Halls of Valor Dragonflight Mythic+ Guide

‘In the clouds high above Stormheim, the titanic keeper Odyn has called the greatest vrykul test themselves and prepare for the great war that is to come. Adventurers must pass through these halls and prove their worth if they hope to stand before Odyn and claim the Aegis of Aggramar.

Table of Contents

Dragonflight Season 1 Affix – Thundering

The new Seasonal Affix for Dragonflight Season 1 is Thundering

Throughout the Dungeon, Thundering spawns blue voidzones on the floor that must be avoided by players. Additionally, all players will be affected by a certain buff, that increases their damage and healing done. Three players in your group will be affected by Mark of Lightning, while other two players are affected by Mark of Wind. Tanks will always be affected by Mark of Wind. Coming in contact with the opposite debuff will clear this debuff. If not cleared by walking over a player with the opposite buff will cause the players to be stunned for 8 seconds, taking heavy lightning damage over 8 seconds.

  • Mark of LightningOverloads a player with primal power, increasing their damage and healing by 15% for 15 sec.
    Upon expiration, stuns the player and inflicts 9 Nature damage every 1 sec for 8 sec.
    Coming into contact with a Mark of Wind removes this effect.
  • Mark of WindOverloads a player with primal power, increasing their damage and healing by 15% for 15 sec.
    Upon expiration, stuns the player and inflicts 9 Nature damage every 1 sec for 8 sec.
    Coming into contact with a Mark of Lightning removes this effect.
  • Primal OverloadRaszageth marks players with Mark of Wind or Mark of Lightning, granting them 15% increased damage and healing done for 15 sec. Coming into contact with the opposing mark neutralizes the effect on both players.
    After 15 sec marked players are afflicted with Primal Overload, stunning them and inflicting 9 Nature damage every 1 sec for 8 sec.

The High Gate and Hymdall

The first Boss you will encounter in Halls of Valor is Hymdall. There are only a few enemies between the entrance and this first Boss.

Notable Trash Mobs

You will encounter just a few enemies before Hymdall. The Valarjar Thundercaller will cast Thunderstrike on a random player, that explodes in a 5-yard radius.

A Storm Drake will stand before Hymdall, which packs a few abilities.

  • Lightning Breath is a frontal breath, aimed at the tank
  • Crackling Storm spawns a small vortex that travels around its spawn location and deals moderate damage to players standing in it


The first Boss in Halls of Valor is Hymdall.

‘Clad in gleaming golden armor, with an imposing frame that looks to have been chiseled from granite, Hymdall remains ever vigilant at the gates of the Halls of Valor. Tasked by Odyn to keep the unworthy from entering the Halls, with deadly storm drakes circling nearby ready to heed the call of his horn, he will never falter in his charge.’


Notable Abilities
  • Horn of Valor commands Storm Drakes to breath Lightning into the room which also spawns multiple Vortex traveling trough the room
  • Dancing Blade spawns a whirling Blade that should be avoided

Bloodletting Sweep

Hymdall packs a generic Ability for tanks – Bloodletting Sweep. This is a frontal cone, aimed towards the tank, and should be avoided by melees.


Dancing Blade

Dancing Blade spawns a whirling blade on a random players location which persists until the end of the fight. Players should avoid standing in these, otherwise they deal moderate damage per second.








Horn of Valor

Whenever the Boss uses Horn of Valor, he will deal light damage to all party members, but also commands his Storm Drakes to start flying trough the room and breath onto players. 

The room will be divided in three parts, indicated by the walls seperating the free space for a dragon to fly trough.

Whenever they fly trough, they will spew Static Field on the floor, dealing heavy damage to players hit. Additionally, this will spawn Ball Lightning, little tornados travelling fast trough the room, dealing heavy damage to players hit. 

Hyrja in the Seat of Ascension

After defeating Hymdall, you can either travel left to Hyrja, or right to Fenryr. We travel to Hyrja first, but this may differ in your run.

Notable Trash Mobs

You will encounter a patrolling Stormforged Sentinel on your way to the Hallway. They will use multiple abilities.

  • Charged Pulse creating a 15-yard circle around them, knocking players away and dealing heavy damage to players hit.
  • Crackle spawns a line of lightning on the floor, dealing moderate damage to players standing in it


Other Enemies are the Valarjar Mystic, healing its allies with Healing Light, which can be interrupted, and casts Rune of Healing to heal its allies standing in it. Tanks have to position them quickly out of that rune, or interrupt that cast.

In the Seat of Ascension, you will face the Valarjar Purifier. He repeatedly casts Cleansing Flames at random players, dealing heavy damage. This must be interrupted.

The Valarjar Aspirant will jump away from the Tank with Valkyra’s Advance, and then cast a frontal breath aimed towards the Tank with Blast of Light.

In front of Hyrja, you will encounter two Mini-Bosses, in order to enable the fight with Hyrja.

  • Olmyr the Enlighted will use Searing Light, dealing moderate damage that needs to be healed.
  • Otherwise, he will cast Sanctify, spawning bolts of holy light traveling away from him. Getting hit by any of these will cause it to explode, dealing heavy damage to all party members. It is strongly adviced to dodge all of them, and melees staying away from him while he channels Sanctify.
  • Solsten will cast Eye of the Storm, dealing heavy damage to all players if they are not hidden underneath the bubble that also spawns during that cast.


Both of these Enemies are using Abilities that Hyrja is also using in her fight.




The second Boss you will encounter in the Halls of Valor is Hyrja.

‘In life Hyrja was a warrior without equal, defending the Valkyra from all threats. Her valor and courage drew the attention of Eyir, a titan watcher. Upon her death and ascension to the Halls of Valor Eyir has awarded Hyrja with her greatest honor, transformation into a Val’kyr.’


Notable Abilities

The Tank will be in the need of moving Hyrja from one side of the room to the other, to trigger Mystic Empowerment: Thunder and Mystic Empowerment: Holy alternatively. Whether she is empowered by either Holy or Thunder, she will use the same Abilities as the Minibosses – Eye of the Storm or Sanctify.


Shield of Light

She will use Shield of Light, a frontal breath aimed to the tank. This can lead to a quick death for any damage dealer while the Boss is moving across the room.







Mystic Empowerment: Thunder

If Hyrja is affected by Mystic Empowerment: Thunder, she will use Arcing Bolt. This deals moderate damage and jumps over to another party member, so players are adviced to spread out.

She will also use Eye of the Storm, which players need to hide in the bubble to avoid taking heavy damage.

Whenever she is affected by Thunder, she loses her damage gain for Holy.





Mystic Empowerment: Holy

Whenever Hyrja is affected by Mystic Empowerment: Holy, she will use Expel Light. This creates a circle around the targeted player, and explodes for moderate damage in an 8-yards radius.

She will also use Sanctify, which must be avoided by all players. These bolts explode whenever a player is hit, and deal heavy damage to all party members.

Whenever she is affected by Holy, she loses her damage gain for Thunder. 

Fenryr in the Fields of the Eternal Hunt

Whether you chose Hyrja first, the next Boss you have to encounter is Fenryr.

Notable Trash Mobs

Whenever you walk into the Fields of the Eternal Hunt, there will be a Dragon landing on the right side of the entrance. We advice players to avoid this, and continue tracking down Fenryr. 

Fenryr has two different random locations where he could potentially resides. Follow his footsteps to track him down.


Third Boss in the Halls of Valor is Fenryr.

‘In the Fields of the Eternal Hunt, the greatest vrykul champions keep their skills sharp, competing to see who can fell the largest beast. But man and beast alike give a wide berth to the fearsome worg Fenryr, true master of the Fields, who stalks his prey and pounces with unnerving quickness.’


Notable Abilities
  • Unnerving Howl interrupts all spellcasting when hit, and spawns Ebonclaw Worg to attack players.
  • Scent of Blood will fixate a player and deals heavy damage whenever he reaches its target
  • Ravenous Leap jumps to marked players, dealing damage to all players within 10-yards of the targeted player

Whenever Fenryr reaches 60% of his health, he will become immun to attacks, and travels further into the Fields of the Eternal. This gives players a break of the fight.

Claw Frenzy

In the first Phase of the Boss, he will use Claw Frenzy to deal very heavy damage to the tank, but this damage splits between all players within 12 yards. This can be either mitigated by strong defensive cooldowns, or will be compensate by your melee DPS in your group.


Unnerving Howl

Whenever Fenryr casts Unnerving Howl, stop your cast otherwise you will be silenced for 3 seconds. Whenever he uses this spell, he will spawn Ebonclaw Worgs to engage into the fight. The more of them alive, the more damage they will deal due to Strength of the Pack.


Ravenous Leap

Otherwise, whenever a player is targeted by Ravenous Leap, you have to spread out so other party members can avoid getting hit by it. There is no circle around players indicating the range of its impact, but players have to be atleast 10-yards apart from each other. 


When the Boss reaches 60%, he travels further and players have to engage into the fight again in another location.





Scent of Blood

In the second Phase of the fight, Fenryr will use the same Abilities as in the first Phase, but will also use Scent of Blood

This fixates a random player which will receive heavy damage whenever they get hit by Fenryr hunting for its prey. 

This can be mitigated by very strong defensive cooldowns, which could allow players to not run away from him.

As soon as you defeated Fenryr, the gates to the Halls of Valor will open and you are on your way to fight God-King Skovald.

God-King Skovald in the Halls of Valor

After defeating Fenryr and Hyrja, the gates open to the Ephemeral way, which leads to the Halls of Valor. There, Odyn will task you to defeat God-King Skovald.

Notable Trash Mobs

In the Halls of Valor, the last room of the Dungeon called ‘Halls of Valor’, you will encounter four enemies that activate after you talking to them.

You have to talk to one of them at a time. As soon only two are left, both of them will engage at the same time. 

They all have different abilities, which will be granted to all other as soon as one has been defeated.

From Left to Right:

  • King Ranulf uses Unruly Yell, interrupting all spellcasts
  • King Haldor uses Sever, dealing heavy Tank damage
  • King Bjorn uses Wicked Dagger, dealing moderate damage to a random player
  • King Tor uses Call Ancestor to spawn an add, that travels to Tor to heal him. This can also be rooted

We suggest you to kill them in the Order from Left to Right.

God-King Skovald

Second to last Boss in the Halls of Valor is God-King Skovald.

‘Gul’dan approached the vrykul king Skovald with a simple proposition: he could join the Legion and receive ultimate power, or he would see his people destroyed. Dreaming of conquest and glory, Skovald has taken up the Legion’s offer, and been set to a single crucial task. He must claim the Aegis of Aggramar from Odyn in the Halls of Valor and deliver it to Gul’dan. Only then can his endless conquest begin.’


Notable Abilities
  • Aegis of Aggramar can be picked up by players. Use it to avoid the damage of Ragnarok
  • Ragnarok deals heavy damage to all players while not protected by Aegis of Aggramar.

To start the fight with God-King Skovald, a player (preferably Tank) has to pick up the Aegis of Aggramar

Savage Blade

Skovald will use Savage Blade against the Tank, leaving a bleeding debuff on them if the tank has no active mitigation up.


Felblaze Rush

He will also charges to a random players location with Felblaze Rush, dealing damage in a 10-yards radius.



Whenever the Boss reaches 100 Energy, he will cast Ragnarok, dealing heavy damage to all players not protected by the Aegis of Aggramar

After Ragnarok, God-King Skovald will strike off the Aegis from the Player and reclaims it. He will use the Aegis himself, protecting him from all damage infront of him. Players can stand behind him during that to continue dealing damage on him.





Fire Elementals

During that time, he will spawn Fire Elementals that start attacking random players.

They will use Infernal Flames at random players location. This leaves a patch of fire on the floor, dealing moderate damage to players inside of it.

The Final Boss Odyn

Odyn will approach you with the final task, after you defeated God-King Skovald. And his final task is to fight Odyn himself. There are no more Enemies left to fight between the last two Bosses.


Last Boss of the Halls of Valor is Odyn.

‘Odyn, a titan keeper, was empowered by the titan Pantheon to lead the titan-forged armies against the Old Gods. In the aftermath, he raised the Halls of Valor into the skies, assembling a force of the greatest vrykul champions to defend Azeroth. But when Ulduar fell into the clutches of Yogg-Saron, he was betrayed by Loken and cursed by Helya, now trapped within these halls for eternity.’


Notable Abilities
  • Spear of Light deals heavy damage on its impact location and radiates damage around it
  • Shatter Spears will shatter of Spear of Light and spawns balls of holy damage traveling trough the room
  • Radiant Tempest draws all players to Odyn and then inflicts deadly damage in a 40 yards radius
  • Summon Stormforged Obliterator is an add, which will cast Surge to deal heavy damage to players

Summon Stormforged Obliterator

Whenever a players health gets reduced to 1, he is deemed Unworthy, which will make a Valk’yr fly him out of the boss room. This will prevent players from being resurrected during combat if they die.

Frequently, he will Summon Stormforged Obliterator. This Add will cast Surge to deal moderate damage to all players if not interrupted. Every successfull cast of Surge increases the cast time of Surge by 100%. This can become deadly pretty quick if the add is not killed or crowd controlled.



Radiant Tempest

Whenever the Boss casts Radiant Tempest, all players will be drawn into the Boss, and then he will explode in a 40-yards radius after 8 seconds. Players have to avoid this damage due to its deadly damage.


Spear of Light

Spear of Light is cast at a random players location. This will spawn a Spear which radiates damage around it in an 8-yards radius. This Spear will expel three Glowing Fragments, which will stun players getting hit by it for 3 seconds and deal heavy damage.

Whenever the Boss casts Shatter Spears, all Spear of Light explode, and spawn Glowing Fragments aswell, stunning players getting hit and dealing heavy damage.





Runic Brand

At some point during the fight, he will mark every player with Runic Brand. This debuff deals light damage to players. 

To remove this debuff, players have to move into the corresponding Rune on the floor, indicated by the color of the rune. The Runes on the floor do also match the Rune over your head, if you are having trouble differentiating colors.

Whenever you cleansed the debuff, you turn into a Valk’yr yourself and become Branded, increasing your damage and healing done by 50%. Additionally, your health is restored to full health. This is the moment you should also use your strongest damge cooldowns, including Bloodlust.

Routes and Strategy

Halls of Valor MDT Route: https://pastebin.com/4GWGnyM1