New Diablo 4 Gameplay Trailer – The World of Sanctuary

February 22, 2023

Blizzard has posted a new Trailer for Diablo IV - The World of Sanctuary. Read more..

Blizzard released a new Trailer for Diablo IV. Senior Quest Designer Harrison Pink, Game Director Joe Shely, Senior Dungeon Designer Dini McMurry and Art Director John Mueller present the World of Sanctuary for the next chapter in the Diablo Franchise.

Hail, Wanderer.

At the heart of every Diablo IV developer is a Diablo fan. Over the course of our new Inside the Game video series, we’ll sit down with our resident Diablo IV experts—members of the development team—to walk you through elements of the game.

Our first video in this series is The World of Sanctuary—an ode to the rich world that you will soon traverse and reclaim from Lilith’s grasp.

Now, join senior quest designer II Harrison Pink, game director Joe Shely, senior dungeon designer Dini McMurry, and art director John Mueller as they expound upon these aspects of Diablo IV in the below developer video: art direction, environment, monsters, gameplay innovations, and world building.

Enjoyed this video and are hungry for more? Stay tuned! Additional Inside the Game videos will be published in this same format once we’re ready to share more details with you. Each video in this series will also be available to view on our official Diablo YouTube channel.

If you have not already pre-purchased a copy of Diablo IV for your platform of choice and want to get Early Access to the Open Beta, visit here. For additional Open Beta details, see our Your Guide to the Diablo IV Open Beta blog.

Hail Lilith, Blessed Mother!
-The Diablo IV Team