Algeth’ar Academy Dragonflight Mythic+ Guide

‘Long ago, the great Algeth’arAcademy was a place of higher learning for all dragons. Though it fell dormant with the rest of the Isles, it has reopened and is back under the guidance of Headteacher Doragosa. In a series of exciting, new changes the Academy is currently seeking new students from all walks of life, not just dragons, as well as volunteers to help get it back to the bustling halls of education it once was. Those who walk the Academy grounds are sure to learn something new.

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Dragonflight Season 1 Affix – Thundering

The new Seasonal Affix for Dragonflight Season 1 is Thundering

Throughout the Dungeon, Thundering spawns blue voidzones on the floor that must be avoided by players. Additionally, all players will be affected by a certain buff, that increases their damage and healing done. Three players in your group will be affected by Mark of Lightning, while other two players are affected by Mark of Wind. Tanks will always be affected by Mark of Wind. Coming in contact with the opposite debuff will clear this debuff. If not cleared by walking over a player with the opposite buff will cause the players to be stunned for 8 seconds, taking heavy lightning damage over 8 seconds.

  • Mark of LightningOverloads a player with primal power, increasing their damage and healing by 15% for 15 sec.
    Upon expiration, stuns the player and inflicts 9 Nature damage every 1 sec for 8 sec.
    Coming into contact with a Mark of Wind removes this effect.
  • Mark of WindOverloads a player with primal power, increasing their damage and healing by 15% for 15 sec.
    Upon expiration, stuns the player and inflicts 9 Nature damage every 1 sec for 8 sec.
    Coming into contact with a Mark of Lightning removes this effect.
  • Primal OverloadRaszageth marks players with Mark of Wind or Mark of Lightning, granting them 15% increased damage and healing done for 15 sec. Coming into contact with the opposing mark neutralizes the effect on both players.
    After 15 sec marked players are afflicted with Primal Overload, stunning them and inflicting 9 Nature damage every 1 sec for 8 sec.

The 5 Dragon Aspects and their Buffs

Right at the start of the Dungeon, after using the Air Bridge, you end up in the Quad. This place is habitated by all the different Dragon Aspects, offering you a powerful boon for your upcoming journey through Algeth’ar Academy.

Make sure to pick your buff of your choice before you continue your run.

The Quad and Vexamus

The first Boss you want to encounter in Algeth’ar Academy is Vexamus. To reach him, you have to travel trough the Quad, where you encounter different NPC’s offering you a useful buff.

Notable Trash Mobs

Spellbound Scepters are the first Enemies you will encounter on your way to Vexamus. These enemies pack three Abilities that should be taken care of.

  • Arcane Rain – Spawns multiple little swirlies on the floor that deal moderate damage
  • Monotonous LectureSleeps a random player for 6 seconds
  • Mana VoidCircle around a random player that deals moderate damage to everyone struck by it


Arcane Ravager will use two abilities. 

  • Vicious Ambush – Charges to a player and deals moderate damage to him in a 5-yards radius
  • Rift BreathFrontal Breath that shall be avoided


You will face multiple Spellbound Scepters before Vexamus, and on your way to the second Boss Crawth. 


The first Boss in Algeth’ar Academy is Vexamus.

‘One of the most tenured professors in the academy, Maxdormu uses his powers as a bronze dragon to help bring his history lessons to life.

While this proves to be quiete and educational and fun experience, it can occasionally go awry. Vexamus is one of Professor Maxdormu’s favorite lessons, but if any historical detail is inaccurate he will be quick to throw any rowdy students in detention.’


Notable Abilities
  • Arcane Orbs – Orbs traveling to Vexamus that have to be soaked by Players, otherwise Vexamus gains 20 Energy
  • Arcane Fissure – Upon reaching 100 Energy, Vexamus explodes, and spawns multiple fissures chasing multiple players

Arcane Expulsion

Vexamus will use Arcane Expulsion frequently in the direction of the Tank.

This is a frontal cone, which direction can be determined by the Tank Position.







Mana Bombs

The Boss will also affect two random players regularly with Mana Bombs. Those players will explode after 4 seconds, dealing moderate damage within a 4 yard radius.

This explosion leaves a pool of Corrupted Mana on the floor for 2 minutes. 

We advice players to move to an uncrowded place at the edge to place the Corrupted Mana away from other players.



Arcane Orbs

The main goal of this fight is to delay the amount of Energy the Boss gains. 

Frequently, 5 Arcane Orbs spawn from the edge of the room, slowly traveling towards the Boss.

These Arcane Orbs deal light damage to players soaking these, but apply a debuff Oversurge, that increases damage taken by these by 100%.





Arcane Fissure

The Boss gains Energy on itself, and whenever reaching 100 Energy, the Boss explodes with Arcane Fissure, dealing moderate damage to all players and pushing them away.

Additionally, Fissures of Arcane Energy will spawn below each player, following their position for 4 seconds. Coming in contact with these fissures will deal heavy damage to all players struck within a 4-yards radius.

Repeat all Abilities until the Boss is dead.

The Bird Crawth in The Pitch

After defeating Vexamus, you make your way to the place of all Birds, The Pitch. Using multiple Air Bridges and defeating the Guard xx, you will face the second Boss of the Academy.

Notable Trash Mobs

After Vexamus, you will face a few more Spellbound Scepters and a Arcane Ravager, but after are the next Air Bridge, you will encounter the Guardian Sentry

  • His main Abilities are Expel Intruders, a 30-yards circle around himself, dealing heavy damage and knocking all players away that are struck.
  • He will also spawn Deadly Winds, traveling Tornados that stun players hit and dealing heavy damage.


You also encounter Alpha Eagles and Territorial Eagles on Crawth’s plattform.

  • Call of the Flock grants the Birds a damage buff, which can be interrupted, or soothed if its too late.
  • Gust is a frontal cone that knocks players away if hit.


The second Boss you will encounter in the Academy is Crawth.

‘The Lish Llrath, or Talon Toss, arena is quiete literally for the birds these days. Crawth has taken up residence in the center of the arena and has no immediate plans to move out soon. Let’s see if we can get her to play ball… and leave’


Notable Abilities

Savage Peck

Crawth’s three Main Abilities are Savage Peck, dealing heavy damage on the current Tank, and leaving a bleeding Debuff for 10 seconds on the Tank.


Deafening Screech

Deafening Screech is a circle around every player, dealing moderate damage in a 4-yard radius and interrupting all spell casts.

Players need to make sure to spread out atleast 5-yards apart from every other player to avoid splashing more damage onto each other.





Overpowering Gust

Overpowering Gust is a frontal cone in the direction of a random player, knocking all players away that are hit.


Your Goal in this Fight is to ‘Play Ball‘ with Crawth, collecting Balls on the floor on bringing them into the designated goal. Using an Extra Button will throw the Ball into the Goal.


Goal of the Rushing Winds

If you scored 3 points in the Goal of the Rushing Winds, it triggers Gale Force.

Gale Force pushes all players in a certain direction until cancelled.

There will also be motes that can be picked up. Each mote grants 45% Haste and 50% movement speed for 20 seconds. This affect also provides immunity to being pushed by Gale Force.






Goal of the Searing Blaze

If you scored 3 points in the Goal of the Searing Blaze, the goal will erupt and spawns multiple voidzones on the floor.

Getting hit by these will stun the player for 3 seconds and deal heavy fire damage.

The Firestorm will also stun Crawth and makes her take 75% increased damage for 12 seconds.

As it seems, you have to alternate after choosing a certain goal. It is also possible to score both goals at the same time for the achievement Squad Goals.

Overgrown Ancient and The Botanica

After defeating Crawth, you travel with more Air Bridges to the Botanica, where the Overgrown Ancient resides. You have to clear all the Enemies in order to activate the Boss.

Notable Trash Mobs

Pulling a Vile Lasher activates all surrounding Hungry Lasher. The Vile Lasher will annoy players with Detonation Seeds. These will spawn green voidzones below all players that deal heavy damage if struck.


Way more dangerous are Aggravated Skitterflies patrolling trough the room. 

These will cast Agitation, increasing their damage done by 25%. Over time, these Skitterflies will ramp up in damage, dealing more and more deadly damage with their Darting Sting. This ability makes the Skitteflies charge to their target, and deal heavy damage to their target.

In Combination with the damage buff from Agitation, this can become deadly pretty quick. We advice you to focus the Skitterflies as fast as you can.

Overgrown Ancient

The third Boss that you will encounter quickly after Crawth is the Overgrown Ancient.

‘Professors Mystakria and Ichistrasz have used just a touch too much magic in an effort to clear the botany labs. Now they have a big, leafy problem on their hands in the form of an Overgrown Ancient that threatens to undo all their hard work’


Notable Abilities
  • Germinate – Creates voidzones below all players, following them for 4 seconds. Each voidzone spawns an inactive Hungry Lasher
  • Branch Out – Bigger voidzones that spawns an Ancient Branch that tries to heal the Boss


The Boss will frequently attack the Tank with Barkbreaker, dealing heavy damage to the Tank and applying a debuff that increases his Physical Damage taken by 100% for 6 seconds. Tanks should use their cooldowns during that time, especially if they have to tank all the Hungry Lashers.



The Boss will also cast Germinate. This creates multiple voidzones every second for 4 seconds below every player. Out of these, an inactive Hungry Lasher will spawn. This Hungry Lasher becomes active whenever the Boss reaches 100 Energy and casts Burst Forth. Burst Forth deals moderate damage to all players, and activates all remaining Hungry Lasher. These Hungry Lasher will use Lasher Toxin, applying a stacking debuff that deals light damage per application, but this can become dormant pretty quick if there are too many Hungry Lashers active.

We suggest players to stack with the Tank and move as a group together around the Boss during Germinate, so you are able to cleave the Hungry Lashers pretty quick.




Branch Out

The Boss will also cast Branch Out, creating a larger voidzone on a random players location. This voidzone will spawn an Ancient Branch. 

This add casts Healing Touch on the Boss. 

As long this add is alive, it will cast Splinterbark on all party members – This debuff deals moderate damage over time, stacking. This can and has to be removed by standing in the green circle whenever the Add dies.

This cast has to be interrupted, and the add has to be killed as quick as you can.


Burst Forth

At 100 Energy, the Boss will explode for heavy damage to all party members and activate all remaining Hungry Lasher.

We found out that every second Germinate is shortly triggered before Burst Forth. That means that every second wave of Hungry Lasher‘s become active pretty soon. The closer they are to the Tank, the easier for him to gather all of them before they strike any random party member.

Repeat all Abilities until this Boss is dead, and you are on your way to the final Boss of Algeth’ar Academy.

The Headmaster’s Enclave and Echo of Doragosa

It’s just a short way from the Overgrown Ancient to the last Boss, with just a handful of Trash Packs in your way.

Notable Trash Mobs

There are only three different type of Enemies in your way. 


After fighting your way trough five more trash packs, you will finally face the last Boss of Algeth’ar Academy – Echo of Doragosa.

Echo of Doragosa

Last Boss of Algeth’ar Academy is the Echo of Doragosa.

‘Headteacher Doragosa thought of everything when it came to Algeth’ar Academy. Including a complex simulacrum of herself to take care of any day to day tasks and upkeep while the Isles lay dormant. Now that the Academy is open once again, perhaps she can use it to help keep track of all the new students. It’s done a fine job in the interim, and is absolutely the one spell that did not degrade after all these years. Perfetly stable and helpful. Right?’


Notable Abilities
  • Overwhelming Power – Getting hit by any ability gives a 5% Damage buff. Creates Arcane Rift at 3 stacks
  • Arcane Rift – Caused by players being affected by 3 stacks of Overwhelming Power. Voidzone that shoots out projectiles.
  • Power Vacuum – Draws all players into the center of the Boss. Dealing heavy damage after 3 seconds in a 20-yard radius.

Overwhelming Power

The main mechanic of this Bossfight is dealing with Overwhelming Power. Whenever players are hit by any ability, they gain one application of Overwhelming Power.


Arcane Rift

After reaching 3 Stacks, an Arcane Rift spawns below the player. This will deal light damage to players inside the radius of the Arcane Rift.

The Arcane Rift will also shoot out Uncontrolled Energy, projectiles that traveling to different locations. They deal moderate damage and apply another stack of Overwhelming Power.






Power Vacuum

Frequently, the Boss will pull all players into his center, and cast Power Vacuum. This creates a 20-yards circle around the Boss, that deals heavy damage to players struck after a 3-seconds cast.

This will also apply Overwhelming Power when hit.

The Boss also casts Arcane Missiles on a random player, dealing light damage to players and aswell applying Overwhelming Power to players hit.





Astral Breath

This Dragon is also capable of a frontal breath, Astral Breath. This also deals heavy damage, similar to getting hit by Power Vacuum, and also applies Overwhelming Power.

‘But no worries, this Dragon does not have a Tail Sweep!’







Energy Bomb

Echo of Doragosa will affect a random player with Energy Bomb. This will deal also the same dungeon as Power Vacuum or Astral Breath to all players in an 8-yards radius around the targeted player.

In our Opinion, this Boss did not require us to increase the application of Overwhelming Power on players. We do not (yet) suggest players to maximize their damage output with this Buff.

Routes and Strategy

Algeth’ar Academy MDT Route: