Update: Dragonflight Beta DPS Ranking Week 5

After our recent DPS Ranking Overview, Blizzard has nerfed many classes, including Retribution Paladin, Balance Druid and Outlaw Rogues in order to bring them more in line with other classes. Read more about the recent Class tunings here.

Those class tunigs were done after our last internal damage rankings, just before the Raid Test started last week. 

We took again multiple Warcraf Logs, and summarized the DPS Rankings that we found for the Mythic Raidtest for Terros.

As always, here is the Disclaimer!
  • Testing was done on Mythic Terros with the additional Tier Set Gear purchasable
  • Terros is a most-likely Single Target Bossfight, with just slight AoE in Mythic.
  • We are no professionals – Your experience may vary from our data
  • ‘Evaluating Logs are no Simulations’
  • Builds were tested, and can still vary

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