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5 Fun Ways To Make This Thanksgiving In Tamriel Special

November 20, 2023

Show thanks to each other and spread the holiday spirit across Tamriel with these unique Elder Scrolls Online activities.

Showing thanks to friends, family, and loved ones doesn’t need to be reserved for the Thanksgiving table. You and your fellow adventurers can enjoy Thanksgiving right here in Tamriel via these fun activities.


The Update 40 base-game patch included the launch of ESO’s activity with a dedicated option for teams of two, the Endless Archive. This activity is available free to all players and scales in difficulty as you play, making it a great way to spend time with friends and loved ones. It can also be played solo if you’re minding the house while the family is out on holiday.

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Whether you’re introducing your loved ones to ESO or they’ve already joined you on many adventures, you’ll find that the Endless Archive is the perfect way to spend time together, have some fun, and collect new loot.


No turkey being sold by the chef in Daggerfall or Davon’s Watch? No worries! Try bantam guar and level up your Provisioning skill line. Sharing a communal meal is one of the core experiences of Thanksgiving, and you can bring that concept into Tamriel by crafting food to buff your buddies.

You can find recipes for food by doing Provisioning daily writs, searching Guild Traders, and purchasing them from Chef and Brewer vendors—to name just a few sources. A simple Fishy Stick or Baked Potato can help a new player on their leveling journey, while veterans with Champion rank might prefer fancier fare like a hearty Capon Tomato-Beet Casserole if you have the know-how. Regardless of what you share, it’s the thought that counts.


Why not prepare a Thanksgiving feast?

Once they’ve eaten their fill, you could even use the new Group Finder to find appreciative strangers and maybe make some new friends!


It may be frosty at the peaks of the mountains of Wrothgar or in the far reaches of Skyrim, but that’s no reason to spend all your time in the winter cold. Travel to your in-game house and fire up the winter nights with flaming furnishings.

You can discover recipes for a wide variety of lights, torches, and fires throughout Tamriel in containers and on Guild Traders. You can even purchase some lights from Achievement Vendors, so use whatever methods suit you to brighten up the winter nights. Something as simple as a set of Common Candles can work wonders—just don’t mistake them for the Dark Brotherhood’s Candles of Silence when trying to settle on ambience! This, of course, leads directly into our next activity …


Nothing’s cozier than a well-decorated and furnished house. So why not share your fabulous abode with your friends and guildmates by inviting them over to check out your decorations?


Keep it cozy!

You can theme them around Thanksgiving with the right furnishing items, or simply rely on year-round staples like plush rugs, cushioned couches, and a roaring fire.


The #ESOFam is always growing as new players venture to Tamriel to begin their adventures. If you encounter newer players, be kind and welcoming as they get underway. While expressing gratitude can be a year-round practice, focusing on it during a time of thanks is especially appropriate. As a part of the ESO community, you may wish to share your appreciation for the fresh voices that expand the player base, while new players in turn may feel grateful for the help and guidance they receive from veteran players.


Grow your guild this Thanksgiving

With all this in mind, consider adding new players to your in-game Friends List or inviting them to one of your guilds where they can continue to find help, advice, and a cordial community. You can use Guild Finder to bring in new players as well—include a welcoming message in your guild’s advertisement!

Do you have some fun Thanksgiving plans in ESO already, or a great recipe for roast bantam guar? You can share them with us via X (Formerly Twitter)Instagram, and Facebook.

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