Divination Card Stories – A Dusty Memory

February 14, 2023

Continuing with our series of Divination Card Stories from supporters, we wanted to share ixtermanator’s story about their Divination Card, “A Dusty Memory”. Check it out!

I started playing Path of Exile at the start of 2014 amidst the Nemesis and Domination leagues. At the time I was in high school and would often look at free to play games on Steam. Eventually I found Path of Exile which has become a constant enjoyment in my life. Through good times and bad, through awesome leagues and less amazing leagues, I could always come back to Path of Exile as something to escape with. While playing I heard that some players had been able to help design their own uniques, and even a mob. I thought that was such a cool thing, especially for a game I loved and spent so much time with. Thankfully I was able to acquire the ability to design a Divination Card before they became unavailable. However I sat on my design for a couple of years because I wanted to make something meaningful to both myself and hopefully to the awesome Path of Exile community as well.

Another constant positive force in my life was my family dog, Dusty. He was a small, excited and loveable dog. Everyday when I would get home after another rough long day of school he would be there to cheer me right up, or sit in my lap and cuddle while watching entertainment. No matter what was happening Dusty was always there for me. He helped me through many difficult times in my life. Unfortunately in 2020 Dusty passed due to some medical issues he had his whole life complicating further. This was, and in some ways still is, very hard on me losing my best friend. Thankfully part of what helped me get through that was Path of Exile as something to find enjoyment in during that difficult time.

Once in a while I would try and think of an idea for what kind of Divination Card I wanted to make. However I never really found an idea that I enjoyed until I thought of this card in a different way. I tried to think of what kind of thing in Path of Exile was my favorite to find. Interestingly I came to realize fractured items were among my favorite things to find pretty quickly, because as a solo self found player every time I found a fractured item it meant I could have an awesome new base to craft on with a constant mod. Fractured items have helped me progress through several of my SSF characters. Sometimes fractured items can even drop with an insane mod locked in, but the highest tier mods are usually harder to get fractured naturally as their item level can be an issue. The rest of the card fell into place very nicely. I knew that I would like to involve my beloved dog, Dusty, as part of the card in some way. The fact that no other Divination Cards rewarded fractured items was just icing on the cake. Since fractured items were connected to the Synthesis league, which I thought was a fun league, the choice of this card being themed around memory became very apparent and flavorful. It amazed me at how much the pieces fit together to form “A Dusty Memory”, it just felt right in every aspect.

Dusty holds a special place in my heart and I hope that my Divination Card “A Dusty Memory” can give players some awesome consistency, with fractured items, to their characters.