Azure Vault Dragonflight Mythic+ Guide

‘Long ago, Malygos created the Azure Vault as a place for Sindragosa to catalogue and store any curious magical artifacts he found. Locked away and deserted millennia ago, the Vault has since fallen into disrepair, leaving it vulnerable to attacks from without…and within

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Dragonflight Season 1 Affix – Thundering

The new Seasonal Affix for Dragonflight Season 1 is Thundering

Throughout the Dungeon, Thundering spawns blue voidzones on the floor that must be avoided by players. Additionally, all players will be affected by a certain buff, that increases their damage and healing done. Three players in your group will be affected by Mark of Lightning, while other two players are affected by Mark of Wind. Tanks will always be affected by Mark of Wind. Coming in contact with the opposite debuff will clear this debuff. If not cleared by walking over a player with the opposite buff will cause the players to be stunned for 8 seconds, taking heavy lightning damage over 8 seconds.

  • Mark of LightningOverloads a player with primal power, increasing their damage and healing by 15% for 15 sec.
    Upon expiration, stuns the player and inflicts 9 Nature damage every 1 sec for 8 sec.
    Coming into contact with a Mark of Wind removes this effect.
  • Mark of WindOverloads a player with primal power, increasing their damage and healing by 15% for 15 sec.
    Upon expiration, stuns the player and inflicts 9 Nature damage every 1 sec for 8 sec.
    Coming into contact with a Mark of Lightning removes this effect.
  • Primal OverloadRaszageth marks players with Mark of Wind or Mark of Lightning, granting them 15% increased damage and healing done for 15 sec. Coming into contact with the opposing mark neutralizes the effect on both players.
    After 15 sec marked players are afflicted with Primal Overload, stunning them and inflicting 9 Nature damage every 1 sec for 8 sec.

The Arcane Conservatory with Leymor

The first Boss you will encounter in Azure Vault is Leymor. We suggest that you quickly jump downstairs instead of walking from the entrance to reach the first boss room.

Notable Trash Mobs

Make sure to always avoid the patrolling Shrieking Whelp. If they detect you, all the adds turned to stone will start engaging into the fight, dealing heavy group damage and using strong frontal cones to mess with the Tank.

  • Corrupted Lasher will use Mystic Vapors, dealing damage to all players and leaving a debuff on them, dealing heavy periodic damage and stacks. This requires heavy crowd control to make sure to avoid this deadly ability.

  • Arcane Tender will channel Erratic Growth into players, turning them into a sapling with a 5-yard circle around them. Whenever dispelled, other players struck will turn into a Sapling. Make sure to interrupt this spell!

  • They also cause to spawn swirls on the floor with Wild Eruption on random positions. Whenever they land, they turn into Infused Ground, a voidzone that deals damage to players inside of it


The first Boss in Azure Vault is Leymor.

‘Leymor was born of a humble seedling that Malygos found in a pool of ley energy. Once but a small sprout in Sindragosa’s garden, over millenia Leymor has shot up like a weed. Left to its own devices, the looming giant would surely overrun the entirety of the Azure Vault’

Notable Abilities
  • Ley-Line Sprouts are Trees that deal radiating damage in a 5-yards radius, which have to be destroyed by other Abilities.
  • Explosive Brand deals damage to all players, and makes them explode in a 6-yards radius after 6 seconds, destroying Ley-Line Sprouts.
  • Consuming Stomp deals heavy AoE damage to all players. Damage increases by 20% per Ley-Line Sprout alive.

Ley-Line Sprouts

Leymor will frequently spawn multiple voidzones on the floor, out of which Ley-Line Sprouts spawn. Those trees radiate damage in a 5-yards radius around them.

Those Trees have to be destroyed by Explosive Brand and Erupting Fissure, before Leymor uses Consuming Stomp. They cannot be attacked.

Whenever a Ley-Line Sprout is killed, it spawns a Volatile Sapling. Those Adds, when defeated, explode in a very small radius after 2 seconds.



Erupting Fissure

Leymor has a frontal cone, Erupting Fissure, which aims towards the Tank.

As soon Leymor started casting Erupting Fissure, the Tank will no longer be able to control the direction of this frontal cone

This has to destroy as many Ley-Line Sprouts as possible.





Explosive Brand

Whenever Leymor uses Explosive Brand, it deals moderate damage to all players and knocks them away from the Boss.

Players have a 12-yard circle around them, which will destroy all Ley-Line Sprouts hit.

Players have to spread out in order to kill the most Ley-Line Sprout as possible. This is the second and last method to destroy Ley-Line Sprouts.




Consuming Stomp

Consuming Stomp explodes for heavy damage to all party members. This ability deals 20% more damage per Ley-Line Sprout active in the fight.

This Ability can become deadly very quickly if your group hasnt cleared enough Ley-Line Sprouts before.


Infused Strike

Infused Strike strikes the Tank for moderate damage, and leaves a debuff on them, dealing periodic damage over 10 seconds. Tanks must use their defensive cooldowns whenever affected by this.

Crystal Chambers and Azureblade

After defeating Leymor, you fight your way trough multiple stages of the Crystal Chamber. Use the teleports to travel to the next platform to proceed.

Notable Trash Mobs

Players will receive a random buff frequently on their way to the second boss after traveling with the Book of Translocation.

  •  Scornful Haste grants nearby party members 15% Haste, but also grants nearby enemies 30% Haste. Be sure to position well to avoid giving the trash any haste.
  •  Viscous Toads is less valuable than the Haste buff, stunning mobs every 10 seconds.
  •  Sluggish Adoration slows nearby enemies by 25%.
  •  Shrinking Form increases your movement speed by 25%, but increases damage taken by 5%.
  •  Hardening Scales reduces your movement speed by 25%, but reduces damage taken by 5%.



The second Boss you will encounter in the Azure Vault is Azureblade.

‘As security of the Vault, Azureblade refused to leave when it was sealed, choosing duty over safety. When the blue dragons failed to return, her bitter resignation drove her to eventual madness. Extending her own life with the magics she was sworn to protect, Azureblade now claims ownership over all the blue dragonflight left behind.’

Notable Abilities
  • Overwhelming Energy teleports Azureblade to the middle of the room, and spawns Draconic Illusions that have to be defeated.
  • Ancient Orb travels to a random player, and deals heavy damage to all players struck in their path.
  • Summon Draconic Image spawns a copy of the Boss, which has to be interrupted and explodes on death.

Overwhelming Energy

Frequently, Azureblade teleports in the middle of the area and starts channeling Overwhelming Energy. During this, she will radiate light damage to all players every 2 seconds until you defeated all Draconic Illusion.

Additionally, Azureblade will continue to throw Ancient Orb Fragments to players, but during this phase its four instead of just one.





Ancient Orb

Azureblade will throw an Ancient Orb in the direction of a random player, dealing heavy damage to all players struck in their path. This will also knock away all players hit.







Summon Draconic Image

Azureblade will Summon Draconic Image, a copy of himself which has to be defeated quick.

This Add will cast Illusionary Bolt, which must be interrupted. Otherwise, this will deal moderate damage to a random player.

Whenever the Draconic Image dies, it releases Unstable Magic, purple voidzones on the floor which deal damage to all players struck in their 3-yards radius.



Arcane Cleave

This boss will also have a Tank-specific ability: Arcane Cleave. This is a frontal cone that also strikes other players. Tanks have to always aim Azureblade away from its party members.

Telash Greywing in the Infinity Seal

After defeating Azureblade, you fight your way trough to the next Boss Telash Greywing. On your way, you encounter the infamous ‘Demon-Frogs‘. 

Notable Trash Mobs

Your party will be finally encounter the infamous Demon-Frogs, Nullmagic Hornswog.

  • They will jump around frequently with Null Stomp, and dealing heavy damage on impact. The impact location is indicated by a purple voidzone.

  • Draconic Breaker will charge towards a random player with Shoulder slam.

Telash Greywing

The second to last Boss of Azure Vault is Telash Greywing. You will no longer encounter any enemies after this Boss.

‘Furious at the blue dragonflight, Telash Greywing is determined to find the secrets that Sindragosa has been hiding in the Arcane Vault. Together with the Sundered Flame, he is certain he will discover more about the origins of the dracthyr… and incriminating evidence against the blue dragonflight.’

Notable Abilities
  • Absolute Zero makes Telash Greywing become immun to damage and unleash a deadly explosion, if players are not protected by Vault Rune
  • Frost Bomb creates a circle around each player, which Frozen Ground spawns after 5 seconds

Icy Devastator

Telash Greywing will frequently channel Icy Devastator into a random player, dealing moderate damage every second for 3 seconds to the target, and every other player in a 8-yards radius.






Frost Bomb

Telash applies Frost Bomb to each player. After 5 seconds, the Frost Bomb detonates, dealing damage to all players in a 5-yard radius, and leaving Frozen Ground on the floor. Frozen Ground increases in size frequently, and your party has to move away from them mindfully. Save as much space as you can, despite you are also limited to three Vault Runes.





Absolute Zero

Telash Greywing teleports into the middle of the room, becoming immun to attacks due to Glacial Shield and starts casting Absolute Zero. If players are not protected by a Vault Rune, they take heavy damage and are rooted for 10 seconds. 

Your party is limited to only three Vault Runes in the boss area. You cannot use the same Vault Rune as before, and have to use all three if needed. This is the Soft-Enrage timer of this encounter

Umbrelskul in the Crystal Chamber

After defeating Telash Greywing, you will no longer encounter any enemies, but instead will fight immediatly with the final Boss of Azure Vault.


Last Boss of Azure Vault is Umbrelskul.

‘Millenia ago, Umbreskul unwittingly meddled with raw arcane power. Riddled with crystalline growths, he was taken to the Azure Vault until a cure could be found. Sadly, the Vault was sealed away before the research was completed, leaving Umbrelskul sleeping in statis… until now.’

Notable Abilities
  • Oppressive Miasma slows players by 5% per stack everytime they move, up to 10. When removed, the boss gains a damage buff Unbridled Power
  • Brittle spawns Crystals in the room that explode if not defeated 
  • Arcane Eruption spawns traveling Vortex in the room that deals heavy damage coming in contact.

Oppressive Miasma

Everytime a player moves, he gains a stack of Oppressive Miasma, reducing their movement speed by 5% per stack, up to 10 stacks for 10 seconds

Players are never fully slowed, up to a maximum of 50%, and should make sure to not drop this debuff if not needed.



Whenever Umbrelskul reaches 75%, 50% and 25%, he spawns Detonating Crystal and Hardened Crystal. After 15 seconds, they explode and deal heavy periodic damage to all players. Hardened Crystal just has an additional absorb shield.







Arcane Eruption

Arcane Eruption spawns Crackling Vortex close to a random players location, which persist until the end of the encounter. This vortex travels across the room and deals heavy damage to all players inside of it.






Dragon Strike

Dragon Strike is the Tank-specific mechanic on this boss, which deals moderate damage and leaves a debuff which deals periodic damage on the Tank.


Unleashed Destruction

Umbrelskul will frequently use Unleashed Destruction, knocking all players away and dealing moderate damage to all party-members.


Crystalline Roar

Crystalline Roar is a frontal breath aimed towards a random player, dealing heavy damage in a line infront of Umbrelskul.

Routes and Strategy

Azure Vault MDT Route: