Trading Temporarily Disabled Due To Exploit – Diablo IV

August 15, 2023

An Exploit has been found in Diablo IV which caused all Trading between Players to be temporarily disabled. This Exploit caused items and gold to be duplicated.

We’ve suspended player trading in Diablo IV until further notice due to a gold and item duplication exploit. We are working on a fix to amend this issue and will update you once we’ve reinstated the ability to trade. Once that is done, we will continue to monitor this activity to ensure a healthy playing experience for all. As always, any account that engages in gold and item duplication exploits will be actioned in accordance with our End User License Agreement.

We thank you for reporting this exploit to us and your patience.

Blizzard has also clarified that players that found this exploit by accident are not being punished. It is not clear yet how many players have intentionally exploited this, and if there is going to be any penalty.

A point of clarification: players who accidentally traded with a player found using the exploit won’t be actioned against.

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