Diablo IV Server Slam – Known Issues

May 13, 2023

The Diablo IV Server Slam is available for all users beginning May 12 12PM PDT and ends on May 14 12pm PDT. The below are known issues with the build that players should be aware of. These issues will be addressed for launch.

All Platform Known Issues

• Player progression can be blocked in the Lost Archives Dungeon if the player attempts to interact with the mechanical boxes prior to killing both Demonic Vanguard enemies. Players should make sure to kill the Demonic Vanguard enemies first in the dungeon prior to interacting with the boxes.

• Animus Carriers that die to dungeon traps do not drop animus which will result in certain dungeons being blocked from progression. Affected dungeons include Hallowed Osuary, Dead Man’s Dredge and Anicas Claim.

• Players that change Speech Locale in the initial prologue of the game must wait for the entire package to finish downloading before they can proceed.

• While using a controller, the Sorcerer’s basic ability cannot destroy destructibles. This will only affect the player until they level up and earn their first ability.

• Ravens ability on the Druid will cause passive ravens to stop spawning if the player town portals back to town.

• Poison Creeper ability on the Druid will no longer attack after town portaling back to town.

• The damage portion of the Druid’s ‘Perfect Storm’ key stone passive does not function properly.

• Rabies ability on the Druid does not consistently trigger against larger enemies.

• Druid and Necromancer can at times look brighter than intended on the inventory screen while daylight in-game.

NVIDIA DLSS options may not be available on the initial start of Server Slam for this weekend. A new client patch will be available early Friday afternoon Pacific Time to add this feature.

We expect no service disruptions to users when this patch rolls out and users can grab this update the next time they restart their client once it becomes available.