Arms Warrior Dragonflight Class Guide

General Information

Welcome to our Arms Warrior Guide for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. We will help you to learn and master Arms Warrior in either Raids or Mythic Keystone Dungeons.

Last Update: 16-03-2023

Easy Mode

Basics of Arms Warrior

Arms Warriors are strong damage dealers, utilizing unique abilities like Bladestorm to defeat their enemies. They are very versatile, offering strong Single Target damage, high burst damage in AoE and the potentially best Execute in the game.

Stat Choice for Arms Warrior

General Stat Priority for Arms Warrior with our Build is:

  1. Strength
  2. Critical Strike
  3. Haste
  4. Mastery
  5. Versatility

Basic Rotation

Please read our Rotation and Cooldown section for further information. 

Table of Contents

Builds and Talents

General Talent Tree

Most Notable Talents

The bottom row talents offer the most iconic abilities, usually recognized by certain Warrior specs. Avatar, Thunderous Roar, Shockwave and Spear of Bastion can now be skilled by all Warriors, and these will have the most significant impact in your rotation and playstyle.

Other Damage Talents

Sidearm, Barbaric Training and Seismic Reverberation are located on the right side. These will increase the damage of your AoE abilities, and even further if they hit atleast 3 targets. Crushing Force and Frothing Berserker are located on the left side, and will grant certain abilities even more passive damage gain. War Machine in the top row will grant your auto attacks generate more Rage, while Weapon Specialization in the middle bottom will increase your damage using the correct weapon of your spec. Thunderclap is a new ability in your Talent Tree, which also can now spread Rend whenever using the Blood and Thunder Talent.

Crowd Control & Utility

Storm Bolt, Intimidating Shout and Piercing Howl are your Crowd Control abilities. Heroic Leap, Intervene and double charges on your Charge are your mobility Talents. Rallying Cry is your group utility, a strong cooldown whic increases the health of all party members.

Defensive Talents

Many talents are increasing your Armor or your Stamina. Impending Victory grants you an ability that makes you heal yourself.

Specialization Talent Tree

Single Target Talents

For Raid bosses and single target situations, Arms Warriors do no longer utilize Bladestorm in their rotation. Our talent tree focuses a lot on single target abilities, and relies heavy on our Execute.

Juggernaut will cause Arms Warriors to really ramp up on their overall damage as soon the enemy’s health is reduced to 35% or lower. 

Test of Might can grant us a very strong gain in Strength, whenever we spend more Rage during the effect of Colossus Smash. With Blunt Instruments, we even increase the duration of Colossus Smash by 3 seconds, giving us even more time to increase our damage.

Fatality is the new talent in the bottom left of the talent tree, which will grant us a chance to apply its debuff on the enemy whenever we use Mortal Strike while they are above 30% health. Below 30%, our next Execute deals additional damage per application, granting us a fatal last blow to our enemies.

Multi Target Talents

For our Mythic+ runs, we are picking up the unique talent, Bladestorm. With Merciless Bonegrinder, our previous Conduit during Shadowlands, we are able to deal heavy burst AoE damage with Bladestorm and Whirlwind afterwards.

Dreadnaught is the iconic Azerite Power from Battle for Azeroth, granting our Overpower to deal additional AoE damage whenever we use it. 

Colossus Smash will be replaced with Warbreaker, granting its effect to multiple enemies at the same time. Juggernaut is very versatile, even in Mythic Keystone Dungeons. This talent can help us finishing bosses very quick, and even longer living trash mobs.

On the right side of the talent tree, we pick up Sweeping Strikes and Cleave, granting us even more abilities that can be used in multi-target situations. Storm of Swords makes our Whirlwind to cost more Rage and deal way more damage, but it now has a 14 seconds cooldown. 

Mythic+ Talents For Arms Warrior



Rotation and Cooldowns

Basic Rotation for Arms Warrior in Single Target

Basic Rotation for Arms Warrior in Multi Target

Stat Priority

Stat Choice for Arms Warrior

General Stat Priority for Arms Warrior with our Build is:

  1. Strength
  2. Critical Strike
  3. Haste
  4. Mastery
  5. Versatility

Strength is your primary stat, meaning that Itemlevel is superior in most cases. Higher Itemlevel will also increase your Stamina and Armor that you gain.

Critical Strike increases the chance for your abilities and spells to deal double damage. Critical Strike also increases the amount of Rage you gain, and grants you a higher benefit due to some talents increasing your critical strike damage.

Haste reduces your global cooldown, your time to cast spells, and reduces the cooldown of many abilities.

Versatility grants you a flat damage increase, but also a damage decrease for half of its value.

Mastery increases the damage done by your Deep Wounds, a bleeding which is applied by using most of your abilities.

The further we are getting into the expansion, the effects of diminishing returns start to limit your effective gain of your secondary stats. After reaching 30% (by rating) of any given stat, you will start to receive a penalty that reduces the gain from more of the same stat over this treshold.

Stat priority can differ on every character. Make sure to simulate yourself on Raidbots get the perfect results for you.

Gear and Trinkets

Best In Slot Gear for Arms Warrior

This List shows the current Best-In-Slot Gear for Dragonflight Season 1. Many Items can be potentially substituted with any Profession Gear, especially early on into the Season.

Additionally, there is the option for Profession Gear to be crafted with additional Buffs/Perks, which can benefit your character in certain situations.

Best Trinkets for Arms Warrior

This List shows the current Top 30 Trinkets, based on simulations for damage in a Single Target Situation.

This list might not reflect the perfect choice for your specific situation.

Trinkets can differ at any boss or in different dungeons.

To see a full overview of Trinkets – Please visit Bloodmallet


Gems, Enchants and Consumables