Malignant Heart Types Revealed – Diablo IV Season 1

July 14, 2023

Blizzard has revealed on Twitter all Malignant Heart types that are coming with the first Season for Diablo IV. Those Hearts can be socketed into your equipment, offering different Powers which are now explained.

Four different Malignant Heart Types

Malignant Hearts will act as additional powers that players can socket into their jewelry in order to enhance their abilities. While the image that Blizzard provided shows four different colored Hearts, there will only be three different colored Infested sockets. This is because the super powerful and rare Wrathful Hearts will fit into any colored socket. Similar to Nightmare Sigils, unwanted Malignant Hearts can be salvaged into a base material that can be used to craft more desirable Hearts. While the developers have said that there will be 32 total Malignant Hearts, only three have been revealed so far.

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