HOTFIX 5 – November 20, 2023 – 1.2.2

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where the Mother’s Blessing event was only granting 25% instead of 35% bonus experience and gold. This now grants the correct amounts.

Developer’s Note: The tooltip in-game will continue to say 25% instead of 35%, but we can confirm that the correct amount of bonus experience and gold (35%) is now being granted after this hotfix.

1.2.2 Hotfix Logs
HOTFIX 4 – November 17, 2023 – 1.2.2

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where living steel chests could be looted multiple times.
Fixed an issue where players were not receiving the title for completing the Season Journey.

HOTFIX 3 – November 13, 2023 – 1.2.2

Game Updates

The acquisition rate of Living Steel has been adjusted

Living Steel Chest in World Tier 3: Increased from 1 to 2.

There is an additional chance for 1-2 extra Living Steels to drop.

Living Steel Chest in World Tier 4: Increased from 3 to 5.

There is an additional chance for 5 extra Living Steels to drop.

All other Helltide chests will additionally grant 1 Living Steel in World Tier 4.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where Living Steel Chests could not properly spawn.

Developer’s Note: Part of this fix was to remove Living Steel Chest Guardian monsters. This improves the functionality of the chest for the time being, however we would like to bring the guardian back once we can ensure the interaction does not cause this issue.

Fixed an issue where some players could be prevented from logging in to the game with an error code stating the Season is over.
Fixed various issues where players could not properly complete Season Journey Objectives.

HOTFIX 2 – November 10, 2023 – 1.2.2


Adjusted Blood Wells so players can obtain Potent Blood that may fall within them. This is a temporary fix until we adjust this further in a future client patch.

HOTFIX 1 – November 8, 2023 – 1.2.2


Fixed an issue that allowed players to duplicate items.

Fixed an issue with Vampiric Powers that caused the player to dismount from their Mount upon using a power.


Made various performance and stability improvements.

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