Upcoming Holy Paladin Nerfs on Weekly Reset – Large Damage and Healing Reduction

July 17, 2023

Not only Mages will see themself nerfed on the upcoming weekly reset. Blizzard has just announced changes to Holy Paladins, which also received a rework with Patch 10.1.5 – Fractures In Time!

Added to OP:

Holy Paladin is overperforming in all content in Fractures of Time. We are targeting a global decrease of healing and damage as we are not looking to change preferred playstyles, but Tyr’s Deliverance will also be receiving additional adjustments as this talent in particular has been more effective than we would like.

Holy Paladins’ mana pools have been more plentiful than we would like in PvP. We’re targeting their base Mana regeneration to encourage player engagement with the variety of mana talents available.



  • All healing decreased by 8%.
  • All damage decreased by 12%.
  • Tyr’s Deliverance healing decreased by 15%.
  • PvP
    • Holy Paladins now regenerate 60% less Mana in PvP combat (was 25%).

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