World of Warcraft 11.0 – Hints for Next Expansion, Voidlands

January 17, 2023

In the recent years, Blizzard used to implement small hints, leading up to the events of the upcoming World of Warcraft Expansion. There has been some conversation between NPC's spotted, which might make you think about the next Expansion. Read more..

Dragonflight has been released for 2 Months now, and Players scattered out and found rather unrelevant NPC’s which might pack quiet a few informations about the future of World of Warcraft.

There have now been two NPC’s discovered, talking about rather cryptical things about the Light and the Void. But before we start looking into these, let’s take a look into the map of the Elements in World of Warcraft!


This map was shown in regards to the Lore of Shadowlands, listing all the powers of the Warcraft Universe. Many things shown on this map have been known to players to a bit longer. 

Reality chained to Emerald Dream and Shadowlands, surrounded by the Elements even currently used in many crafting recipes – Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Decay and Spirit. 

But the upper and lower end of this map has rather been a mystery until now – the Holy Light and the Shadow Void. 



In previous Expansions, we had some little hints leading up to the next Expansion. In Legion, we had Kul Tiran Soldiers comabting with Zandalari’s in Aszuna. 



Two NPC’s spotted in Valdrakken talking about Light and Void

There has been now two NPC’s spotted in Valdrakken, that rather seem unrelevant. They are located in the far east, in a hut which currently has no valuable reason for players to enter. They will sit there for a while without saying anything for a long time, until they finally start talking about something quiet interesting.


Melinor and Ramaniel are both <Timewalkers> which might be a hint that they are already ahead of their time, hinting towards the upcoming World of Warcraft Expansion. Melinor is a Lightforged Draenei, while Ramaniel is a Voidelf, the two opposite Elements on the previously shown map.

They both have the following conversation:

  • Ramaniel says: Surely you can see the similarities, Melinor. The void shows us a winding road of infinite possibilities – just like the various timelines we are charged to observe.
  • Melinor says: Your affinity warps your understanding, Ramaniel. The flow of time is akin to the Light itself. It is a central, singular truth that must be preserved against all threats.
  • Ramaniel says: So quick to presume the void’s influence. Have you never wondered where exactly your Light might lead you? Are you certain you will like what lies at journey’s end?
  • Melinor says: I suppose only time will tell.