Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Dragonflight Season 2 Mythic+ Guide

‘Uldaman is an ancient titan facility where, long ago, allies of the heroic Keeper Tyr hid the Discs of Norgannon.

After returning to the Dragon Isles, Queen Alexstrasza learned of another disc locked away within Uldaman… one that holds the memories of Tyr himself. Believing this knowledge is needed to restore the power of the Aspects, Alexstrasza has asked her mortal allies to brave the perils of Uldaman and recover Tyr’s memories to secure the future of dragonkind.‘

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The Lost Dwarves in Dig Two

The first Boss you encounter in Uldaman are the Lost Dwarves. 

Notable Trash Mobs

Stonevault Geomancer will cast Chain Lightning and  Stone Spike which can be interrupted.

Hulking Berserker will use  Reckless Rage whenever he reaches 40% health, affecting all other enemies. This can be soothed.

The Lost Dwarves

The first Boss in Uldaman are The Lost Dwarves.

‘The quest for ancient knowledge, untold riches, and worldwide fame has lured brothers Eric, Olaf, and Baelog into the depths of Uldaman once again. But it seems these brazen explorers may have stayed underground a bit too long, as their scrambled senses are preventing them from recognizing whether someone is friend… or foe.

Notable Abilities
  • During Longboat Raid!, multiple voidzones will spawn which have to be dodged
  • Make sure to focus down one Boss at a time to reduce incoming damage during Longboat Raid!



Longboat Raid!

The Dwarves will hop into their Longboat Raid!, using Searing Cannonfire on every player.

This creates a voidzone below each player which has to be dodged.

This will leave a patch of Burning Pitch on the floor.


Defensive Bulwark

Make sure to interrupt  Defensive Bulwark from Olaf, it provides 75% damage reduction for the remaining Dwarves.


Ricocheting Shield

Olaf uses  Ricocheting Shield, targeting a random player. It will ricochet to up to 5 players within 5 yards



Eric “The Swift” frequently casts  Skullcracker, inflicting physical damage to players within 5 yards.


Wild Cleave

Wild Cleave is a frontal cone used by Baelog in the direction of the Tank, knocking all players away that are hit.


Heavy Arrow

Heavy Arrow is a frontal cone used by Baelog in the direction of the Tank, knocking all players away that are hit.


Dagger Throw

Eric “The Swift” uses  Dagger Throw at a random player, dealing medium damage.

Bromach in the Map Chamber

The second Boss you encounter in Uldaman is Bromach. 

Notable Trash Mobs

Burly Rock-Thrower will remain static while casting Throw Rock on random players.


The second Boss in Uldaman is Bromach.

‘The burly Bromach is chieftain of the Stonevault troggs, a brutal bunch who believe that Uldaman’s treasures belong to them. While Bromach has a particular distaste for meddling dwarves, he’s determined that no outsiders will get past him.

Notable Abilities
  • Call of the Deep will summon additional adds which will engage into the fight
  • Quaking Totem pulsates for damage while it remains, but stuns all enemies in its range whenever its defeated
  • Move out of the ground effect of Thundering Slam



Thundering Slam

Whenever the boss casts  Thundering Slam, make sure to move out of its ground effect quickly.




Call of the Deep

Bromach will cast  Call of the Deep, summoning Stonevault Geomancer and Stonevault Ambusher.




Quaking Totem

Frequently, Bromach will spawn a Quaking Totem which deals party wide damage with Shocking Quake.

Whenever this Totem is killed, it will stun all enemies closeby with Tremor and increase their damage taken by 200%.




Bromach will cast Bloodlust which empowers himself and all other enemies alive. 

This cast cannot be interrupted, but players can soothe them.

Sentinel Talondras in the Hall of the Keepers

The third Boss you encounter in Uldaman is Sentinel Talondras. 

Notable Trash Mobs

Earthen Custodian uses a frontal  Cleave in the direction of the Tank.

Refti Custodian will buff themself with Ancient Power which can be soothed, and uses Jagged Bite on the Tank which leaves a periodic damage debuff.

Sentinel Talondras

The third Boss in Uldaman is Sentinel Talondras.

‘Talondras is one of the refti, a titan-forged race crafted by Keeper Tyr to work in harmony with dragonkind. Fiercely loyal to their maker, the refti were sometimes sent to distant shores to carry out important missions. Sentinel Talondras was charged with defending the route to the disc holding Tyr’s memories and is determined to keep the unworthy from laying claim to her maker’s legacy.

Notable Abilities
  • Resonating Orb applies a debuff to three players which leave a Voidzone on the floor. This voidzone will stun players and the Boss coming into contact with them
  • Crushing Stomp deals heavy party wide damage and knocks players away
  • Titanic Empowerment will enrage the boss for 30 seconds, which can be avoided by stunning the Boss with Resonating Orb



Ancient Dynamo

This passive ability allows the Boss to gain Energy over time. At 100 Energy, he casts Titanic Empowerment which inceases his damage done by 50%.

The Boss will also passively gain two stacks of Inexorable, granting him immunity to stun effects.

Tanks have to move the Boss through 3 Resonating Orbs to stun the Boss.


Resonating Orb

Three party members will be affected by Resonating Orb. After a short while, they will spawn a Voidzone.

This Voidzone will stun any player or the Boss whenever coming into contact with them.

Tanks must make sure to move the Boss through 3 Resonating Orb to stun him before he gains Titanic Empowerment.


Titanic Empowerment

At 100 Energy, Talondras will cast Titanic Empowerment. This increases his damage done by 50% for 30 seconds and makes him immun to stun effects.

This can become deadly very quick in combination with other damaging abilities like Crushing Stomp.


Crushing Stomp

Frequently, Talondras will cast Crushing Stomp, dealing party wide damage and knocking all players away.


Earthen Shards

Earthen Shards is a periodic damage debuff which is frequently applied to the Tank.


The fourth Boss you encounter in Uldaman is Emberon. 

Notable Trash Mobs

Earthen Weaver will cannel Hail of Stone on a random player, dealing heavy damage. This cannot be interrupted but must be stunned.

Runic Protector use Fissuring Slam, leaving a Voidzone on the floor. They also deal party wide damage with Earthquake.

Interrupt or purge Earthen Ward casted by Earthen Warder. Make sure to interrupt or cleanse Curse of Stone.

Cavern Seeker will use Sonic Burst, interrupting all spell cast whenever this goes off.


The fourth Boss in Uldaman is Emberon.

‘Titan vaults are infamous for their intricate defenses, and the halls of Uldaman are no exception. Forged by the skilled hands of Keeper Archaedas long ago, Emberon was imbued with the ability to unleash searing flames upon any who seeks to plunder the titans’ secrets.

Notable Abilities
  • Vault Keepers will shoot an orb which travels towards players and deals damage
  • Make sure to spread out with other players during Unstable Embers 
  • Searing Clap is a frontal cone aimed towards the Tank



Activate Keepers

The Ancient Flame Keepers located around the boss area will shoot an orb of fire in the direction of random players.

Coming into contact with them will deal heavy damage 



Unstable Embers

Emberon will cast  Unstable Embers on all players, creating a large circle around each player.

Make sure to spread out to avoid taking more damage then necessary.



Sacred Barrier

During Sacred Barrier, all Vault Keepers will become attackable, and Emeron himself will shield himself until all Vault Keepers are defeated.

Make sure to not step close to Emberon due to his Heat Engine around himself, and dealing party wide damage with Burning Heat.

Purging Flames are two beams coming from Emberon, rotating around the room. This will deal deadly damage coming into contact.


Searing Clap

Searing Clap is a frontal cone aimed towards the Tank.

Chrono-Lord Deios in the Vault of Tyr

The last Boss in Uldaman is Chrono-Lord Deios. 

Notable Trash Mobs

Infinite Timereaver will apply the Stolen Time debuff every few seconds. This can be dispelled, but will stack continuously to all players. This can become deadly very quick if pulled to many of them together.

Ebonstone Golem will use Thunderous Clap, dealing damage to all players around the area.

Chrono-Lord Deios

The final Boss in Uldaman is Chrono-Lord Deios.

‘While the Dragon Queen seeks to restore the Aspects’ powers, there are others among dragonkind who do not want to see Alexstrasza’s plan succeed. Chrono-Lord Deios intends for his flight to control the timeways and to usher in the coming of the one true Aspect, whose dominion shall be… Infinite.

Notable Abilities
  • Eternity Orb will drop from the ceiling on the floor, leaving a Voidzone
  • Wing Buffet will knock all players away and deals damage
  • Sand Breath is a frontal cone in the direction of the Tank



Rewind Timeflow

Chrono-Lord Deios’ energy will drain overtime, causing him to Rewind Timeflow whenever he reaches 0 energy.

This will deal periodic damage for its duration.

Make sure to remain in the Temporal Zone during this. Remaining in the Temporal Zone will grant players 30% Haste for its duration.

Temporal Zone’s are the Voidzones left by Eternity Orb!


Eternity Orb

Eternity Orb will fall from the ceiling on the floor, leaving Eternity Zone.

Remaining in the Eternity Zone Voidzone will deal damage to players inside of it.



Sand Breath

Sand Breath is a frontal cone in the direction of the Tank


Wing Buffet

Wing Buffet will knock back all players from Chrono-Lord Deios and deal medium physical damage to everyone.


Time Sink

Frequently, a random party member will be affected by Time Sink, taking periodic damage.

Dispelling this debuff will cause a Time Eruption, dealing additional damage to players within 8 yards of the affected player.

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