Drive Back The Adversary With Items From The New All-Maker Crown Crates

November 29, 2023

Pay homage to the deity of the ancient Skaal faith with the items and collectibles found in the new All-Maker Crown Crates.

The people of the Skaal bow their head in reverence to the All-Maker. For through the All-Maker all are One. Will you join them in their distant land, to stand against the Adversary? Don their stalhrim armors, take up their rune-carved blades. Uphold the Wind and the Earth and the Sun as you seek harmony without and within. The great river of life flows, traveler. Will you flow with it back to the arms of the All-Maker?


The new All-Maker Crown Crates arrive in the Crown Store this Thursday, November 30 at 10AM EST. Opening these crates might grant you a sign of the All-Maker’s favor in the form of new and returning items and collectibles.

These goods include unique mounts, pets, furnishings, and much more. You can see just some of the items available within All-Maker Crown Crates below.


Clear Ice Boulder furnishing & Frostfall Recall customized action


Windcaller Garb costume and Orphan of the Stars skin

Those who are fortunate enough to truly catch the All-Maker’s eye might find one of the below extremely rare Radiant Apex mounts.


Solstheim Shiver Wolf and Star-Orphan Elk mounts


Blessed Highmane Lion mount

All-Maker Crown Crates will be available in one-, four-, and 15-crate bundles in addition to a unique 25-crate offering that is available as a one-time purchase only. In addition to the crates, this special bundle also includes the Solstheimstone Incarnate polymorph.


Enjoy a bundle of All-Maker Crown Crates alongside the Solstheimstone Incarnate Polymorph

This polymorph will be unlocked automatically and added to your collectibles when the one-off bundle is first purchased. It is not part of the All-Maker crates themselves.

Of course, the above are just some of the gifts the All-Maker can bestow upon his children. If you wish to see the full list of items you have a chance to receive when opening an All-Maker Crown Crate, check out this thread on our official forums.

Be warned, when the new crates go live, the currently available Buoyant Armiger Crown Crates will be removed from the Crown Store in turn, so don’t forget to pick them up while they’re still available!

All-Maker Crown Crates arrive this Thursday, November 30 at 10AM EST, and can be acquired from the Crown Crate section of the in-game Crown Store. Do you hope to prove yourself to the All-Maker and oppose the Adversary? Let us know about your wintry devotions via X (Formerly Twitter)Instagram, and Facebook

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