DPS Rankings For Dragonflight Season 1 – Vault of the Incarnates Week 1

December 17, 2022

The Vault of the Incarnates World First Race is still happening, while Limit currently leads the Race with 5 of 8 Bosses. Today, we are going to take a look into the current DPS Rankings for Vault of the Incarnates Heroic.

Heroic All Bosses

Many things have changed since our last DPS Rankings from the Raid Test on November 5th on the Dragonflight Beta. Assassination Rogues and Marksmanship Hunter have been buffed a lot recently, and are currently dominating the Logs.

Fire Mage and Frost Mage are currently not performing well in average in comparison to other classes, which was unlikely in regards to the Raid Tests on the Dragonflight Beta.

Heroic Terros - Single Target

Terros is the only Single Target Encounter in the Vault of the Incarnates, but still requires a lot of movement.

This clearly favors melee players a lot more then casters, but Marksmanship Hunters are still performing as the strongest ranged specialization, despite their stationary gameplay.

Frost Death Knights are also currently dominating their Unholy counterpart, but Unholy is going to see a significant buff on the upcoming weekly reset.

Heroic Primal Council - Consistent 4-Target Cleave

Instead of a regular “Hectic Add Cleave” which consists of a Single Target Encounter with frequent add spawns, this Boss is a consistent 4-Target Cleave fight, which finally brings out the strong AoE specializations.

Balance Druid is performing very well in that situation, with their unique Starfall and Wild Mushroom abilities.

Even Feral Druids are seen very high in average on this boss. While they have been a pure Single Target spec during Shadowlands, they now perform very strong in multi-target situations.

Overall DPS Rankings

Assassination Rogue1
Outlaw Rogue2
Windwalker Monk3
Marksmanship Hunter4
Subtlety Rogue5
Enhancement Shaman6
Fury Warrior7
Arcane Mage8
Havoc Demon Hunter9
Retribution Paladin10
Elemental Shaman11
Frost Death Knight12
Demonology Warlock13
Affliction Warlock14
Balance Druid15
Feral Druid16
Devastation Evoker17
Arms Warrior18
Unholy Death Knight19
Beast Mastery Hunter20
Destruction Warlock21
Shadow Priest22
Survival Hunter23
Frost Mage24
Fire Mage25