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Dragonflight Season 3 Blood Death Knight Guide

General Information

Welcome to the Season 3 Guide for Blood Death Knight in Patch 10.2 – Guardians of the Dream. We will help you to learn and master Blood Death Knight in either Raids or Mythic Keystone Dungeons.

Table of Contents

Easy Mode

Changes in Season 3
Stat Priority
Best Embellishments

Stat Priority in Patch 10.2

The Stats Priority for Blood Death Knight with our suggested Build is:

  1. Strength
  2. Haste
  3. Critical Strike = Mastery
  4. Versatility


  • Strength is your primary stat, meaning that Itemlevel is superior in most cases. Higher Itemlevel will also increase your Stamina and Armor that you gain.


  • Critical Strike increases the chance for your abilities and spells to deal double damage.


  • Haste reduces your global cooldown, your time to cast spells, and reduces the cooldown of many abilities.


  • Versatility grants you a flat damage and healing increase, but also a damage decrease for half of its value.


  • Mastery increases the heal of Death Strike, and granting additional amount of your heal as absorption shield. Also increases your attack power.


The further we are getting into the expansion, the effects of diminishing returns start to limit your effective gain of your secondary stats. After reaching 30% (by rating) of any given stat, you will start to receive a penalty that reduces the gain from more of the same stat over this treshold.

Stat priority can differ on every character. Make sure to simulate yourself on Raidbots get the perfect results for you.

Builds and Talents

Open this Page in a larger Browser (>1450px) to display the Dragonflight Talents.

Gear and Trinkets for Season 3

Blood Death Knight Best In Slot Gear from the current Raid – Amirdrassil, the Dreams Hope

This list contains the BiS Items for Blood Death Knights obtained through the current Raid – Amirdrassil, The Dreams Hope. Those Items yield the highest natural Itemlevel which grants the most amount of Primary Stats.

Ring 111
Ring 212
Weapon 1
Weapon 2 
Best Embellishments for Blood Death Knights

Besides all other Items that can be obtained through Crafting on the highest Itemlevel, Players can wear two Items with the “Embellishment” tag. These Items grant additional power which should be used. The current most popular Embellishments for Blood Death Knights are:

  • 1
  • 2
  • Elemental Lariat if the players has many Socket Slots on their Items to increase the duration of its effect

Best Primordial Stones for Blood Death Knights from Patch 10.0.7

If a player still chooses to wear the Onyx Annulet, you can equip three Primordial Stones into it. The most popular Primordial Stones are:

Best Trinkets for Blood Death Knights

This List shows the current best Trinkets of Blood Death Knight in a Single Target Situation. This list might not reflect the perfect choice for your specific situation. Trinkets can differ at any boss or in different dungeons. To see a full overview of Trinkets – Please visit Bloodmallet


Gems, Enchants and Consumables

Best Gems in Season 3

Regarding the Stat Priority listed above, we currently suggest using the following Sockets in your Gear. Keep in mind that using Elemental Lariat will always trigger the lower-valued stat of your Gems. If you want to trigger the desired stat, you have use the opposite Gem at least once in your Gear.

  • 1 (Limited to 1)
  • 1
Best Enchants in Season 3

Enchants of Tertiary Stats (Avoidance, Speed and Leech) varies by player preference. 


Best Consumables in Season 3

Rotation and Cooldowns

The Rotation and Playstyle can vary, depending on either Single Target Encounters, or situations with multiple Enemies at the same time.

Click the Tabs to see each individual Rotation for either Single Target combat or Multi-Target

Best Races for Blood Death Knights

Each Race in World of Warcraft offers their unique combat benefits which provide different powers to a specific Class. We would suggest that Players choose the Race of their choice, regardless of the Power gained. Here is a list of the different Races and their performance.