Diablo IV Patch 1.1.1 Will Grant Free Stash Tab for All Players

July 21, 2023

One of the largest feedback that players have given to Blizzard is the restriction of their Stash Tab space. Blizzard has acknowledged this issue during their latest Camp Fire Chat Livestream, and promises a free Stash Tab for all Players in Patch 1.1.1.

Diablo IV Campfire Chat - Season of the Malignant

In case you have missed the Campfire Chat Livestream with Diablo IV leads, you can rewatch the Stream here. Blizzard has announced some changes coming with Patch 1.1.1

  • Today, we will release a Hotfix that introduces changes to Nightmare Dungeons: these are changes that map to some of the balance changes made in 1.1.0.  

  • We will be implementing Nightmare Dungeons tuning changes to pair with class changes that came with 1.1.0. 

  • Barbarians and Sorcerers – with Sorcerer first – will be getting adjustments to Legendary Aspects in Patch 1.1.1.  

  • Monster density will be substantially increased in Nightmare Dungeons, as well as in Helltide. 

  • We will add an additional stash tab as well as Elixir Stack Size increases. 

  • We will reduce the Gold respec costs by 40%. 

  • We want the leveling journey from 50-100 to be faster and are looking at increasing XP bonuses for playing on higher World Tiers. 

  • And more! We will go into more detail on these changes during our livestream next week. 

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