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Endless Archive & Update 40 Now Live on All Plattforms

November 16, 2023

Discover the Update 40 base-game patch, featuring the unending battle of the Endless Archive and more, now live on all platforms!

The Elder Scrolls Online: Endless Archive and Update 40 are now live on PC/Mac, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

This base-game patch introduces an all-new PvE activity for Tamriel’s adventurers and a host of new features and quality-of-life improvements—completely free for all ESO players! This update also fully localizes the game for Japanese players on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. This includes localization for the base game, all previous DLCs and Chapters, The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom, and this most recent patch.  

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In the Endless Archive, you can discover an unending challenge as you battle your way through the shifting libraries and twisting pathways of one of Hermaeus Mora’s most mysterious strongholds.

A malignant force is causing chaos within the once solemn archive, and its custodian, Master Malkhest, needs brave explorers to investigate and fight back against the corruption.


Battle through the Archive

Unending Challenge

In this all-new PvE activity, you can team up with a trusted ally or go it solo as you contend with randomly generated stages filled with waves of monsters and perilous boss encounters.

The further you progress into this eternal arena, the more dangerous and numerous your foes become. Fall to the Archive’s dangers three times, and your run ends, plus you have to start over. But don’t let that phase you, as there’s always another expedition into the Endless Archive waiting, and the greater the dangers, the greater the rewards are in turn!


Survive twisted maligraphies

Helping you survive these encounters are two types of boons you can choose along the way: Verses (temporary buffs that last until the end of the next Stage), and Visions (more permanent buffs that last your entire run). The Verses and Visions you choose can have a major impact on your run, so choose wisely!

Infinite Rewards

As you continue your expedition into the Endless Archive, you can discover and unlock a host of specials rewards, including unique collectibles, item sets, and more—all granted by the Prince of Knowledge himself!

These rewards include class set items, the first of their kind, which provide powerful boons to select Class Skill Lines.


Empower class skills with new item sets

However, that’s not all. As you complete expeditions, you also earn a new currency called Archival Fortunes. With Archival Fortunes, you can purchase all manner of helpful items from the vendors within the Endless Archive’s central hub. This includes one-time use buffs, individual item set items, fragments of collectibles, and even permanent account unlocks that provide boons for future runs!


Endless Archive collectible rewards

Finally, the Endless Archive also features a host of unique in-game collectibles that you can’t earn anywhere else in Tamriel or Oblivion, including the Maligraphic Mount, Maligraphic Skeever pet, a unique Tales of Tribute deck, and much more. Check out our preview for more information on the Endless Archive’s rewards.


The Endless Archive is a free base-game addition to The Elder Scrolls Online and is part of the Update 40 patch. There is no additional purchase necessary, although ESO Plus members will enjoy a bonus to Archival Fortune gains during their expeditions.

You can access the Endless Archive via two methods:

  • If you own the Necrom Chapter, you can find the entrance to the Endless Archive northeast of Cipher’s Midden in Apocrypha.
  • If you don’t own the Chapter, select the Endless Archive icon on your map of Apocrypha to teleport directly there.

Prepare for adventure

Brave adventurers may wish to dive right in to the archive’s myriad mazelike passages, but you may wish to review these developer tips before you begin your expedition. Preparation is key—good luck!


In addition to the new PvE activity, Update 40 also includes a host of new features and quality-of-life improvements that all of Tamriel’s adventurers can enjoy.

Japanese Console Text Localization


Update 40 is fully localized for Japanese players on both Xbox and PlayStation consoles. These new translations have been added for both past and all future releases, including the base game, previous DLCs and Chapters, and the most-recent Necrom Chapter. To enable Japanese localization for your console, download the Update 40 patch and check your console’s language settings. 


Group Finder

The new Group Finder tool makes it easier than ever to find likeminded players to join you for practically any in-game activity, including typical group challenges such as Trials or Dungeon runs, but also more social activities such as zone explorations, roleplay sessions, or fashion contests!


Group Finder UI

There are a host of categories you can choose from when finding a group, but the Custom category allows you to create or find fellow players for any unique activity you can dream up!

In addition, the Group Finder allows you to set up requirements for your groups, including roles, CP levels, voice chat, and many more.

Grand Master Crafting Stations

Update 40 also introduces a new type of end-game furnishing for Tamriel’s master crafters: Grand Master Crafting Stations. These special items allow you to consolidate your home’s (likely many) attuned crafting stations into one, severely reducing the amount of housing slots your crafting stations take up AND freeing up space in general. The more attuned crafting stations you “feed” to your Grand Master station, the more visually distinct that specific furnishing will appear as it evolves over time.


Grand Master Crafting Stations

You can acquire Grand Master Crafting Stations using Writ Vouchers from the Achievement Mediator, Faustina Curio, with a unique furnishing available for each of Blacksmithing, Jewelry Crafting, Clothing, and Woodworking.

You can dive deeper into both the Group Finder and Grand Master Crafting Stations in this preview blog.

Jewelry Crafting Rebalance

This patch also establishes a broad rebalancing of Jewelry Crafting to help align its costs with the game’s other crafting disciplines. This includes the removal of Jewelry Crafting grains and conversion into platings in addition to increasing the total boosters needed to upgrade your jewelry. As a result, upgrading rings and amulets is now easier and cheaper than ever before.

Quest XP & Gold Standardization

Finally, Update 40 also standardizes the Experience Point and Gold rewards for many of the game’s quests, including those associated with zones, main storylines, prologues, dailies, guild storylines, and more. This will result in more consistent rewards for the game’s various quests based on their complexity or length.

Of course, these are just some of the changes implemented with the base-game patch. Be sure to visit our Patch Notes forum to review everything coming with this massive update.


In the Update 40 base-game patch, you can discover an all-new challenge for you and your fiercest allies as you delve ever-deeper into the dynamic galleries of a corrupted library. How far will your expedition into the Endless Archive get? The only limits are your preparation and skills! Tell us if you’ll be venturing into the free Endless Archive PvE activity via X (formerly Twitter)Instagram, or Facebook—good luck!

The Update 40 base-game patch and Endless Archive are now live on PC/Mac, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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