Neltharus Dragonflight Season 2 Mythic+ Guide

‘Beneath the Obsidian Citadel lies Neltharus, home of the black dragonflight’s hoard and the secrets behind their legendary forging. When the djaradin woke from their slumber, they chose Neltharus as the point of entry for their attack. Surprised to find it deserted, they quickly laid claim to its secrets for themselves… as well as the rest of the Obsidian Citadel.‘

Table of Contents

Magmatusk in the Ravaged Rookery

The first Boss in Neltharus you want to encounter is Magmatusk. Travel to the left side from the Entrance to reach him.

Notable Trash Mobs

Qalashi Warden will use a frontal cone   Volcanic Guard towards the Tank, and also use  Blazing Slash, which will deal moderate damage to them.
Tank will also be affected by Qalashi Spinecrusher‘s  Brutal Strike which deals heavy damage and knocks them back.
Interrupt the  Molten Core cast from Qalashi Thaumaturge to avoid spawning Molten Elementals, which will quickly get out of hand and cause tons of damage to your group.
Qalashi Plunderer use  Explosive Concoction, which will spawn an orange swirl on the floor that players need to avoid.


The first Boss in Neltharus is Magmatusk.

‘The djaradin discovered many of Neltharion’s secrets while plundering Neltharus. An experimental potion gone awry created Magmatusk, a behemoth of a mammoth bent on sheer destruction.

Notable Abilities
  • Lava Spray is a frontal cone in the direction of a random player
  • Magma Lob spawns a swirl on the ground that leaves behind a puddle of lava. If the Boss remains in the lava, he will deal 50% additional damage.
  • The Boss charges with Blazing Charge against a wall in the room, spawning waves of lava on impact



Magma Tentacle

Every time Magmatusk reaches 100 Energy, he will grow another Magma Tentacle, empowering all of his other abilities per tentacle on him.


Blazing Charge

Magmatusk will face a random player, then uses Blazing Charge to charge in that direction.

The boss will charge until he crashes into a wall, causing multiple Lava Waves to spawn from the location of impact.

More Lava Waves will spawn, depending on the amount of Magma Tentacles active.


Lava Spray

Magmatusk turns in the direction of a random player, casting Lava Spray in that players direction.

This is a 3.5 seconds cast which creates a frontal cone in the direction of the targeted player.



Magma Lob

Magma Lob spawns a swirl on the floor, which deals damage to players struck in the location of impact.

This will also leave a Voidzone on the floor after impact.



Magma Eruption

Frequently, Magmatusk will apply the Magma Eruption debuff on all players, dealing periodic damage for 5 seconds per application.

This debuff will apply more stacks, depending on the amount of Magma Tentacles.

Chargath, Bane of Scales in the Smoldering Barracks

The second Boss in Neltharus is Chargath, Bane of Scales. He is located in the right wing of the Dungeon.

Notable Trash Mobs

Interrupt  Ember Reach from Tamed Phoenix, otherwise it will deal damage to a random party member. 
Qalashi Hunter cast  Binding Spear, which places a swirl on the ground. If you stand in it when the projectile lands, you will be stunned and need your spear killed to be released.
 Magma Fist from Qalashi Trainee is a frontal cone in the direction of a random player. Classes with soothe can dispel Fired Up, a 50% haste increase.
Overseer Lahar has three mechanics:  Burning Roar which can be interrupted.  Imbued Magma, which deals heavy amounts of tank damage and leaves a DoT that must be dispelled by your healer.  Eruptive Crush, which slams the ground on your tank and explodes into swirls on the floor that must be dodged.

Chargath, Bane of Scales

The second Boss in Neltharus is Chargath, Bane of Scales.

‘This veteran dragon hunter’s title was given eons ago as a mark of legend. While the Qalashi hunters under his command train, he plans their next offensive and awaits with eager anticipation the opportunity to display his expertise.

Notable Abilities
  • Grounding Spear will be applied to 3 players, causing them to be snared by chains. Moving all three chains through the Boss will stun him
  • Fiery Focus deals a combination of hits against the tank, which also deals heavy partywide damage. Interrupt this cast with the chains of Grounding Spear



Magma Wave

Magma Wave is a frontal cone in the direction of a random player.




Grounding Spear

Chargath will focus on 3 players, affecting them with Grounding Spear. After two seconds, these players will take medium damage and become snared by a chain. This will also leave a Voidzone on the floor.

This chain will slow players additionally by 40%. When all three chains are moved through Chargath, it will cause the Boss to be stunned for 6 seconds.


Fiery Focus

Chargath uses, almost immediatly after Grounding Spear, Fiery Focus. This is channel cast for 25 seconds, dealing heavy tank damage and additionally party wide damage.

This cast must be interrupted by stunning the Boss with Grounding Spear.



Dragon Strike 

Chargath applies Dragon Strike to a random player in your group, causing them to take periodic damage over 14 seconds.

Forgemaster Gorek in the Chamber of Flames

The third Boss in Neltharus is Forgemaster Gorek. After defeated the previous Boss, you will be able to walk upstairs until you reach the third Boss Gorek.

Notable Trash Mobs

Qalashi Lavabearer use  Throw Lava. This puts a swirl on the floor which leaves a Voidzone on the floor. 
Melt from Lava Flares must be interrupted.
 Mote of Combustion is an interruptable cast from Qalashi Irontorch, which leaves a periodic damage debuff on a random target that explodes after it fades. They also use a frontal cone in the form of  Scorching Breath, which can be sidestepped.
Qalashi Bonesplitter use  Pierce Marrow, which causes them to charge to a random player and deal heavy damage. They also use  Dragonbone Axe to leave a periodic damage debuff on a random player.
Irontorch Commander use  Scorching Fusillade, creating a circle around each player which requires players to spread out. Additionally,  Conflagrant Battery spawn swirls on the floor which must be dodged.
The  Forgestomp cast from Qalashi Blacksmith will interrupt all players spellcast if not interrupted itself. them.

Forgemaster Gorek

The third Boss in Neltharus is Forgemaster Gorek.

‘As one of the djaradin’s most distinguished craftsmen, the Forgemaster Gorek now resides in his sweltering chamber of the black dragon barracks. There, he harnesses the igneous power of the massive forge to construct deadly weaponry.

Notable Abilities
  • Might of the Forge deals heavy partywide damage, and causes several players to spawn swirlies out of the position of these players
  • Forgestorm spawns swirlies randomly across the room which have to be dodged




Forgestorm will cause orange swirlies to spawn on random locations, dealing damage to players struck by it.




Might of the Forge

Forgemaster Gorek jumps back to his Anvil, and strikes it with Blazing Hammer, dealing partywide damage.

Additionally, during his last smash of Blazing Hammer, he will also use Blazing Aegis at 3 random players, causing them to spawn multiple swirlies in different directions from the players position.


Heated Swings

Forgemaster Gorek uses Heated Swings on the Tank, dealing heavy damage to him for three hits.

The third hit will knock the Tank away, and Gorek leaps over their position for a final hit.

Warlord Sargha in the Dragon’s Hoard

The final Boss in Neltharus is Warlord Sargha. After defeating all other Bosses, the gate located in the Entrance opens which players travel to the last Boss of this Dungeon.

Notable Trash Mobs

Apex Blazewing use  Candescent Tempest, which will deal party-wide damage and push them back. 

Warlord Sargha

The final Boss in Neltharus is Warlord Sargha.

‘Leader of the Qalash djaradin, Warlord Sargha has been in search of anything that would increase the power of her clan and help take down their draconic enemies. In the hoard at the heart of Neltharus, she may have found exactly what the djaradin need.

Notable Abilities
  • Magma Shield causes the Boss to pulsate damage until the shield is broken. Use the Items in the Boss area to break it.
  • Burning Ember spawns an add which fixates on a random player, which leaves voidzones below it



Magma Shield

Frequently, Warlord Sargha will shield himself with Magma Shield. While he has Magma Shield, he will radiate for damage every second until the Shield is broken.

Collect the Items across the room which grant an Extra-Action Button, which deals damage to absorption shields.


Burning Ember

Burning Ember causes a Raging Ember to spawn which will fixate on a random player.

This add will drop voidzones below itself while moving.

The Raging Ember add does also have an absorption shield which has to be broken with the Items laying around.


The Dragon’s Kiln

The Dragon’s Kiln is a frontal cone aimed in the direction of a random player.




Molten Gold

Molten Gold is a periodic damage debuff that is randomly applied to a party member, dealing heavy damage.

Neltharus Routes

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We recommend using these Weakauras for Neltharus. *Credits to Jodsderechte*