Turbulent Timeways Reward – Shady Shalewing Datamined

August 8, 2023

A new Mount has been discovered on the Dragonflight Patch 10.1.7 PTR, which might be a reward for participating in the Turbulent Timeways Event.

Turbulent Timeways Event

The Turbulent Timeways Event is a six-week Timewalking Event, rotating all previous Expansions through the regular Timewalking Event, but rewarding players higher reward. Instead of the usual Cache of Vault Treasures which rewards an item from Normal Vault of the Incarnates, players in the next six weeks will be rewarded a Heroic Cache of Vault Treasures, granting them an Item with 428 Itemlevel or higher!

Our friends on Wowhead have now discovered a new Mount on the Patch 10.1.7 Public Test Realms.

“In this week’s PTR build, a new mount has been added to the Turbulent Timeways event! This mount requires you to obtain a buff by participating in the Turbulent Timeways event for 5 consecutive weeks.”

NEW Sandy Shalewing
Description: The patterns on the wings of that creature resemble sand flowing through an hourglass. One could gaze upon them for ages…
Source: Achievement: Master of Troubled Timeways
Category: Timewalking
Model id: 112248

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