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Divination Card Stories Roundup Part 1

July 9, 2023

Our Divination Card Stories series showcases the tales behind our player-designed divination cards. In today’s news post we’ve gathered the first four entries into the series together. Check them out!

If you’ve designed a Divination Card that has been released and would like to share the story about the meaning of your card, please feel free to send us a message here!

The Price of Loyalty
An early entry into the Divination Card Stories series was Sirgog’s The Price of Loyalty. Wanting something with high power but high variance, Sirgog came up with the idea when another player in global chat linked a two-implicit Tabula with two +2 gems mods and he snarkily replied “shame to waste those corrupts, they would be amazing on Skin of the Loyal”.

The Tumbleweed
The Tumbleweed was designed as a gift for two friends of nasaboy007, celebrating their first wedding anniversary. The story describes a bachelor being saved from an apartment nicknamed “The Wasteland”, where a tumbleweed was the central attraction.

The Skeleton and The Bones
As a long time ARPG enjoyer, SinnerSteven’s favourite character archetype was summoners, specifically necromancer. The idea for The Skeleton was simply that a card that gave a high quality summon skeleton skill gem would be fitting for such a high quality skill. SinnerSteven’s second card, The Bones, is a continuation of the first. The art and flavour text were designed to capture the feeling of using Vaal Summon Skeletons for the first time and being surrounded by an army of skeletons.

The Sigil
After running a modded Neverwinter Nights 2 server set in the Planescape setting, Cryptc wanted to create a Divination Card inspired by the same theme. References to the Planescape Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting can be found in the title, art, and flavour text of Cryptc’s Divination Card.