8%4,1%7,4%