Ride This New Mount Toward Great Savings With The 2023 Black Fredas Bundle

November 24, 2023

Grab the 2023 Black Fredas bundle and get your hands on both great savings and the reins of a new mount!

A special Black Fredas bundle is now available for purchase from the in-game Crown Store, providing you with an opportunity to save big while acquiring a brand-new mount! This bundle contains a host of items for a fraction of what they would cost individually—a mere 1,900 Crowns for 8,100 Crowns of value.

Check out the full list of the bundle’s contents here:

  • Black Fredas Senche-Lizard mount
  • 10 Crown Experience Scrolls
  • 10 Crown Lessons: Riding Speed
  • 10 Crown Lessons: Riding Capacity
  • 10 Crown Fortifying Meals
  • 10 Crown Soul Gems
  • 50 Crown Tri-Restoration Potions


You’ll find so much to enjoy in this great Crown Store bundle. Not only does it come with a unique mount, but it also has an array of useful consumables that can speed you along in your adventures in Tamriel.

This special offer is now available in the in-game Crown store and will remain until November 30 at 10AM EST. Be sure to take advantage of this fantastic deal!

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