Dragonflight Alchemy Overview

“Mix potions, elixirs, flasks, oils and other alchemical substances into vials using herbs and other reagents. Your concoctions can restore health and mana, enhance attributes, or provide any number of other useful (or not-so-useful) effects. High level alchemists can also transmute essences and metals into other essences and metals. Alchemists can specialize as a Master of Potions, Master of Elixirs, or a Master of Transmutation.”

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Dragonflight Crafting System Overview

Quality and Expected Quality

Every newly crafted equipment will have 5 different qualities. Crafted Reagents and consumable items will have 3 different qualities. Higher quality equipment will have higher ilvl, while higher quality consumables will give you more stat or last longer.

If you hover the little icons near the bar, then you can see what kind of items you can get at higher quality.



Optional Reagents

Optional Reagents are used to set your desired secondary stats, craft higher ilvl items, and they can also add a couple of unique bonuses.

Finishing Reagents can be used to get extra Inspiration, Skill, Multicraft, or Resourcefulness when you craft an item.

For example, you can add Illustrious Insight to add +30 Skill. This can be really useful if you only miss a few skill points to craft an item at higher ilvl.


Profession Equipment

Profession Tools and Accessories will give you bonuses to profession Skill, Multicraft, Inspiration, Crafting Speed, Finesse, Deftness, Perception, and Resourcefulness.



Dragon Isles Profession Knowledge

Dragon Isles Profession Knowledge points are the “talent points” that you can put into your profession specialization to learn a new skill, stats, and bonuses.

You get one Dragon Isle Profession Knowledge point when you craft any item or gather a herb/ore/leather for the first time. But after that, every source seems to be something with a weekly reset, so pretty much all profession Knowledge gains will be time-gated.

This is something that I couldn’t test properly in the beta since some of the sources were bugged, not resetting with weekly reset, etc. It’s still not clear to me how many you can actually get each week, but if they don’t change anything, it will be VERY slow to gain Knowledge Points. It would take months to max out even a single specialization.



Crafting Orders

Crafting Orders are a new way to request another player to craft something for you for almost any Dragon Isles crafting recipe. The interface basically looks like the Auction House, it’s very easy to use.

  • All reagents must be provided by the one who posted the Crafting Order.
  • Completing a crafting order as a crafter will cost you nothing, and you can gain skill points in your professions. (if the recipes would normally give you skill points)
  • You will also be able to customize the order by including various Optional Reagents depending on the recipe, dictating exactly what you want to be crafted. For example, many equipment recipes will allow you to specify secondary stats.
  • There are Public and Personal Crafting Orders. Public ones can be completed by anyone, but Personal orders can only be completed by the person you send them to.


Item Recrafting

Every crafting profession can recraft an already-crafted item. This is very useful once you gain higher profession skill because you don’t have to craft your items again, you can recraft them at a higher ilvl for a fraction of the cost.

  • Recrafting items don’t reroll secondary stats unless you use optimal reagents.
  • You can add optional reagents that increase ilvl.
  • Non-crafters can use recrafting via the usage of the Crafting Order system, but this feature currently only works for Personal Crafting Orders and not Public Orders. You will have to find a guild mate or friends or look for someone on the trade chat.

Dragonflight Alchemy Recipes

Alchemy Essentials

Recipe Reagents
Advanced Phial Experimentation

5xArtisan’s Mettle
2xDragon’s Alchemical Solution
1xOmnium Draconis

Advanced Potion Experimentation 5xArtisan’s Mettle
2xDragon’s Alchemical Solution
1xOmnium Draconis
Basic Phial Experimentation 5xArtisan’s Mettle
2xDragon’s Alchemical Solution
1xOmnium Draconis
Basic Potion Experimentation

5xArtisan’s Mettle
2xDragon’s Alchemical Solution
1xOmnium Draconis

Reclaim Concoctions /
Recraft Equipment /



Recipe Reagents
Primal Convergent
Omnium Draconis


Air Potions

Recipe Reagents
Residual Neural Channeling Agent
Bottled Putrescence
Potion of Gusts
Potion of Shocking Disclosure
Potion of the Hushed Zephyr
Aerated Mana Potion 1xRousing Air
5xDraconic Vial


Frost Potions

Recipe Reagents
Delicate Suspension of Spores
Potion of Chilled Clarity
Potion of Frozen Focus
Potion of Withering Vitality
Potion of Frozen Fatality
Refreshing Healing Potion 1xRousing Frost
5xDraconic Vial



Recipe Reagents
Potion Cauldron of Ultimate Power
Potion Cauldren of Power 10xElemental Potion of Power
10xOmnium Draconis
Cauldron of the Pooka


Elemental Phials and Potions

Recipe Reagents
Elemental Potion of Ultimate Power
Elemental Potion of Power
Phial of Elemental Chaos


Air Phials

Recipe Reagents
Phial of Charged Isolation
Phial of Static Empowerment
Phial of Still Air
Phial of the Eye in the Storm
Aerated Phial of Deftness
Charged Phial of Alacrity
Aerated Phial of Quick Hands 4xRousing Air
2xDraconic Vial


Frost Phials

Recipe Reagents
Iced Phial of Corrupting Rage
Phial of Icy Preservation
Phial of Glacial Fury
Crystalline Phial of Perception
Steaming Phial of Finesse
Phial of Tepid Versatility



Recipe Reagents
Transmute: Decay to Elements 1xAwakened Decay
Transmute: Order to Elements 1xAwakened Order
Transmute: Awakened Air 1xAwakened Frost
1xAwakened Fire
Transmute: Awakened Earth 1xAwakened Frost
1xAwakened Fire
Transmute: Awakened Fire 1xAwakened Earth
1xAwakened Air
Transmute: Awakened Frost

1xAwakened Earth
1xAwakened Air


Optional Reagents

Recipe Reagents
Potion Absportion Inhibitor


Finishing Reagents

Recipe Reagents
Illustrious Insight 50xArtisan’s Mettle
Writhefire Oil 1xAwakened Fire
Brood Salt

1xAwakened Frost

Stable Fluidic Draconium 1xAwakened Air
3xDraconium Ore
Agitating Potion Augmentation 5xSaxifrage
6xBubble Poppy
Reactive Phial Embellishment 6xWrithebark
6xBubble Poppy



Recipe Reagents
Sagacious Incense

1xPrimal Convergent

Exultant Incense 6xSaxifrage
Fervid Incense 6xWrithebark
Somniferous Incense

6xBubble Poppy


Alchemist Stones

Recipe Reagents
Alacritous Alchemist Stone
Sustaining Alchemist Stone

Dragonflight Alchemy Specializations