Frost Death Knight Dragonflight Class Guide

General Information

Welcome to our Frost Death Knight Guide for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. We will help you to learn and master Frost Death Knight in either Raids or Mythic Keystone Dungeons.

Last Update: 16-03-2023

Easy Mode

Basics of Frost Death Knight

Either dual-wielding, or using a 2-handed sword to increase your Obliterate damage, Frost Death Knights uses Frost Damage to punish their foes. Controlling the strength of your Breath of Sindragosa will be your biggest difficulty, but also yields a great reward.

Stat Choice for Frost Death Knight

General Stat Priority for Frost Death Knight with our Build is:

  1. Strength
  2. Critical Strike = Mastery
  3. Haste
  4. Versatility

Basic Rotation

Read the Rotation and Cooldowns section for more in-depth information.

Table of Contents

Builds and Talents

General Talent Tree

Most Notable Talents

Abomination Limb, Empower Rune Weapon and Soul Reaper are our last row Talents. These have the biggest impact in playstyle.

Other Damage Talents

Cleaving Strikes, Brittle, Unholy Ground grant you significant damage increase. Merciless Strikes and Might of Thassarian increase your Stats.

Crowd Control & Utility

Chains of Ice, Mind Freeze, Asphyxiate, Blinding Sleet and all allocated Talents are boosting your Crowd Control, including Slows, Stuns and Interrupts. Wraith Walk grants you more Mobility.

Defensive Talents

Anti-Magic Shell, Anti-Magic Zone, Death Pact and Icebound Fortitude, including all allocated Talents are granting the Death Knight more Survivability.

Specialization Talent Tree

Single Target Talents
  • Pillar of Frost is a 1-minute cooldown which increases your Strength.
  • Rage of the Frozen Champion increases the chance for Obliterate to trigger Rime.
  • Frigid Executioner increases Obliterate damage and grants a chance to refund 2 Runes.
  • Might of the Frozen Wastes increases your Obliterate damage whenever you wear a two-handed weapon.
  • Obliteration grants your Frost Strike and Howling blast a 30% to refund a Rune during Pillar of Frost.
  • Horn of Winter is a 45-seconds cooldown which grants 2 Runes and 25 Runic Power.
Multi Target Talents
  • Frostscythe is a new Rune spending ability which deals damage against multiple targets.
  • Chill Streak deals Frost damage and jumps over 9 times to different targets.
  • Breath of Sindragosa spends Runic Power every second, and deals damage in a frontal cone.
  • Frostwyrm’s Fury calls a frostwyrm which flies over your enemies, deals damage and slows them.
  • Glacial Advance summons a glacial spike which deals damage to all targets and applies your 

Mythic+ Talents For Frost Death Knight



Rotation and Cooldowns

Basic Rotation for Frost Death Knight in Single Target

Basic Rotation for Frost Death Knight in Multi Target

Stat Priority

Stat Choice for Frost Death Knight

General Stat Priority for Frost Death Knight with our Build is:

  1. Strength
  2. Critical Strike = Mastery
  3. Haste
  4. Versatility

Strength is your primary stat, meaning that Itemlevel is superior in most cases. Higher Itemlevel will also increase your Stamina and Armor that you gain.

Critical Strike increases the chance for your abilities and spells to deal double damage.

Haste reduces your global cooldown, your time to cast spells, and reduces the cooldown of many abilities.

Versatility grants you a flat damage and healing increase, but also a damage decrease for half of its value.

Mastery increases the damage of your Frost abilities by a certain amount.

The further we are getting into the expansion, the effects of diminishing returns start to limit your effective gain of your secondary stats. After reaching 30% (by rating) of any given stat, you will start to receive a penalty that reduces the gain from more of the same stat over this treshold.

Stat priority can differ on every character. Make sure to simulate yourself on Raidbots get the perfect results for you.

Gear and Trinkets

Best In Slot Gear for Frost Death Knight

This List shows the current Best-In-Slot Gear for Dragonflight Season 1. Many Items can be potentially substituted with any Profession Gear, especially early on into the Season.

Additionally, there is the option for Profession Gear to be crafted with additional Buffs/Perks, which can benefit your character in certain situations.

Best Trinkets for Frost Death Knight

This List shows the current Top 30 Trinkets of Frost Death Knight in a Single Target Situation.

This list might not reflect the perfect choice for your specific situation.

Trinkets can differ at any boss or in different dungeons.

To see a full overview of Trinkets – Please visit Bloodmallet


Gems, Enchants and Consumables