Nokhud Offensive Dragonflight Mythic+ Guide

‘After Clan Nokhud captured the ancient eagle spirit, Ohn’ahra, civil war spread across the Ohn’ahran plains like wildfire. To the other clans, Ohn’ahra is more than a mere spirit: she is their goddess. Primalists summon elemental forces, and necromancers command the spirits of legendary centaur. Beset by enemies, the other Maruuk clans rally. The Nokhud tyrant, Balakar Khan, watches from afar, bellowing commands. Relentless enemy offenses will continue until his forces submit. The battlefield awaits.

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Dragonflight Season 1 Affix – Thundering

The new Seasonal Affix for Dragonflight Season 1 is Thundering

Throughout the Dungeon, Thundering spawns blue voidzones on the floor that must be avoided by players. Additionally, all players will be affected by a certain buff, that increases their damage and healing done. Three players in your group will be affected by Mark of Lightning, while other two players are affected by Mark of Wind. Tanks will always be affected by Mark of Wind. Coming in contact with the opposite debuff will clear this debuff. If not cleared by walking over a player with the opposite buff will cause the players to be stunned for 8 seconds, taking heavy lightning damage over 8 seconds.

  • Mark of LightningOverloads a player with primal power, increasing their damage and healing by 15% for 15 sec.
    Upon expiration, stuns the player and inflicts 9 Nature damage every 1 sec for 8 sec.
    Coming into contact with a Mark of Wind removes this effect.
  • Mark of WindOverloads a player with primal power, increasing their damage and healing by 15% for 15 sec.
    Upon expiration, stuns the player and inflicts 9 Nature damage every 1 sec for 8 sec.
    Coming into contact with a Mark of Lightning removes this effect.
  • Primal OverloadRaszageth marks players with Mark of Wind or Mark of Lightning, granting them 15% increased damage and healing done for 15 sec. Coming into contact with the opposing mark neutralizes the effect on both players.
    After 15 sec marked players are afflicted with Primal Overload, stunning them and inflicting 9 Nature damage every 1 sec for 8 sec.

Granyth near the Pinewood Post

You can choose to which boss you want to fly to. We chose Granyth as our first boss.

Notable Trash Mobs

This Dungeon finally utilizes your Dragonriding Ability. You can use your Dragon to quickly travel across the map towards the indicated Boss location.

Every Boss needs to be activated by completing certain tasks, which are indicated by a yellow circle on your Minimap.


You will encounter multiple packs with three different types of enemies while you are activating all objectives.


Nokhud Lancemaster will cast Stomp, stunning all players in a 10-yard radius around him. He will also cast Disruptive Shout which can be interrupted.

Nokhud Longbow will Shoot random players, dealing moderate damage and Multi-Shot as a frontal cone

Nokhud Warspear will charge towards random players, dealing heavy damage to players.


The first Boss in Nokhud Offensive is Granyth.

‘Granyth casts his shadow over the plains of Ohn’ahra, appearing as an omen of death and destruction. As battles between centaur clans rage across the plains, he knows it is time to destroy his ancient enemies once and for all. Soon he will land on the battlefield. Clan Shikaar’s ballistae will be ready’


Notable Abilities

Eruption deals heavy damage every 3 second until the Boss is stunned by using Dragonkiller Lance.

Tectonic Stomp deals damage around the boss in a 23-yards radius

Nokhud Saboteur try to disable all remaining Dragonkiller Lance

Nokhud Saboteur

Frequently, a Nokhud Saboteur will engage into the fight, running quickly towards a remaining Dragonkiller Lance. If the Nokhud Saboteur reaches the Ballista and finish it’s cast, the Ballista is no longer usable.








Eruption is a deadly spell, which Granyth uses after a certain time. This ability deals heavy damage every 3 seconds, and every consecutive shockwave deals even more damage. 

To interrupt this spell, a Dragonkiller Lance will be enabled which can be right-clicked in order to stun Granyth with Lanced!





Tectonic Stomp

The Boss will also use Tectonic Stomp, a 23-yard circle around the boss which deals heavy damage to all players struck whenever he finishes his cast.



Shards of Stone

Shards of Stone is unavoidable damage every few seconds to all party members.

The Raging Tempest near The Azure Span

After defeating Granyth, you travel quiet a long way to the next boss – The Raging Tempest

Notable Trash Mobs

Stormcaller Boroo, Solongo, Zarii and Arynga are assisted by a Stormsurge Totem, which they use to deal heavy AoE damage with Totemic Overload.

Make sure to kill the Stormsurge Totem first to avoid this damage from happening. 

Primalist Arcblade attack the Tank with Arcing Strike, which deals moderate damage and also strikes the Tanks closest ally for 50% of its damage.

Primalist Stormspeaker will cast Tempest, dealing moderate AoE damage and leaving a periodic debuff that also stacks. This can be interrupted.

Primal Stormshield interrupts a spellcaster with Shield Bash within 15-yards. They also buff themself with Stormshield, which absorbs damage but also can be purged.

The Raging Tempest

The second Boss you will encounter in the Nokhud Offensive is The Raging Tempest.

‘Violent storm winds ravage the Ohn’ahran plains. Balakar’s stormcasters have coalesced the tempest’s fury into an avatar of the storm. The Raging Tempest continues to gather power, not just to devastate the battlefield but the entire Dragon Isles. Unchecked, Primalist chaos will reign on the plains.’


Notable Abilities

Uncontrollable Energy spawns little orbs, which can be soaked, dealing light damage and increasing your damage done by 5%

Electrical Storm deals moderate periodic damage to all players for 15 seconds every 0.5 seconds

Uncontrollable Energy

During this encounter, many little Uncontrollable Energy balls will spawn and travel towards The Raging Temmpest, increasing its damage done by 5% per ball soaked.

This can be also soaked by players, which deals moderate damage and grants a stack of Surge of Power.

Players have to make sure to never let a ball to get into the boss.



Electrical Overload

Electrical Overload will be casted frequently, which destroys all remaining Uncontrollable Energy balls, and spawns a voidzone that has to be avoided.





Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike creates a 15-yards circle around each player, which deals moderate damage to all players and every other player hit by another circle.





Electrical Storm

Electrical Storm is a 15 seconds cast, which deals damage to all party members every 0.5 seconds. This has to be compensated by the Healer.


Wind Burst

The Raging Tempest also packs a Tank-specific ability, Wind Burst. Whenever the Tank is not in range of the Boss, he will attack him with Wind Burst. This allows the Tank to also move away from the Boss without risking any melee to get hit by the Boss.


Energy Surge

The Raging Tempest will grant himself Energy Surge frequently, increasing its attack speed by 100% and causing its melee attacks to deal additional damage. This magical effect can be purged by players.

Teera and Maruuk in Teerak’ai 

After defeating The Raging Tempest, you travel to the second to last boss in Nokhud Offensive, Teera and Maruuk.

Notable Trash Mobs

Ukhel Willcrusher will mindcontrol a random player with Dominate, which can be interrupted.

Soulharvester Galtmaa, Mandakh, Tumen and Duuren will use Death Bolt Volley, dealing damage to all players but can be interrupted

For each defeated enemy, they will grant themself the Consumed Soul buff, increasing their shadow damage done by 30% for each soul.

They also use Shatter Soul on their target, ripping out their soul which travels towards them. Players can retrieve their soul, but if this hits the Soulharvester’s, it grants them a stack of Consumed Soul.

This currently looks like a storming Tornado, which slowly travels towards the Soulharvesters.

Teera and Maruuk

The second to last Boss of Nokhud Offensive is Teera and Maruuk.

‘Ukhel necromancers are resurrecting legendary centaur. The spritis of the first matriarch, Teera, and the centaur’s greatest warrior, Maruuk, have risen from their graves. Once their fury has abated, perhaps they can find rest again… and eternal peace.’


Notable Abilities
  • Earthsplitter is cast when Maruuk reaches 100 Energy, creating multiple frontal cones in the direction of a random player.
  • Gale Arrow is cast when Teera reaches 100 Energy, affect mulitple players with a debuff that spawns Tornados which travel away and back to their location.
  • Ancestral Bond increases the bosses damage if they are more then 20 yards apart

Teera and Maruuk are sharing their healthpool with Life Link. It is also very important to keep both of them together due to Ancestral Bond, increasing their damage done if they are more then 20 yards apart. Teera will use Spirit Leap to jump away frequently, and Tanks have to position Maruuk close to Teera again.

Brutalize and Quick Shot

Brutalize will be used by Maruuk against the Tank, dealing moderate damage. Quick Shot will be used by Teera, dealing damage to a random player.




Whenever Maruuk reaches 100 Energy, he will use Earthsplitter, sending out shockwaves in the direction of random players. These will leave Aftershock on the ground, creating voidzones which deal moderate damage to players inside of it.







Frightful Roar

Frightful Roar creates a 15-yard circle around Maruuk, fearing all players after 3 seconds if hit for 5 seconds.








Gale Arrow

Whenever Teera reaches 100 Energy, she will cast Gale Arrow on all players. This will spawn multiple Tornados out of each player which travel away and back to the impact location. Players have to make sure to spread out and avoid getting hit by these.







Repel will knock all players away from Teera. After Repel, she will use Guardian Wind, pushing players continuesly away from her until interrupted.

Balakar Khan in Nokhudon Hold

After defeating all other bosses, you can finally travel to the last boss of Nokhud Offensive – Balakar Khan

Notable Trash Mobs

You will encounter similar enemies as you did before the first Boss Granyth.

Just before the last Boss, you will encounter Balara and Batak. They will use similar abilities as last boss Balakar Khan.

Balara will use Ravaging Spear, creating a small voidzone that deals damage whenever the spear impacts. He will also charge towards a random player with Vehement Charge, dealing damage to all players struck in his path.

Batak uses Broad Stomp, a frontal cone in the direction of a random player.

Whenever one of them dies, the other one gains Raging Kin, increasing its damage done by 45%. Players are adviced to kill both of them at the same time.

Balakar Khan

Last Boss of Nokhud Offensive is Balakar Khan.

‘Balakar Khan is the ruthless leader of Clan Nokhud. His stormcasters have captured the great eagle spirit Ohn’ahra, and he wants to seize the Windmother’s power. Hatred unites his clan against all ‘outsiders.’ As the relentless offensive continues, someone must stand up to this tyrant.’


Notable Abilities

Balakar Khan is a 2-Phase encounter with an intermission, in which he gains the powers of Ohn’ahra and empowers his abilities from Phase 1.

Iron Spear

In the first Phase, Balakar will use Iron Spear aimed towards a random player. On impact, it deals heavy damage and knocks away all players hit. Afterwards, he will use Iron Stampede to charge in the direction of his Spear, knocking players away and dealing heavy damage to all players in his path.







Upheaval is a frontal cone in the direction of a random player. While Balakar casts Upheaval, all players will be afflicted by Quake. This creates a circle around each player, which explodes in a 5-yard radius whenever Upheaval ends.





Rending Strike

Rending Strike is the Tank-specific mechanic. This deals moderate damage and leaves a bleeding on the Tank, dealing periodic damage and increasing his damage taken by Savage Strike for 100%. Tanks should use their defensive cooldowns whenever affected by Rending Strike




Nokhud Stormcaster

During the Intermission, Balakar will be invulnerable and activates all four Nokhud Stormcaster. They have to be killed in order to transition into Phase 2. 

They cast Stormbolt on random targets which can be interrupted. Stormwinds has to be compensated by the Healer. And in the meantime Lightning will rain down, leaving blue voidzones on the floor that have to be dodged.


Phase 2


Static Spear

Instead of Iron Spear, in this Phase Balakar will use Static Spear on a random player. Whenever this spear impacts, all other party members will be drawn into the location of the Player. Immediatly afterwards he uses Iron Stampede to charge in the direction of his spear. We advise players to move away from the boss, so players have plenty of time to dodge his charge.







Crackling Upheaval

Crackling Upheaval is another frontal cone into a random players location. While Balakar casts Crackling Upheaval, all players will be affected by Crackling Cloud. This is a blue circle around each player, dealing damage in a 5-yard radius and leaving a pool of Crackling Cloud on the floor. 

Players coming in contact with them will suffer periodic damage every second.



Conductive Strike

Conductive Strike is the Tank-specific mechanic in Phase 2. This deals moderate damage and leaves a debuff on the Tank, dealing periodic damage and increasing his damage taken by Thunder Strike for 100%. Tanks should use their defensive cooldowns whenever affected by Conductive Strike.

Routes and Strategy

Nokhud Offensive MDT Route: